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Breathing Relief Nasal Dilator for Snoring

BREATHING RELIEF™FOR SNORING A natural cure for snoring
Snoring is often caused by collapsed nostrils, a usually harmless condition which almost 80% of the population suffer from. Unfortunately, most snorers and their partners would not agree about the harmlessness of the condition!Snoring can be a debilitating, exhausting condition that is easily helped with one, simple, natural device.The Breathing Relief™ Nasal Dilator is drug free, fits comfortably in the nose and can be adjusted to suit your nose. It has been designed to specifically stop snoring and works by gently opening the nasal passages and allowing you to breathe easily without opening your mouth.Breathing Relief’s inventor, chronic snorer and product designer Laurie James, realised that although the snoring came from the throat if he could breathe through his nostrils without obstruction then he wouldn’t open his mouth and that it is very hard to snore with your mouth closed! Within days of perfecting the final product design Laurie was cured of his snoring, much to the relief of his family.


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Breathing Relief Nasal Dilator for Snoring Reviews

Product Tested by: Samir Sharp

Product Tested By Samir Sharp

Samir Awarded The Breathing Relief Nasal Dilator for Snoring 4.7/5

Looked good quality and well packaged. Design very innovative. Instructions easy to follow with picture diagrams. Found this easy to insert once moulded to shape and the medium size was more effective for me. Once inserted was secure all night. Not comfortable at first as you have item in your nasal passage, but you do get used to it. Very easy to remove in the morning. My wife has advised me this has been effective and decibels of my snoring have reduced. I always sleep well so would not say this has helped, but my wife is sleeping better now. This is a small compact item which is made to a very high quality and will last for years. It helped with snoring so yes good value for money. The design is effective so why change it as works. I would purchase this item and most definitely recommend. Once I got used to wearing this at night was effective and my wife is much happier now and has a better night’s sleep. Samir Sharp


Product Tested By Rebecca Taylor

RebeccaAwarded The Breathing Relief Nasal Dilator for Snoring 5/5

Arrived in a small neat box. Very neatly packaged and very professional. Inside you have 2 sizes to try and picture instructions which were easy to follow. I was not sure about this as looked like it would be uncomfortable. I softened the dilator in hot water and followed instructions. It did feel odd at first but I persisted and eventually got used to wearing this. Was easy to insert into your nose and once you get used to it easy to use. Once inserted was secure and easy to remove in the morning. My hubby states I keep him awake with mysnoring (which is really loud) every night and I have tried everything so was keeping everything crossed this would work. The first few nights it did not really seem to make any difference, but I am sure that is due to me not being confident using this at night. However, after a few weeks it seemed to calm down my snoring. Did not stop it totally but my hubby did state now he could sleep as was not as loud as before. I am sure if I continue to use this it will help reduce my loud snoring even more. I am a heavy sleeper so would not state it helps me sleep better as never had any problems, just my hubby putting up with my snoring. Now it is softer and we both manage to get a good night’s sleep. I have tried everything before and my poor hubby has been pulling his hair out. Now I sleep well and do not rattle the window swith my snoring. It has worked for us and I think the price of £20 is high but now tested it would purchase. I would highly recommend this as it has worked for us. Thank you for giving me a chance to test item that has worked. My Hubby thanks you too. Rebecca Taylor

Product Tested By VickyWard

Vicky Ward Awarded The Breathing Relief Nasal Dilator – For Snoring 3/5

I was optimistic when this arrived. Packaging is very professional and well packaged and very small and neat. I found the instructions very brief not sure if in right position it says move until comfortable but no positions were comfortable. I found it reasonably easy to insert into my nose. Once in place was secure and did not fall out. Extremely uncomfortable; only managed to keep in the nose for 20 minutes and had to remove. The following morning woke up with lumps inside the nose that lasted about two weeks. I found it fiddly to remove. Could not advise you if helped with snoring as Never got that far as had to remove before going to sleep. This did not work for me and could not use. I would not purchase and would not recommend. I found it uncomfortable to wear and could not go to sleep wearing this product. May work for others but for me was not a success. Vicky Ward

Once I got used to wearing this at night was effective and my wife is much happier now and has a better night’s sleep.


 Samir Awarded The Breathing Relief Nasal Dilator for Snoring 4.7/5

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