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Bright Bots Trainer Pants

This comfortable’pull-on’ training pant is designed to minimise little accidents.It has foam wadding and a PVC lining covered in absorbent cotton terry. A small woven badge is featured on the centre back of the pant. This is one of the most popular items in the Bright Bots Range. Colours:Blue,Green,Red,Yellow,Orange,Pink,Purple.

Sizes: S(18m), M(2yrs), L(2 1/2 yrs), XL(3yrs).

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£3.95 - Available to purchase online or check online for local stockist

Bright Bots Trainer Pants Reviews

Product Tested by: Sarah Curran - Reuben Aged 2 Years 3 Months

Product Tested By Sarah Curran – Reuben Aged 2 Years 3 Months

Sarah Awarded The Bright Bots Trainer Pants 4/5

Looked like a good quality product.  Also went onto the website which is not to look at and very easy to use. There are some good products on it and most are reasonably priced.  These wash and dry very quickly so can be re-used frequently. They are quite cute to look at on my Little Boy! The style is well designed. Although they fit My Son they are quite difficult for him to pull up and down, I ordered a medium which is his correct size but think maybe the next size up may have been easier for him. These pants have helped me to potty train outside the house as I can take him out and not worry if he has a little accident on a short walk or car journey. My Son loves wearing these pants! It is also important to me that the pants are Eco friendly and they are also more cost effective! Very easy to wash as dry quickly and they kept their colour and shape.  Excellent quality.  Design is just right.  Might be an idea to alter the sizing guide to help you pick the right size for your child.  I will definitely be purchasing another pack and already recommended to friends and family. A practical, good quality and helpful potty training product.  Sarah Curran – Reuben Aged 2 Years 3 Months

Product Tested By Lucy Oxenbridge – Hannah Aged 2 Years 5 Months

Lucy Awarded The Bright Bots Trainer Pants 4.1/5

My initial impressions were that the pants were in attractive colours, good feel and looked more like underwear than nappies. The website itself is a bit amateurish, with a mix of fonts and colours, and no clear navigation. For example, “Bright Bots Washable Trainer Pants a Practical Parenting magazine ‘Value Buy’ – February 09 issue” is plainly placed on the front page, but there is no easy link to them. The products available are OK. The clothes seemed pretty but I would need to be able to see the image in more detail to make me want to buy. A quick link to the basket and checkout should be available at the top of the screen. I am guessing that Merry go round is the UK distributor for Bright Bots – it is unclear who the web site is aimed at. I think selling these as a 4 pack is a brilliant idea, as one isn’t enough, especially whilst potty training. I couldn’t find the 4 pack available for sale on the web site today. The style is brilliant! The colours of light pink, dark pink, light purple and dark purple are attractive. I could offer my daughter a choice, and even having tried knickers on once or twice before, she was happy to pick “purple” and put them on. My daughter has a “slim bottom” for her weight so these fitted perfectly. She was very comfortable in them. The pants are very well made with no loose threads. Good feel to the cotton.  I was pleased to find something that was like knickers in that she would feel it if she had a wee but would help contain the wee itself. In reality, my daughter holds on for as long as possible, so these leaked. My daughter liked wearing the training pants. However she was surprised when she had a wee that it leaked out the side. Eco friendly is not important to me. However I am hopeful that being able to feel that she has had a wee will help her potty training. The official instructions are to wash at 20 degrees and do not tumble dry. I did this before the first wear – they dried naturally fairly quickly and seemed OK when washed at 40 degrees subsequently.  These are incredibly well made with no loose threads or frayed stitching. This product is well made and visually attractive, very good value for money. Design improvement only if it was possible to contain the wee a bit better, however that’s probably difficult without removing the ability to feel wet after a wee.  Yes will purchase more and recommend to anyone who currently uses real nappies. Great colours, obviously more grown-up than nappies, comfortable. Only thing is they can leak. Good comfortable cotton pants in great colours that my daughter was happy to wear. Lucy Oxenbridge – Hannah Aged 2 Years 5 Months

Product Tested By Helen Harrison – Reuben Aged 3 Years

Helen Awarded The Bright Bots Trainer Pants 3.4/5  

Colourful and rather large looking!  Having seen the price per pack, I feel that £3.75 per pair of pants is quite expensive, especially as 4 pants is not enough – you can use a pack of these in one day.  They are just plain colours, so not very interesting for my son, but they are bright and cheerful.  We had no complaints when Reuben wore these trainer pants, so fitted well and comfortable to wear.  I don’t know if these helped in the actual training necessarily.  They were great for me as they cut down on some of the laundry as they prevented trousers becoming soaked.  Reuben is happy to wear them, but because we only had 4, we were also using normal pants, and these are less bulky and ‘rustly’ so I preferred the normal pants.  It is important to me this product is eco friendly – I would only buy bio-degradable pull ups as you get through so many.  Just pop these in the wash with other coloured clothes.  They benefit from pre-soaking though to remove stains, but that’s just the same as any underwear.  Nice thick fabric, soft lining good quality.  These are expensive compared to normal pants so you need to weigh up the benefits of using these, saving on soaked clothes and stained clothes, and also purchase enough to last you through the week. One design suggestion would be to put characters or pictures on them to make them more appealing perhaps. Would recommend to others at the onset of potty training and also if they were finding they were getting through a lot of laundry.  I think these are best suited to the very first stages of training when the child is showing an interest in the potty, but not being actively encouraged to use it exclusively.  They are not absorbent enough for night time use.  Helen Harrison – Reuben Aged 3 Years

A practical, good quality and helpful potty training product.


Sarah Awarded The Bright Bots Trainer Pants 4/5

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