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Brush-Baby Tutti Frutti Toothpaste

Tutti Frutti Toothpaste Suitable 3-6 Years

This delicious non-minty Tutti Frutti flavour toothpaste keeps kids brushing!Fluoride  – strengthens the tooth enamel and protects against tooth decayXylitol – reduces sugar acidsParaben Free and SLS Free 50ml tube

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Brush-Baby Tutti Frutti Toothpaste Reviews

Product Tested By Lauren Chilvers – Woody & Oscar 3 & 6 Years

Lauren Awarded The Brush Baby Kids’ Tutti Frutti Toothpaste 5/5

Exciting packaging. The picture on the tube is really nice and self-explanatory. I love the fact there is no foaming, but because of this it is hard to tell where you are brushing. There is a slight tinge to the paste when in use so that does help a little. Instructions really easy to follow. Cap is a little difficult to open but once opened my youngest could use. It is easy squeeze. My 3 year old loves the flavour. My 6 year old does not like the flavour. They both agree the non foaming is great. It has made it a lot easier to clean Woody’s teeth (the 3 year old). We had a lot of trouble getting him brush his teeth but with the novelty flavour he doesn’t mind so much now. The non foaming aspect has made it so much easier to clean Woody’s teeth. I can now get him to clean them for the 2 minutes rather than a quick in and out with arguments and stress. It has all the right ingredients to do what it says it does. So all I can do is agree it helps strengthen tooth enamel and reduce sugar acids. To have products with less chemicals is always great! Especially when it is used to clean something as important as your teeth. To be honest I had to google what Parabens and SLS’ were so having this product has educated me. Woody uses the toothpaste twice a day. Really good paste. Needs to have a little extra colour or something so you can see where the paste is still there whilst brushing. This is about the same as other brands but seems to have more flavour options. I loved the fact that Woody loves it and it’s helped encourage cleaning his teeth. I will be ordering a different flavour for Oscar along with the electric toothbrushes they make. I have already told my sister and friend all about it! Mainly because of the non foaming and the Paraben and SLS free. Although one child did not like the taste that has not deterred me to buy another flavour when the other has ran out. The non foaming is just brilliant. An excellent product! Received very well by a fussy 3 year old who hates cleaning his teeth. I didn’t realise Brush Baby did so many products. The Paraben and SLS free is a bonus as I hadn’t taken any notice of things like that until I had this product. The non foaming is great as it stops my son moaning about the foam in his mouth and constantly wanting to spit which means we can actually clean his teeth. I think the paste could have a touch more colour to show where you are cleaning. The only benefit of foaming toothpaste is you can see where you are brushing but with this it is hard to tell if the toothpaste is still there. Lauren Chilvers – Woody & Oscar 3 & 6 Years

Product Tested By Lisa McDonald – Isabella 6 Years

Lisa Awarded The Brush Baby Kids’ Tutti Frutti Toothpaste 4/5

Great packaging for children. It’s a great product for children who do not like minty toothpaste. Clear instructions. Great design and very simple for a 6 yr. old to use by herself. She didn’t mind the taste, but it wouldn’t be her preferred option. As she was not a fan of the taste I would not say it helped my daughter enjoy brushing her teeth. It does a great job but unfortunately she wasn’t overly keen on the taste. It is important when buying products for my children; I like them to use natural products where possible. We used this daily for 2 weeks. It is nicely packaged, and a great option for children who find minty flavours too much. I think it is reasonably priced and a good sized product. I loved the fact this is Paraben and SLS free. The only reason I would not purchase this is due to my daughter not being a fan of the flavour. I would recommend as it is a good product and others may prefer the flavour. It’s a great product that my child enjoyed receiving, she used it for 2 weeks but she wasn’t keen on the flavour. Lisa McDonald – Isabella 6 Years

Product Tested by Kate Sparkes – Sophie 6 Years

Kate Awarded The Brush Baby Kids’ Tutti Frutti Toothpaste 3.5/5

The tube is appealing and fun to look at. I like the idea and if it was for an adult it would appeal to me. The instructions are easy to understand.The tube is bright and catches the eye. Unfortunately my daughter did not like the taste of this toothpaste. My child didn’t like the taste, even when I tried to disguise the toothpaste, so could not really comment on how effective it was for her. I agree this toothpaste is designed to strengthen tooth enamel and reduce sugar acids and I would have looked to buy this toothpaste because of those reasons. I am not really aware of Paraben and SLS free. Due to my daughter not liking the taste of this we only used it a few times. Quality is good. Reasonable price. I personally really liked the design of the tube. I would not purchase this one due to the flavour not being liked by my daughter. However I do believe nothing wrong with this toothpaste and I would recommend. Other children may like the taste. I was excited for my daughter to try this toothpaste and thought having a Tutti Frutti taste would appeal to her but she is very fussy to taste and sadly this wasn’t to her liking this isn’t detrimental to the product just unfortunately not to a 6 yr olds liking. I hope that you have great success with the toothpaste. Kate Sparkes – Sophie 6 Years

I feel this is a great product for babies and toddlers. I love it!


Elaine Awarded The Brush-Baby Tutti-Frutti Toothpaste 5/5

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