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Brush-Baby FlossBrush

Designed for children who cannot yet floss, the FlossBrush helps clean between teeth. Short bristles clean the tooth’s surface and longer bristles reach between teeth. These unique bi-level bristles remove plaque not reached by conventional toothbrushes. The bristles are also impregnanted with nano-silver which helps inhibit bacterial growth and keeps the bristle surface cleaner. Suitable for children from 3 years


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Brush-Baby FlossBrush Reviews

Product Tested by: Michelle Minton – Amelia 3 Years

Product Tested By Michelle Minton – Amelia 3 Years

Michelle Awarded The Brush Baby FlossBrush 4.3/5

I thought this looked like a good quality item. The packaging was ok; it came in the usual toothbrush packaging with detailed instructions in the form of a leaflet. The toothbrush itself was very easy to use. Amelia liked using it; it was pink and has very soft bristles. There was less tantrums from her at teeth brushing time! The quality is great; I was very pleased with it.  It is more expensive than leading brands of children’s toothbrushes but it does have added benefits over the other toothbrushes. It’s softer, has different length bristles and has antibacterial properties too. I would consider buying this and recommend it to others. It is a good toothbrush with added benefits but is more expensive than other toothbrushes. It’s a toothbrush that my little one liked to use. We also tried the tutti frutti toothpaste which was a real hit as my little one is not keen on the minty flavoured ones. Michelle Minton – Amelia 3 Years


Product Tested By Dawn Green – Tyler 3 ½ Years

Dawn Awarded The Brush Baby Floss Brush 4.7/5

This product came nicely packaged and was very easy to get out. The instructions were ok but didn’t really need to read them. The toothbrush was very easy to use; just like a normal toothbrush. Tyler really liked using it. I didn’t really notice any other benefits from him using it though. The quality is very good and offers excellent value for money. I would consider buying one of these and recommend it to family and friends. It’s a good toothbrush for its purposes, my opinion would be to maybe make it with cartoon characters on it to make a child realise its difference to other toothbrushes but overall it’s good. Dawn Green – Tyler 3 ½ Years


Product Tested By EmilyS hepperson – Alyssa 5 Years and Harvey 3 Years

Emily Awarded The Brush Baby Floss Brush 4.3/5

It looks like a usual child’s toothbrush until you see how well constructed it is. It is made from a firm plastic with a slight rubbery feel to the grip end of the brush. It is ergonomically made with it being easy for the child to hold.  Alyssa, my eldest, is and decided she would test it as the one we received was white with pink detailing. The instructions were easy to use and follow. The toothbrush was very easy to use and I could easily let Alyssa use it to brush her own teeth.  She commented that it was good! She liked using it as the brush head is small enough to fit in her mouth and the brush was soft. The pale pink colour to the brush though wasn’t much of an attraction over her usual toothbrush with its vibrant colours. I found that the toothpaste that also came with the brush to be tested helped to clean both of my children’s teeth effectively.  The quality is fantastic; it is very durable and made of a decent plastic. The bristles didn’t fray or wear down very quickly. I feel £2.10 is an appropriate price for the majority of decent branded children’s toothbrushes. I possibly wouldn’t purchase the brush again as there isn’t too much of a child’s design to it and it doesn’t excite them enough. I would however purchase the toothpaste for them again as the flavour and smell and colour of it enticed them to want to brush their teeth.  Overall, I possibly wouldn’t recommend the toothbrush in this range as it just doesn’t seem to encourage children to want to brush their teeth, which is often half the battle. I would say that the toothbrush could easily be passed over for other toothbrushes on the market but the toothpaste certainly benefited both of my children. The ‘tutti fruitti’ flavour and scent encouraged them to clean their teeth when asked. I don’t feel the toothbrush has enough child elements to it; it doesn’t have vibrant, attractive colours or other USPs like the ‘sticky’ base which their normal toothbrush has which sticks it in place on the tiles. However if this was looked at then it would be perfect. Emily Shepperson – Alyssa 5 Years and Harvey 3 Years





It’s a toothbrush that my little one liked to use.


 Michelle Awarded The Brush Baby FlossBrush 4.3/5      

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