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Bubble Cashmere Blanket

Whether buying for your own little angel, or buying as a gift, a luxury baby blanket really is a must have item for a newborn.  A favourite baby blanket can be a treasured gift for a baby that truly lasts a lifetime.   Chic and contemporary, Angel Cashmere baby blankets are made from the softest, most luxurious 100% pure cashmere or 100% pure lamere.  Cashmere is exceptionally soft for delicate baby skin, breathable, lightweight yet warm – ideal for summer or winter. Every single item comes to you beautifully gift wrapped, with gift card if you like – at no extra cost to you. We also have 100% luscious leather Lin&Leo babybags, the cutest leather baby shoes, gorgeous knitted toys and NEW IN SHOP TODAY –  FAIR TRADE/ORGANIC TOYS available to buy now,  We’re now based in London and Singapore and can provide fast worldwide delivery!

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Bubble Cashmere Blanket Reviews

Product Tested by: Laura Bedford – Baby Lily 3 Months

Product Tested By Laura Bedford – Baby Lily 3 Months

Laura Awarded The Bubble Cashmere Blanket 4.5/5

It was beautifully presented and packaged. I opened the box with excitement knowing that the blanket was high quality and something to be cherished. It’s a retro design, which may not appeal to everyone’s taste, but I thought it was very funky and forward thinking. There are so many bland white and cream blankets on the market that it’s nice to see something with more personality and colour. It’s also unisex.  Perfect size and shape for swaddling and using in the pram. The thickness is light enough for the Summer months but would be equally efficient in Winter.  Amazing quality of fabric. The cashmere is so luxurious and special; it’s a perfect “occasion blanket”! It’s easily the most comfortable and soft blanket I have for my baby.  It can make my baby too warm if swaddled in the hot Summer months; however it’s fine for laying/covering over her. The cashmere doesn’t cause a rash or eczema (which I found with another wool blanket) and the knit allows the baby to breath through it. This is the only negative with the blanket, hence why I said it I’ve really only used it as a “occasion blanket” as frequent hand washing is far too much trouble when you’ve a new born! It is expensive for a blanket, especially as you wouldn’t use it too many times to prevent frequent hand washing (and possible subsequent loss of shape). However, it’s luxurious and would make a perfect gift to a new Mother.  Definitely continue to use this blanket as I love it and it makes my daughter so cuddly! I’d certainly recommend getting one for someone as a gift for a baby shower but I wouldn’t advise friends/family to buy it as a daily-use blanket as it would quickly lose its quality and “special feeling”.  A beautifully luxurious blanket, perfect as a gift or to use on special occasions.  Laura Bedford – Baby Lily 3 Months

Product Tested By Katie Ouvarof – Poppy 7 Months

Katie Awarded The Bubble Cashmere Blanket 4/5

First impression Luxury item and high quality. Personally the designs were not to my taste and I do concede though that I am pretty conservative so others might disagree.  I found it really versatile thanks to its size i.e. could be used in bed, as a travel blanket but also out and about to sit on etc and its not too big to pop in a bag.  Lovely quality, feels very soft to the touch; this blanket is so soft and comfortable for Poppy. This blanket has not caused any irritation yet, and doubt it will.  We have not used it with her overnight yet but I am sure it would be fine for the winter months ahead. Anything cashmere is high maintenance so I don’t see this as a problem, a quick hand wash hardly takes any time.  I believe this is good value for money and will certainly continue to use this luxurious blanket. I would recommend. I think many people with babies like to keep things really simple and traditional, perhaps as well as the current designs you could include some more plain ones (I did see there are some that are just plain stripes.  I also thought the colours were an interesting choice… I think a navy blue might be better for boys and a slightly softer pink for girls.  The packaging is absolutely gorgeous and felt like Christmas when it arrived!  Ta.  Quality and luxurious item that’s versatile and a great present for parents.  Katie Ouvarof – Poppy 7 Months

Product Tested By Sue Day– Baby Elizabeth 4 Months

Sue Awarded The Bubble Cashmere Blanket 4.5/5

When this arrived it arrived in lovely packaging.  first impressions excellent.  A very retro design which I loved. Loved the fact it was unisex and had a look online and they have some brilliant designs on offer which are so different to other blankets available these days. Size was just right for using as a blanket and taking out to keep Elizabeth warm in her buggy.  Good quality blanket ideal for summer and will certainly keep her warm in the winter.  The feel of this fabric and quality is excellent. I was so thrilled to test this and the cashmere is just pure luxury. Would make a perfect gift for any new mum.  The blanket did not cause any irritation as so soft and gentle. You have to hand wash this which is time consuming, but we love it and so many people have commented on the design.  Washes well if you follow the instructions.  We will continue to use and have already recommended to friends and family. A perfect gift as so gorgeous. Thank you for giving us the chance to review this beautiful blanket.  Sue Day– Baby Elizabeth 4 Months

A beautifully luxurious blanket, perfect as a gift or to use on special occasions.


Laura Awarded The Bubble Cashmere Blanket 4.5/5

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