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Brush Baby FrontEase Teether

Specially designed for the stage of early teething the FRONTEASE helps soothe and massage front teething gumsShaped for front teeth and teething gumsTextured silicone biting surfaceSoothes and massages front teething gumsRemovable cap for hygiene

Bizziebaby Silver Award Winner 2018 Teether Category

£3.99 Available to purchase online

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Brush Baby FrontEase Teether Reviews

Product Tested By Kerry Tatton – Jacob 4 Months

Kerry Awarded The FrontEase Teether 5/5

Arrived in great packing. This looked good and easy to use. Easy to understand instructions. This helped my boy with teething but he struggled to keep in when he first used it but soon hand the hang of keeping hold of it. My son found this very easy to use after first trying it out. The removable cap is great for keeping it clean while out and about. Used it at least once a day when teething was a problem sometimes more than once.Great quality and lasts. Great value for money compared to other brands. I really liked the shape is perfect for teething g babies. I would consider buying as it helped my baby with his teething troubles I would recommend as easy to use and great product. All round great product and was effective when used. Kerry Tatton – Jacob 4 Months

Product Tested By Alicia Ward – Violet 5 Months

Alicia Awarded The FrontEase Teether 4/5

It looked like a really good product. Nice shape at the front to make sure it gets to all of the gum at the front. I also like the fact the handle is also made of silicone so your baby can choose which side they want.I love the fact it looks like a dummy and the fact that it comes with a protective cover. My daughter is constantly dropping things on the floor, when she’s in her pram, so this is definitely an added bonus! Brilliant instructions. I can see that it would be brilliant for teething babies, but my daughter just couldn’t get to grips with it. The texture of it might have put her off, as it has a brush like texture.My daughter just didn’t like it from the moment I gave it to her. I can now just drop it into my changing bag, with the cover on, and don’t have to worry about it getting covered in bits! Probably did not use as much as other teethers. My daughter just didn’t take to it like other teethers. Very good quality. I love the textured bristles on the mouthpiece.It is definitely a lot cheaper than similar products on the market.I like the fact it is so handy and small. My daughter has a lot of teething toys that are quite big and bulky, which take up huge amounts of room in the changing bag. It’s a shame that my baby didn’t take to it. However, if we had tried it and my baby liked it, then I would definitely buy it. I loved the product. My baby, unfortunately, didn’t. I would definitely recommend and tell them to give it a try as it is a brilliant product and the idea of it is great. Despite the fact my daughter didn’t really like it, I do love the product. I think it is a brilliant idea and definitely one that parents should try. We tried it, but unfortunately it wasn’t for us. We tried it with special baby toothpaste, but even this wasn’t enough for her. I think probably because it was too much like a dummy, she just couldn’t understand it. Normally, she loves to chew anything. I do think it is a great product. Great design, love the hygiene cap and love the fact it is so easy to carry and store. Alicia Ward – Violet 5 Months

Product Tested By Areej Yasser – llya 3 Months

Areej Awarded The FrontEase Teether 5/5

Very well packaged, and pleased with the way it looked. I really like the way it looks and resembling a dummy makes it easier for babies to use. Instructions very clear and easy to read. This helped with all teething issues and it covers all the front teeth and gums. Unfortunately my 3 month old cannot hold items properly yet, so I have had to hold it myself so he can chew on it. But I can see him being able to use this in a month’s time. I am really pleased that it includes a removable cap. Perfect for keeping the teether clean, especially when out and about. I will definitely be using it a lot for my little one when I know he’s teething. It’s high quality so I feel my mind is at ease when my little one is using it. Very affordable at £2.99, you can’t go wrong. I like that it looks like a dummy, less risk of choking. I would buy this again, very affordable, and a good quality product. I would definitely recommend this to friends and family. Overall I’m very pleased with it. Although my 3 month old is still unable to hold on to it properly, I can see him using this lot very soon.  Areej Yasser – llya 3 Months

I really liked the shape is perfect for teething g babies. I would consider buying as it helped my baby with his teething troubles I would recommend as easy to use and great product. All round great product and was effective when used.


Kerry Awarded The FrontEase Teether 5/5

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