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Britax Baby Safe Plus SHR11


Safety and comfort from day one
The BABY-SAFE PLUS SHR II proves that smart can be simple – combining advanced safety features such as innovative side impact protection with the convenience of single-handed release.

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Britax Baby Safe Plus SHR11 Reviews

Product Tested by: Sinéad Flanagan – Áine 12 Weeks

Product Tested By Sinéad Flanagan – Áine 12 Weeks

Sinéad Flanagan Awarded The Britax Baby Safe Plus SHR11 4.8/5

When I first took it out of the box I thought it looked heavy and bulky but I was wrong.  The car seat is very light yet still felt sturdy and safe. I received the ‘Venetian’ (Red) seat and it looks great, the colours are bold and stand out.  This is the first car seat that I have used and thankfully the instructions very clear and concise.  I felt confident putting my baby into it in the car, knowing I had fitted it correctly. No assembly required for this car seat.  It fits into pram very easily, no extra attachment are needed which is a bonus, you just click the handle and it releases the seat from the wheels. The handle on the seat also swings back so that it rests on the ground for when you have to put the seat on the ground, which could be handy but so far I haven’t used this feature. I don’t have a base for the seat so haven’t used that feature.  Everything that you need for this seat comes with it, the sun canopy is attached to the seat, although it doesn’t tuck in anywhere which would have been a nice feature but not essential.  It also comes with a head hugger, which meant that I was able to use it with my 6 week old and she could sit comfortably in it.  The seat seems to be very comfortable, we used it on a recent car & boat journey, which lasted 8 hours and my daughter slept in it and was comfortable for the whole journey.  On the boat we just clipped her into the pram which was great.  The safety harness is very easy to use and I felt that my baby was very secure in it, even when I was lifting her from the house to the car and vice versa in it.  I needed to read the instruction manual to adjust the straps but once you do it once it is easy to do.  I like the fact that you put the baby’s arms through the straps rather than them coming over their shoulders.  The seat is very light when it is empty.  The handle is thick which is very useful when I am using it to carry the baby about.  It would probably benefit from some padding around the top for when it is resting on my arm, as I tend to carry the seat on my forearm rather than my hand.  The handle itself is easy to lift and lower.  The seat seems very comfortable; it has lots of padding in it, including a head hugger which means young babies can sit in it safely.  The fabric seems really practical and suitable for a car seat.  I could easily wipe it clean, although I don’t know how easy it would be to take off and wash and put back on again.  I also don’t know easy it would be to clean off solid food.  I don’t have an easy click base system but the seat was very easy to put into the car, it took less than a minute.  For the first time I used the instruction book and it was easy to follow. I really like the car seat.  I think it’s practical and looks good and it is easy to use.  I really like the fact that everything on it can be done with one hand especially taking it from the wheels – you just push a button on the handle.  This car seat is slightly cheaper than some of the others but it doesn’t offer any less features and is just as good , (I have a different type one as well in my husband’s car) so I think  it is very good value for money.  Overall I think this is an excellent product, I would definitely recommend it.  I think it looks good and offers everything that I need in a car seat.  I would like a bit more padding in the handle but this is not an essential improvement.   I would recommend as it is good value for money, looks great and has all the features I need in a car seat.  Excellent, good quality product, both my daughter and I love it. Sinéad Flanagan – Áine 12 Weeks

Product Tested By Debbie Sandhurst– Lilly 3 Months   

Deborah Awarded The Britax Baby Safe Plus SHR11 5/5

Looked perfect.  This car seat is well made and also to my surprise light.  Instructions very clear and I clicked onto the website to watch the information video which helped a lot. Fitted into car with ease and Lilly was certainly comfortable.   You did not need to assemble this and also fits onto the B-Smart pushchair to give you a travel system. The handle is great as easy to transport Lilly and when you take out of car just use handle and easy to carry into house or ideal when visiting friends or family. This comes with sun canopy and a head hugger for newborns. Safety harness is strong and very easy to use so always confident Lilly was safe and comfortable.  I was impressed the car seat was so light. The fabric on this car seat is superb, strong, versatile and very easy to just wipe clean.   Follow the instructions and this is a breeze to fit into your car and with handle makes it easy to take in and out. This car seat is safe, comfortable and easy to use and certainly good value for money.  Safety is a priority and this car seat ticks all the boxes.  Would recommend and already have. We loved it. Debbie Sandhurst – Lilly 3 Months   

Product Tested By Roberta Palms – Indigo 2 Months

Roberta Awarded The Britax  Baby Safe Plus SHR11 5/5

Britax you know you cannot go wrong.  A very sturdy well made car seat and also loved the fact that it is compatible with Brtax pushchairs as then even better value for money.  I checked out the website and you can find all the information you need and also really helped watching the instructional video.  Once you find out how to place in car it is so easy.  Comes with all you need including sun canopy and head hugger, which was perfect as Indigo is very small for her age. The handle is nice design and easy to hold.  Indigo is safe and comfortable in her car seat.  The harness is secure and easy to use.  We have used this car seat on all our travels and I know Indigo is safe and secure.  The fabric is good quality, very easy to clean and I think you can take cover off and wash.  This does what is states and is safe and comfortable.  A great car seat for Baby and we loved it.  Roberta Palms – Indigo 2 Months

I would recommend as it is good value for money, looks great and has all the features I need in a car seat.  Excellent, good quality product, both my daughter and I love it.


Sinéad Flanagan Awarded The Britax Baby Safe Plus SHR11 4.8/5

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