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Brolly Sheets

A discreet, simple solution to a wet bed. Just tuck in on top of fitted sheet, then simply replace when wet. There’s no need to completely strip the bed so they save time, washing (and sanity!). 100% cotton top mattress protectors. Waterproof, yet breathable PUL backing which is soft & quiet. Non PVC, can be tumble dried.

  1. Unique 100% cotton top
  2. Tuck in wings to hold firmly in place
  3. No PVC or vinyl, holds up to 2 litres

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£24.95 Available to purchase online

Brolly Sheets Reviews

Product Tested by: Shona Bland – Libby 3 Years

Product Tested By Shona Bland – Libby 3 Years

Shona Awarded The Brolly Sheet 5/5

Good packaging, quality product, great idea!  The letter that arrived with this item was very informative and quality packaging.   Instructions were very clear and this was a perfect fit for single bed.  Was very easy to put on just like a single sheet. This was Very comfortable; she didn’t even know it was on, unlike other mattress protectors that make her sweat!  This delivered good protection for mattress.  Even when she was sick, there were no marks on the sheet and mattress.  I was very confident using this; easy to change when it was wet.  Very easy to launder, unlike standard mattress protectors that gather the water in the machine.  Very good quality.  I will be buying another one when my twins require them!  Have already recommended.  A great product that has been a life saver in the middle of the night, it has made changing the bed an easy job.  Shona Bland – Libby 3 Years


Product Tested By Linda Staley – Nicole 3 Years

Linda Awarded The Brolly Sheet 6/5

Good looks, packaged well. Letter was Nice with the drawing for my daughter to colour in, packaged well.  Instructions good and easy to understand.  The size was Big enough and we have a thick single mattress.  Very easy to put on no problems at all.  Was no problem sleeping, wasn’t hotter in the summer in the bed!  No leaks when used as daughter was training. A great product that does what it says on the packaging.   No problems put on a wash and dried for the next day.  Quality Good sturdy but comfortable as well.  One of the best child products used! Will be purchasing for our next son when he’s old enough.  Already have recommended it’s a fantastic product that works really well!  6/5 it’s that good it’s better than a 5, went on holiday with us and give mum and dad the confidence that no accident will happen.  No more stripping the whole bed at 3am bleary eyed!  Linda Staley – Nicole 3 years


Product tested By Angela Wilson – Emily 3 years

Angela Awarded The Brolly Sheet 4/5

Good quality material fits bed well. Soft, comfortable and not crinkly and noisy like PVC sheets.  Packaging good, typical packaging for sheets so no embarrassment when shopping and taking to till.  Has a picture of product being used and explanations in bullet form of what it is.  Couldn’t see a warning to keep plastic bag packaging away from children though which is usually standard. Really liked the letter addressed to my daughter, a lot of fun which my daughter also liked.  Instructions on packaging too small. Doesn’t really tell you how to put it on your bed, it is just a safety notice? but is self explanatory with picture.  Good size fits bed well.  Could be a little longer to cover more of the bed as my daughter moves around quite a bit in bed.  Easy enough on a single bed as the mattress is not too heavy. Might be more difficult on a larger bed to get the flaps underneath the mattress.  No issues with comfort.  Brolly sheet is comfortable and not noisy.  Brolly sheet protects mattress and is very absorbent.  I was confident using this item and.  My daughter had no problems sleeping easy to launder, fitted into washing machine fine, and dried easily on washing line.  Good quality well made product.  Material soft, stitching good, no issues with fraying, washed well etc. Great product and better than others I have seen on the market, but it is rather expensive particularly if you have more than one child.  You will also probably need more than one for each child to cover washing.  I could do with another one so when one is drying I can use another.  It is comfortable, works well and not noisy which is ideal.  Overall I liked the product and so did my daughter.  Great, good quality product that works well.  Angela Wilson – Emily 3 Years

A great product that has been a life saver in the middle of the night, it has made changing the bed an easy job. 


Shona Awarded The Brolly Sheet 5/5

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