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breathease Multi Purpose Cleaner

breathease multi-purpose cleaner contains a non irritant formula and an asthma and ‘allergy friendly fragrance’ to clean and remove surface and airborne allergens from all sorts of surfaces in your home and leave a pleasant freshly cleaned smell.  achieve sparkling clean safer surfaces in your bedrooms as well as your lounge areas.  even clean your children’s toys for ultimate peace of mind!conscious of harmful cleaners and seeking a safer clean? 

breathease formulations deliver safer effective cleaning for your home whilst ensuring it takes every precaution to minimise inhalant and allergenic reactions for you and your family whether or not they suffer from asthma and allergies.  breathease is for everyone.  clean with confidence and enjoy the results. don’t just clean, breathease clean!



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breathease Multi Purpose Cleaner Reviews

Product Tested by: Rosmalia Stefano


Tested By
Rosmalia Stefano

Awarded the Breathease Multi-Purpose Cleaner 4.4/5

good when arrived and nice packaging.
Instructions clear and easy to follow. Very good quality cleaner. This did work well but no better than other
cleaning products I have used. Personally
I feel this is expensive compared to other brands. I do like the anti-allergic
properties of the product. I would purchase
again if on offer. Would recommend. It was a good product, good smell and nice to
use. Rosmalia Stefano

Tested By
Fay Tilley

Awarded The Breathease Multi-Purpose Cleaner 4/5

a nice bottle, good information on the pack and easy to use. Instructions are basic very easy to follow
but do not really need them as a cleaning product. This worked well on most surfaces and was a
handy all round cleaner. Was easy to use
and on a par with my normal brand of general all round cleaner. It was great for easy general cleaning but
did not tackle hard ground in stains in the kitchen. It is a great product to use if you have
children or family with allergies. I
liked the fact this was anti-allergic and this was useful for us as my husband
is allergic to lots of things and this was nicer to use in the home. It is expensive but then again anything anti-allergic
is. It worked well for us and I would
buy this again but would wait for it to be on special offer. I would recommend to any families who suffer
from allergies as it is safer and better to use in the home. Overall a good quality product just not as
good as my regular cleaner. Fay Tilley

Tested By
Caroline James

Awarded The Breathease Multi-Purpose Cleaner 3.8/5

I thought the colour of the product
was very unusual for a cleaning product and I found this a little off putting.
The bottle was a good shape and easy to use.
Instructions clear and simple to understand. Very good for light cleaning and lovely smell
but not great tackling kitchen grease. Light
cleaning was fine but did not tackle grease well. This is good value for money but you would
still need more heavy duty cleaning products for the really hard to remove
stains and grease. Was good to review
this but not something I would purchase again as did not tackle the heavy duty
stains as well as my existing product. Good for light cleaning and a lovely
fresh smell. Caroline James



It was a good product, good smell and nice to use.                 


Rosmalia Awarded the Breathease Multi-Purpose Cleaner 4.4/5   

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