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Brush-Baby Chewable Toothbrush & Teether

Chewable Toothbrush & Teether (10 – 36 Months)

Perfect for teething toddlers and those who chew their toothbrush or won’t brush their teeth!

Unique curved shape fits the gum line. Soft silicone bristles help clean top and bottom teeth. Cleans teeth and soothes gums whilst chewed. Cool in the fridge for teething. Use with a smear of our toothpaste at brushing time. Dishwasher and Steriliser safe up to 180°. Chewable toothbrush ideal for babies and toddlers

£4.99 Available to purchase online

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Brush-Baby Chewable Toothbrush & Teether Reviews

Product Tested By Jennifer Jones – Oliver 10 Months

Jennifer Awarded The Brush-Baby Chewable Teether/Toothbrush 4.5/5

My first impression was that it seemed a rather strange shape and I was unsure my little one would take to it. I think this is a great idea. Having had my first child 4 years ago I knew the difficulties in getting a tooth brush into their mouths when they are younger.  Small enough to fit into my little ones mouth and easy to be held. My little one is due to cut a tooth so I used it more as a teether but I can definitely see how the curved shape would help in cleaning teeth. It fits perfectly in their mouth which should allow the bristles to clean as needed. I used this alongside teething gel which  I placed on the bristles and it seemed to work well. It took a little while to get used to but then once he held it right it was fine. I did not try putting in the fridge but I will definitely do this next time. I have not used this as a toothbrush yet but will be in the future. Easy to wash and then pop in the steriliser.  I would use this as a teether a few times a week. Will be using as a toothbrush once he gets more teeth. I really liked the unique shape , ease of use and the size. This is definitely good value for money. I would buy this as it helps with teething so I would purchase for any further children. I already have recommended  to my sister in law who has a young baby herself.  Not full marks as we have not used as a toothbrush but will be using in the future. This item was surprisingly great. I was unsure of the shape and how it would sit with my little one but after a while he got used to it and it is great for their little hands. The material is also soft which is perfect for teething and their little gums. I am looking forward to trying this when we have teeth. Jennifer Jones – Oliver 10 Months

Product Tested By Jennifer Mordi – Atarah 2 Years & Son 9 Months

Jennifer Awarded The Chewable Teether/Toothbrush 4.2/5

The box and the presentation was really inviting. The colour of the teether is beautiful and gender-neutral and I was excited to try the product on my daughter. She also loved the stickers that came with it too. My thoughts were that the chewable brush was designed to help parents help their babies, to stay on top of their oral hygiene especially owing to the fact that brushing a baby’s teeth is not always easy. I found that the chewable toothbrush was easy to use. It required little or no help from me, and my daughter was able to hold it well by herself. She only required assistance adding toothpaste which is quite standard in my opinion. Although my daughter has all the teeth she’s meant to have at her stage in development, the curved shape still fitted perfectly along her gum line, and she was able to place the brush properly in her mouth, covering the gum line, without any assistance. As mentioned above, my daughter has all her teeth, therefore we’ve been using a standard toddler toothbrush for quite some time. As she is very used to brushing with a standard toothbrush, she did not chew the chewable brush effectively enough to clean her teeth thoroughly. My daughter is no longer teething but I do not doubt that it would soothe a baby’s gums. Sadly, I didn’t find it easy to clean my daughter’s teeth, as she’s used to brushing with a regular toothbrush and didn’t chew the chewable toothbrush enough to work well. Very easy to keep clean would just rinse the chewable brush with water after use. We would use this daily as a toothbrush. For my daughter, she really enjoyed using the chewable brush even though she didn’t use it as effectively. So I made a routine out of brushing her teeth with her regular tooth brush and following up with the chewable brush. I really loved that we used it as bonus brush touch up after brushing. A bit like a chewable baby flosser- you could say. I believe that for the £4.99 it does offer value for money as you don’t have to replace it as often as a regular tooth brush and if used as a teether for a baby, you’re getting a two in one product which is amazing. I would and will definitely buy it for my son when he reaches the suitability age because I believe it’s better suited for him as he is teething, loves chewing, and it’s not so easy to brush his ‘gums’. I believe the chewable toothbrush would effectively help with his oral hygiene as well as comfort as his teeth start to come in. I would recommend to friends whose babies are teething as I believe it will give some form of comfort to the baby as well as helping with their oral hygiene. The chewable teether is honestly a great product in my opinion. When the product first arrived my baby was 8 months old (now 9 months old), however the product suitability states 10 months to 36 months old. I really felt as though the product would be better suited for my 9 month old because, he loves chewing things at the moment, is currently teething and his teeth haven’t started poking out just yet. I searched high and low to find the reasoning behind why the teether suitability is from 10 months old but could not find anything. Given that my daughter is 29 months old and has already learnt fairly well how to brush her teeth with a regular toothbrush, the chewable brush didn’t help enough with her oral hygiene but I have no doubt that it would have effectively helped my 9 month old and wonder whether the age suitability should be reduced. Jennifer Mordi – Atarah 2 Years & Son 9 Months

