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Brush Baby MolarMunch Teether (4+ months)

Designed to help your toddler through the tough stage of molar teething. Uniquely shaped to reach back teeth and gums. Flexible, textured biting surface. Fun design. Easy to hold or hands free

£4.80 Available to purchase online

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Brush Baby MolarMunch Teether (4+ months) Reviews

Product Tested By Annetta Kelly – Khadijah 8 Months

Annetta Awarded The MolarMunch Teether 5/5

This looked great and lovely packaging.I really like the concept of this product as nice and easy for baby to hold. Instructions clear and simple to follow. My baby found this very easy to hold. My baby loves this teether. Baby loved the texture as the grinding help relived pain. This delivered great relief also helps if you add a bit of teething gel to the teether which helped a lot at night. This was effective at reaching back teeth and gums. I thought this was a great idea as a lot of the tethers only help with the front teeth. I mainly use this at home and at night because it really helps to settle them to sleep. Really easy to keep clean just a bit of boiled water and its good as new again. Great feel to the product nice and firm easy to clean. For the price great value. I like the fact it’s nice and big also helps with the back of the mouth great little hand held for baby to hold and suck on. I would buy this and I would recommend. Most I can say is its great product and would love a clip on attached to the teether stopping baby from keep dropping it. Annetta Kelly – Khadijah 8 Months

Product Tested By Kelly Downey – Elsie 6 Months

Kelly Awarded The MolarMunch Teether 3.8/5

I liked the colours green and pink; I thought they looked smart and easy to pack. I think it is a good concept and a good size for baby to fit in mouth. Not very many instructions but to be honest it doesn’t really need any, other than how to clean which it has. At this age no my daughter did not find easy to hold. I’m sure once she gets a little older and can grip better she will find it easier, but at the moment I have to hold for her.My daughter did not find this easy to use, as she’s only just 6 months she found it very difficult and I have to help her.The texture is very flexible; there is a lot of biting surface and different bumps/texture which is good for her gums to chomp down on. It did help with teething relief, however I did find out other teething items worked better for her. They don’t reach right to the back but I can understand that they couldn’t be made longer due to baby chocking or gagging. It’s a very handy size to pop in our changing bag.It is easy to keep clean as long as you use sterilising wipes; I used sterilised wipes every time because you cannot put tether in the steriliser.I think it’s definitely a good quality product. However it did disappoint me that I couldn’t put in the steriliser. It really does offer good value as some of the other teething toys I have bought are £20 plus. However I do feel that with my baby the other teethers work better so I don’t mind paying more if it helps. I loved the colours and the fact that it doubles at a rattle.I personally would not buy this, just because I think that there are better products out there for my baby, Also I wouldn’t have bought after reading they cannot be put through the steriliser. I probably would not recommend, due to the fact that I do believe there are better products out there that can also be sterilised. I think overall it is a good product but could definitely do with some improvements; like easier to hold, maybe a cap to put over the part that goes into baby’s mouth, and maybe change the material so it can be put into the steriliser. Kelly Downey – Elsie 6 Months

Product Tested By Terezia Novanska – Son 7 Months

Terezia Awarded The MolarMunch Teether 4/5

The teether looked ok, it doesn’t look like a luxury product and I thought the colours would be brighter. The concept was good. I wouldn’t say anything special compared to other teether’s on the market. The instructions were clear and pretty self-explanatory. I would say the products handle was on the smaller side with not much room to grasp hold and get a good grip. My son did struggle to get a good grip so it kept falling out of his hand. The texture was good as I felt it really got into the gums. I would say this product was a bit of a distraction which could have possibly given him a bit of relief I would say the design allowed the teether to reach the back of my baby’s gums. It was a good size to take out with is however as he kept dropping it I found it getting dirty fast.It would be an easy product to get lost when out and about. Because of the size of the product it was easy to clean.There are no nooks and crannies to struggle to get into which was a definite plus. The quality wasn’t bad. I again would say it’s nothing special. The teether is in the right price bracket compared to others on the market. The teether offered a welcome distraction from the pain of teething. This made me happy. I would not buy this due to my son having problems holding it. I would recommend as this teether would make an inexpensive gift for a friend’s child. It provides a good new distraction for babies. The reason for the lower score is due to the fact that, although handy, I felt it was not the best product of its type on the market. I was disappointed in the colour and thought it could have been brighter/ more vibrant so as to hold my child’s attention for longer. I felt there was no proper area for my child to get a good round grip on which, in my opinion, made the product easier to fall from his hand. I felt like I was constantly picking up and cleaning this teether. The product is a good price and it did settle my baby for a bit however I feel there are some flaws with the product that would stop me from buying it again. It felt like more of a disposable item. Terezia Novanska – Son 7 Months

For the price great value. I like the fact it’s nice and big also helps with the back of the mouth great little hand held for baby to hold and suck on. I would buy this and I would recommend. Most I can say is its great product and would love a clip on attached to the teether stopping baby from keep dropping it. 


Annetta Awarded The MolarMunch Teether 5/5

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