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Brit Quiz Game

BritQuiz is a great new way for adults & children to have fun and learn about Britain. Educational  – good educational material all about Britain (not trivia). Topics covered include: History, geography, sports, birds, Animals, Politics, Famous People, Film, Climate, Art, Business, Literature, Famous Quotes, Technology and General Knowledge.


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Brit Quiz Game Reviews

Product Tested by: Sarah Leete – Emma, Sam & Thomas Ages 13, 11 & 6 Years

Product Tested By Sarah Leete – Emma, Sam & Thomas Ages 13, 11 & 6 Years

Sarah Awarded the Britt Game 3/5

Great idea, should suit all ages of my own children, who are aged from 6 years to 13 years! Colours of cards was boring and not appealing to younger age group! Bell or timer would be good idea so you have a suitable length of time to answer question! Game not really suitable for less than 12 years as questions far too difficult! We played with 2 adults and 4 children, aged 6 years, 8 years, 11 years and 13 years! The 6 and even the 8 year old found it far too difficult! After using the game I would say that it does work better with a group of children working in teams rather than a mixture of children and adults. Overall, it’s a great game suitable more for children from 12 plus and adults, but unfortunately not suitable for the younger age group who lost interest quickly as questions too difficult! Sarah Leete – Emma, Sam & Thomas Ages 13, 11 & 6 Years

Product Tested By Sarah Cunningham – Harrison 8 Years

Sarah Awarded the Britt Game 3/5

Well designed packaging displays clearly the purpose of the game and the age range. Clearly states the product purpose, age range, suitability and use on the website. There are various ways in which the game can be played and each was clear and easy to understand.  Definitely an educational game and might be more suited to a school environment than a game enjoyed by the whole family as the questions can be difficult and not exactly what I would call a "light relief" game! Many different topics covered. Definitely aimed for educational purposes and provides questions on a broad range of subjects, although some of the questions appear to be aimed for an older age group than younger children. Good quality box however the cards can be bent easily and would be subject to wear easily. My husband and I had some fun trying to outfox each other but had to admit some of the questions were tricky! Maybe some more multiple choices would have been useful. More suited for an older child than our 8 year old who became frustrated at some of the questions but we were able to give clues to make the game fairer, as the instructions suggest. I enjoyed the challenge and the quiz nature of the game. Me and my Husband particularly liked the "master-mind" suggestion to play the game to make it more exciting. The concept of the game was easily understood as were the different ways of playing it. The questions themselves however were a little hard for our 8 year old. Maybe a few more entertainment or general knowledge type questions to "lighten up" the game would be preferable. Cards themselves should be more hardwearing but the different ways the game can be played and the amount of cards provide good value for money. Older children I think would work well as teams and be able to answer more questions than younger but having adults in the mixture means they can provide help for younger children and keep the game going. Overall, it’s more challenging rather than entertaining. Sarah Cunningham – Harrison 8 Years


Product Tested By Louise Mills – Charlie & James aged 14 & 16 Years  

Louise Awarded the Britt Game 4.5/5

What a great idea, similar to Trivial Pursuit and a game we could learn from.  Really liked the design, packaging outlines what game is all about and good wesite. The game can be played in different ways.  This was ideal for us as we are all mad on English history, always watching historical programmes and both our boys love to read about the history and events in the past.  For us is was a great game to play, some of the questions were difficult but gave us all a chance to learn more. Loads of topics covered and we even roped in Granny and Grandpa.  As a family we enjoyed playing this game and has now become a regular game we get out when we are entertaining too as always fun when play in teams.  Superb quality and a winner with all of us. Easy to understand how to play the game, good qualtiy box and easy to keep everything safe until used again.  When playing in teams great fun and some of the younger members of the family had fun learning new things.  A hit with us and good value for money.  One we will certainly be playing with guests this Christmas. Louise Mills – Charlie & James aged 14 & 16 Years  

Overall, it’s a great game suitable more for children from 12 plus and adults


Sarah Awarded the Britt Game 3/5

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