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Bubba Wrap

Bubba Wrap is a stylish hands-free, no-fuss way to carry your baby. It’s just one piece of 100% durable cotton fabric with two ties – so easy to use. An unstructured carrier that can be worn on the front or back. Broad straps for excellent weight distribution. 100% breathable double thread cotton. Available in selection of colours. No poisonous or hazardous chemicals are used to dye the cotton. One size fits all. Machine washable. Recommended for children up to 35lbs or approx 15.5kg.


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Bubba Wrap Reviews

Product Tested by: Sarah McLaughlin - Baby Toirese 5 Months

Product Tested By Sarah Mclaughlin – Baby Toirese 5 Months

Sarah Awarded The Bubba Wrap Baby Carrier 4/5

First impression – I liked it – very compact and practical.  The fabric is soft yet strong enough to feel secure in it’s ability to protect my daughter.  I still need to follow the instructions at the moment, but with time this will become second nature.  At first when placing my daughter in her Bubba Wrap I did need help but now I am confident to place my daughter in her Bubba Wrap on my own.  I do feel that my daughter is very secure in this carrier, although I still place a hand underneath but I think this is just an automatic reaction.  This does allow you to do other jobs as both hands are free while baby is safe and secure.  My daughter really enjoys being in her Bubba Wrap especially when we are out together.  Toirese always feels warm and is very content, although it is winter and it would be interesting to see what it is like in the summer heat.  I originally thought it was a bit expensive bit I now believe that the wrap offers good value for money and is worth purchasing one as a good investment.  The design is available in a range of colours, but would suggest maybe offering some pattern designer wraps.  My two sisters are pregnant and they have also been testing this product with my daughter and are very impressed.  A versatile and practical design that is compact enough to use at home, out and about and also to bring on holiday.  Sarah Mclaughlin – Baby Toirese 5 Months

Product Tested By Dawn Prodger – Baby Jessica Aged 7 Months

Dawn Awarded The Bubba Wrap Baby Carrier 4/5

Looked trendy and liked the bag it was supplied in. Was slightly concerned when this first arrived that it would not be secure enough for Jessica.  Instructions on how to use were very good and easy to follow, although I did have to stand in front of the mirror at first and have a few attempts. Once you get the hang of it very easy to put on.  This is well made with good quality material.  I had difficulties at first, but the more I used this the easier it became.  Once I was used to using my Bubba Wrap my confidence grew and knew Jessica was safe and secure.  Also as I became more used to using this wrap Jessica’s confidence grew  and she liked being close to me.  You can carry on with some chores while wearing this wrap, just use your common sense for other activities, and this advice is detailed in instructions.  I must admit I have not tried this outside yet, but will be ideal for warmer Spring days and summer.  Felt this was a little bit expensive compared to others on the market.  Will certainly continue to use and would recommend to others as once you get used to using this it is a good carrier.  Nice experience and liked the fact Jessica was close to me.  Dawn Prodger – Baby Jessica 7 Months

Product Tested By Dean Irwin – Baby Micah 6 Months

Dean Awarded The Bubba Wrap 3.6/5

When this arrived thought it looked groovy but a little complicated.  Once I had read through the instructions it was very straight forward and easy to use.  Quality of the fabric good.  Found it little difficult to put Micah in the Bubba Wrap at first, but the more you used it the easier it became.  Ideal to carry baby and they feel safe, and also easy to carry on doing various chores while keeping baby close to you.  Micah felt comfortable and safe.  The wrap does cover your baby, but would not give full protection when out in bad weather.  Price expensive compared to other baby carriers available.  Comfortable for young babies but awkward to use for older ones.  Dean Irwin – Baby Micah 6 Months.

A versatile and practical design that is compact enough to use at home, out and about and also to bring on holiday.


Sarah Awarded The Bubba Wrap Baby Carrier 4/5

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