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Brush-Baby FlossBrush (3-6 Years)

The FLOSSBRUSH 3-6 years is an ideal Learner Brush. Easy to hold handle. FUN sucker feet. DeepClean Bristles – cleans where other brushes can’t reach. Short bristles clean the tooth’s surface. Longer bristles help clean between teeth. Good for:Mixed teeth, loose teeth, crooked teeth, gaps and missing teeth. Kids who don’t floss Braces
Bizziebaby Silver Award Winners 2019 Toothbrush category

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Brush-Baby FlossBrush (3-6 Years) Reviews

Product Tested By Charlotte Evans – Finley 3 Years

Charlotte Awarded The FlossBrush 3-6 Years 5/5

Very nicely presented and attractive and eye catching for a child. The floss concept of the toothbrush meant my little boys teeth are cleaned perfectly with added effect of cleaning between the teeth. Instructions self-explanatory. The design worked perfectly for my little boy. The floss element is just longer/ finer and soft brushes within the toothbrush- not noticeable to my little boy very effective. My son found this easy to hold as perfect size for little hands. The short bristles certainly cleaned tooth surface well.The longer bristles were effective cleaning where other brushes cannot reach. My little boy enjoys brushing his teeth with this toothbrush. Teeth were left clean after using this. He loved the sucker feet and this is a lovely feature which is very useful. I do feel this is more effective than a normal toothbrush. Has been using for a couple of weeks now twice and day and is still going strong. Quality good durable and effective. Definitely worth the money. The floss feature gave an extra clean. I would purchase as fair price and a good product. I would recommend for the same reasons. Overall this toothbrush is fantastic. It can be difficult to persuade my little boy to brush his teeth normally but he looked forward to using this and his teeth were left clean and healthy, thank you! Charlotte Evans – Finley 3 Years

Product Tested By Lorna Grant – Jack 3 Years

Lorna Awarded The FlossBrush 3-6 Years 5/5

Loved the shiny blue bubble wrap envelope, felt like a really fancy gift, the little one was excited to open it! There were info sheets, stickers and a reward chart for completed brushing. They looked fun, I’m all for making tooth brushing less of a tantrum! I’d never heard of a toothbrush with flossing bristles so was intrigued to see if it made a difference. Pretty easy to understand instructions, though I never knew it was best to stay behind the child, we always did it in front till now. It was cute and fun, my little boy was excited to use it. As he’s so little still, I encourage him to watch me as I brush my teeth, encouraging him to copy, then I do his teeth again for him. He held the brush well, like any other toothbrush. The short bristles cleaned tooth surface well. My boy always commented how slidey his teeth feel and not crunchy. That’s his description!The longer bristles were very effective. We were having a few issues when he practiced getting to the back of his back teeth, but this seemed to help, was also great for getting in between the little teeth. He liked finding what the feet would stick to around the bathroom, and receiving his reward sticker each time. This certainly cleaned his teeth very well. No more crunchy feeling teeth, or so says my 3 yr. old!He liked the sucker feet more than mum, the brush was regularly turning up in some very random places in the bathroom! I really did like this, I felt like it was just getting to some of the more hard to reach areas. We used this twice daily. Good quality well made. I’d say it’s a fairly even price for a child’s toothbrush.That since we’ve received it, less than two weeks, the regular tooth brushing tantrums seem to have stopped! He likes using it, he’s happy using it, and it cleans his teeth! It’s a win win for me! I’d definitely buy it again, if it’s available in supermarkets, it’s not hassle to order online, but it’s just easier to buy the whole families at the same time while doing the shopping. I would recommend because children (mine mainly) like it and are happy to use it! The toothbrush came in a really exciting package that my little one was desperate to open it, when he seen the stickers + reward chart, he wanted to brush his teeth straight away with his new brush, I happily obliged, straight away it was like another child had taken over, (my child threw a fit every time he was told it was tooth brushing time) and every time since then he’s happily brushed his teeth, it’s a small win, but a Mum win!!!! This brush is cute and fun, it sticks well to most bathrooms ha ha. It cleans well and I was informed his teeth were now nice and slidey and not crunchy anymore! If we see this while doing the weekly shop they will definitely be added to the trolley! Lorna Grant – Jack 3 Years

Product Tested By Elizabeth Anne Berry – Holly 3 Years

Elizabeth Awarded The FlossBrush 3-6 Years 4/5

Nice packaging, lovely bright colours. Animal image very similar to toothbrushes already owned. Good, nice soft bristles, my daughter loved using it. Instructions are not really necessary. At this age we are still in the battle of persuading daughter to brush properly. The stickers were a great help for that though. Good sturdy base with good grip. She found easy to hole. Sturdy base and wide handle is great. Although the short bristles are really soft so the toothpaste foams up a lot and it is hard to check thoroughly. I am not sure the longer bristles got to other places not reached by other toothbrushes. The amount of foam produced made this harder to tell but I think it did. She loved the character and the stickers. Hard to tell if cleaned effectively as daughter is three and requires persuasion to give her teeth a thorough clean but she is still learning and this encouraged her. She loved the sucker feet. All the toothbrushes she has ever had have had sucker bases and she finds it fun and also very handy to leave the brush stuck to the front of the sink. Not more effective, as effective. I worry the bristles are just a little bit too soft. We used this twice daily since receipt of the brush. Good quality, nice design. More expensive than some but not all. About mid range. My daughter loved the character. I would purchase as it is a good product, very child friendly and suited to the age category.I would recommend because my daughter liked using it. Only issues are there are similar designs (an almost identical one is for sale in a two pack at Lidl) and the bristles seem very soft. A lovely design, the stickers and character really got my daughter on board. She is at an age where she needs encouragement to use any item like this. Having online resources etc. helps but there are also near identical characters on other brushes out there on the market. The sucker base is also nearly a standard design. Elizabeth Anne Berry – Holly 3 Years

The floss feature gave an extra clean. I would purchase as fair price and a good product. I would recommend for the same reasons. Overall this toothbrush is fantastic. It can be difficult to persuade my little boy to brush his teeth normally but he looked forward to using this and his teeth were left clean and healthy, thank you!


Charlotte Awarded The FlossBrush 3-6 Years 5/5

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