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Britains Big Farm Case IH Puma 195 Tractor

Britains Big Farm Case IH Puma 195 tractor with dual wheels and front loader. RRP £29.99.  Age suitability 3 Years+. With lights and sounds, Big Farm toys are perfect for budding farm hands and rural rascals everywhere aged 3+.  The tractors and trailers come in red, blue and green and are 1/16 scale mini replicas of the real thing!  Encouraging children to recognise and re-enact farming methods through dramatic play, the colourful tractors and trailers can be pulled, pushed, steered, tipped up and even reveal real engine detail under the bonnet. Stack whatever you can find to hand to create makeshift obstacles to help children navigate and structure their imaginative play time to gain a better understanding of tractors and farm life. Britains Big Farm is available from all good toy shops nationwide.  Call 01271 336155 for stockist details.

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£29.99 Available in all leading Toy and Hobby Stores Nationwide. Purchase online

Britains Big Farm Case IH Puma 195 Tractor Reviews

Product Tested by: by Sharon Kelly – Jackson Aged 3 Years

Product Tested By Sharon Kelly – Jackson Aged 3 Years

Sharon Awarded The  Britains Big Farm Case IH Puma 195 Tractor 4.5/5

Jackson couldn’t wait to get it out of the box! He was so excited as he could see what it was from the box. I was really impressed with the website and I am already considering looking at buying more of their products. The only concern was I couldn’t tell from the pictures what size the toys would be…. The problem was getting the toy out of the packaging!. It took about half an hour to get the tractor out of the box. Not very good when you have got a desperate 3 year old wanting to play with his new toy.  However, the tractor was in perfect order when it arrived and that was obviously the reason it was so well packaged. No concerns at all regarding age suitability. The recommended age for the toy is 3 and I feel this is perfect. It has flashing lights, fabulous tractor sounds, moving steering wheel, removable wheels, plenty to keep Jackson entertained. Since getting the tractor, Jackson has been wanting to know more about farms/tractors etc, so it has been great for development that way.  He has been happy to share with his younger brother Niall (well sometimes)….. Jackson has played with the tractor for many hours. He even wanted to take the tractor to bed with him when he first got it…. I couldn’t have picked anything better myself for him. It is sturdy enough for him to be a little bit rough with, its not a fragile toy so this is great, as it won’t get damaged easily. I don’t know how many we could afford from this range at the price of £29.99 but would love to buy him the whole range! For hours of endless fun. No dislikes at all, its a super toy for a little boy. Particularly like the different tractor sounds and flashing lights. We have had friends/family come round with their children and all the kids love it. Thank you so much for allowing myself  & Jackson to review this fabulous tractor. Jackson loves it so much , you wouldn’t get it back now if you wanted it!!!! Sharon Kelly – Jackson Aged 3 Years


Product Tested By Jodie Powell – Callum Aged 4 years

Jodie Awarded The Britains Big Farm Case IH Puma 195 Tractor  3.8/5

I thought it was great, it’s well made and really good quality. I think the products available are great for young children and the website is laid out well/ the packaging was ok.  It was hard to unpack and Callum got a bit frustrated, but that was down to the excitement of this arriving.  Age suitability was perfect for Callum’s age nice and big for him. He was interested in it for a short while.  I thought it would have been better if there was a farmer with it. Great toy and ideal for hand and eye co-ordination and always with imaginary play. My son did loose interest in this item, but this is down to personal choice no reflection on the quality of this toy. Quality was very good although I feel a price band of £15 is more suitable.  I liked the bright colours and the fact that it was big Callum loses small toys.  Great ideal for a gift and ideal for a birthday present.   Already told my sister about this tractor as her little boy just loves vehicles. My son loved it for the first couple of days then lost interest and i think the price is a bit high but it was made really well and ideal for boys who love tractors and other vehicles. Jodie Powell – Callum Aged 4 years


Product Tested By Fay McBride – Josh Aged 3 years

Fay Awarded The Britains Big Farm Case IH Puma 195 Tractor 4/5

This product is fantastic to look at, and had a real wow factor when pulled from the box. Excellent selection of toys available to compliment the tractor and also liked the clothing range available for children and adults. Packaging was good but it took quite a while to undo all the ties and with an impatient 3 year old desperate to play it was a little frustrating.  I think age suitability is spot on although I have to say that my now one year old really liked it as well. It held his attention for a while but I think that he was a little disappointed that it didn’t do more than it did. He did however find it great fun in the garden and became more imaginative when mud and water were introduced! It helped to stimulate imaginary play and he was eager to show his little brother what it did. Very robust and well made, attention to detail is very good, just missing a farmer on the seat. I particularly like the fact that you can buy additional accessories to go with it, thereby creating your own little farm. It is an excellent toy, but maybe just a bit too pricey. A well made toy designed for the outdoors. Fay McBride – Josh Aged 3 years

We have had friends/family come round with their children and all the kids love it. A fabulous tractor. Jackson loves it. 


Sharon Awarded The Britains Big Farm Case IH Puma 195 Tractor 4.5/5

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