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The most hygienic nailbrush in the world giving you the cleanest nails you’ll ever have!
The BRUZZ is the newest product to hit the nail and beauty industry, it’s unique patented design means that there is no product like it in the world! The BRUZZ is invented and designed in the UK. The innovative triple action hygienic nailbrush which provides a comfortable, stimulating cleaning experience can also be used as a dusting brush, it easily removes all filing dust and is easily sanitised between clients. Unlike conventional nailbrushes, the BRUZZ minimalises the dirty soap and water spray from cleaning that usually finds itself all over the mirror, basin or work station. The BRUZZ keeps the spray within the unique shape and is easily cleaned after use• Vanilla scented• Anti-bacterial & removable bristles• Limits Spray• For natural & artificial nails• Easy to clean & Dishwasher safe• Fully Sanitisable• Gentle to use, wet or dry

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Product Tested By Becky Day

Becky Awarded The Bruzz Nail Brush 4.3/5

The item is neat and compact. The name intrigues me and I want to open the box and check it out. The packaging for the Bruzz is minimal and compact yet it is clean and clearly advertises what the product is and what we should expect from using it. There aren’t a mass of instructions but at the end of the day, it’s a nailbrush so most of us know what to do with it! The nail brush is sturdy and does not feel like it will fall apart after continued use. The bristles are soft with makes for a gentler clean compared to the ordinary bristle brushes which can catch under the nail and be quite painful. The product is ‘vanilla scented’ which I think is a bit lost and perhaps a bit gimmicky. You tend to clean your hands with soap which is often also scented so unless you put the brush to your nose, the scent is not smelled. It was a cute idea though. I think that although the brush would last longer than your average brush, it is more than I would be
willing to pay for it. I think that nowadays people are less inclined to use a nail brush unless they get particularly dirty hands in their line of work. If looking for a nail brush, I think we would buy a cheaper alternative. The nailbrush is easy to use, looks snazzy, has a catchy name and does what it says on the tin. I think it is a tad overpriced but if you know somebody who uses a nailbrush on a regular basis, it could be the brush for you. Becky Day

Product Tested By Emma Brownbridge

Emma Awarded The Bruzz Nail Brush 4/5

When this arrived I thought it was expensive for a nail brush, very basic. Packaging neat and compact. Instructions easy to follow. This is good quality and does look nice. Personally I would not pay the RRP for this nail brush as it does the same as other nail brushes on the market. It’s just a nail brush. It’s overpriced. It does what it says on the tin basically – it cleans nails! No better or worse than a traditional nail brush. Emma Brownbridge

Product Tested By Stephanie Baker

Stephanie Awarded The Bruzz Nail Brush 3.5/5

Looked clean, portable, slick and handy. The packaging was small and compact, easy to carry around. Instructions clear but this is relatively self-explanatory. It is robust and seems like it would last in the long term. I just don’t feel it delivers on what it promises and that there are other much cheaper nail brushes out there that clean better than this product does. It will last a long time but as above I am disappointed by its functionality. Just didn’t seem to make much difference to my nails. I wanted it to work better than it actually did. Robust and will last but doesn’t deliver the results of cleaning under the nails. Disappointing. Well-made product in terms of its durability and the design to be handy and portable and easy to store in your handbag and keep clean. It just didn’t’ seem to make any
difference to the cleanliness of my nails. Comfortable and easy to use but, for me, it just didn’t do anything. Stephanie Baker




The nailbrush is easy to use, looks snazzy, has a catchy name and does what it says on the tin.


Becky Awarded The Bruzz Nail Brush 4.3/5

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