Product Tested By Zoe Naylor – Ava 11 Months

Ava Awarded The Brush-Baby Chewable Teether/Toothbrush 3.5/5

It arrived well packaged, it was smaller on arrival than I expected but I liked the look of it based on first impressions. Was a really good concept, fitted well into my babies mouth and the shape meant she could have a good chew and sooth a large area of her gum line in one go. I liked the idea of it being able to soothe her teeth and clean them at the same time. I found this fairly easy to use but was a little tricky to apply teething gel or toothpaste as it often ended up everywhere before the baby had a chance to put it in her mouth. My daughter has a fairly small mouth but it appeared to fit perfectly and fitted the shape of her gum line well.  As previously mentioned it did clean her teeth but not as efficiently as a traditional baby toothbrush. It was difficult to ‘brush’ the bristles against her teeth as she preferred to just chomp down and chew on it instead. We ended up using her normal toothbrush alongside this to ensure a good clean.  As a teether it was perfect, it soothed her teeth and gums and she was able to bite down on the teether and chew away without any issues. She appeared happier when using it, so I presume she enjoyed the sensation and it eased her discomfort. My daughter found this really easy to hold, she was able to easily navigate it to her mouth with no issues. My daughter appeared to have her teething pain eased more once this had been in the fridge, the only issue I found was it didn’t stay cool for that long so had to often be put back in the fridge, something the baby didn’t enjoy as it meant she had to stop chewing. I didn’t find it that easy to use as a toothbrush, it was difficult to ensure a good clean of her teeth due to the shape of it. We ended up using this primarily as a teether and used her normal baby toothbrush alongside this. I found this easy to clean, we just washed it in the sink and then sterilised if needed. The only downside was it attracted dust quite easily and had to be cleaned regularly throughout the day as a result.  We used this almost every day as a teether, we put it with my daughters other teethers and let her pick which one she wanted to use, often this was her first choice.  As mentioned above we did not use this much as a toothbrush after the first few days as for us it did not work for that purpose.  I liked the fact that it had a shield meaning that the baby could not shove it too far into her mouth causing her to choke. Due to it being silicone it was easy to clean and sterilise. I think given the cost of £4.99 it is good value for money, not necessarily as a toothbrush but definitely as a teether. It definitely helped to soothe my daughters teething pain. I would buy this again as when your child is teething anything that helps to ease their pain and discomfort is worth a purchase in my books. I would recommend this product,  but purely as a teether, not as a toothbrush as well as for us it didn’t  work for that purpose If scoring as a toothbrush/teether combined I would score it a lower  as the toothbrush element did not work for us personally. However as a teether on its own it would have been a higher score. Overall we enjoyed testing this and it definitely helped to ease her discomfort. Unfortunately it did not work as a toothbrush for us but I would still purchase it again, based on how effective it was as a teether. Zoe Naylor – Ava 11 Months

This item was surprisingly great. I was unsure of the shape and how it would sit with my little one but after a while he got used to it and it is great for their little hands. The material is also soft which is perfect for teething and their little gums. I am looking forward to trying this when we have teeth.


Jennifer Awarded The Brush-Baby Chewable Teether/Toothbrush 4.5/5

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