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BrightMinds Three Little Pigs Playset

Experience the classic story of "The Three Little Pigs" again and again. This storytelling set includes three soft fabric nesting houses with self-stick fabric closures, a "fall-through" chimney, three squeaking pigs, a wolf and a story sheet! Colour coordinate the pigs and houses for added, matching fun! Easy-grasp play figures wipe clean. 18 months and above.

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BrightMinds Three Little Pigs Playset Reviews

Product Tested by:

Product Tested By Leah Kelly – Daniel Aged 2 Years 6 Months

Leah Awarded The BrightMinds Three Little Pigs Playset 4/5

Great for creative play and singing.  The packaging was very good my son said straight away oh wow.  Size and style of this toy is great, as you can pack up small to travel with.  This is a good toy, but personally I feel a little highly priced.  There isn’t really any small parts apart from the pigs which are rubber and not small enough to swallow, so ideal for the age group it is designed for.  It is good as you get the story with it to read to the child as you play, you can also use it while singing the sound and they can also play along with it.  Certainly helps with development as it would help your child learn the nursery rhyme but also it is good for imaginary play.  He played with it alone for about 15mins but now doesn’t really get it out unless I say or get it out and start playing with him.  This toy has also helped Daniel with his counting as has the numbers 123 on it so he can count them.  The quality is very good but I wouldn’t pay full price for it but would get it if it was at a reduced price.  Good fun toy, good quality and educational.  Leah Kelly – Daniel Aged 2 Years


Product Tested By Aley Rawlinson – Ryan Aged 2 Years 6 Months

Aley Awarded The BrightMinds Three Little Pigs Playset 3.5/5

Lovely, bright colours and well made.  Packaging good and shows the product well.  Excellent soft toys and good size.  Handy that they are portable and nice bright colours.  It’s a winner and I like the concept of engaging in imaginary play in line with the story.   No concerns and think that younger children could play with it without problem.  If anything I would aim it at a younger market.  Kept Ryan’s attention although I think he would have enjoyed it more when he was younger.  Certainly helped with development as helped by encouraging imaginary play and story telling as well as counting and colours etc.  Easy to play with but I think it would have held his interest more when he was a bit younger. Excellent quality, lovely bright colours and well made. Great that it’s washable.  I think this would be very good value for money if it was targeted towards the younger child.  Would recommend to friends with children ages 12-18 Months.  Excellent idea and well made although unless it’s a car these days, it’s hard to engage Ryan for too long – sorry!  Aley Rawlinson Ryan Aged 2 Years 6 Months


Product Tested By Lisa Mullen – Sarah Aged 3 Years

Lisa Awarded The BrightMinds Three Little Pigs Playset 3.5/5

Lovely. Really nice colours, well made, not plastic – a really nice toy.  Came in a rather large box but toy displayed nicely. She loved it as it arrived and once it was out of the packet I did the story with the toy and that was it. She didn’t play with it further and has only gone back to it briefly on a couple of occasions by herself since (Even though I have brought it out a lot more).  This is a well made toy and ideally suited in terms of age suitability for Sarah.  I like the concept of the toy and it is good quality, but unfortunately it was not a personal choice for Sarah.  Really down to personal choice and am sure would appeal to others.   This toy is very easy to play with.  The quality is brilliant and it looks like it is value for money, but for us the play value is not there. Sadly it is never obvious which toys the child is going to go for.   I would consider purchasing this in the future as a present.  I think it is fabulous, just not sure whether an older age group is better suited to it as all the kids that played with it at mine were my daughter’s age or younger.  Personally I feel this toy would be more appropriate for school/nursery story sacks.  Beautifully made product but sadly doesn’t seem to hold the interest of my three year old.   Lisa Mullen – Sarah Aged 3 Years

Good fun toy, good quality and educational. 


Leah Awarded The BrightMinds Three Little Pigs Playset 4/5

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