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Bubblebum Booster Seat

BubbleBum, the cost-effective, portable, lightweight, brightly coloured, inflatable car booster seat for children aged between 4-11 easily deflates and folds flat so that kids or mums can carry it in rucksacks or handbags, making it perfect for holidays, rental cars, taxis, coach journeys, school trips or car pooling.

Bizziebaby Bronze Award winners 2011 and Bizziebaby Silver Award winners 2015 

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£29.99 Available Halfords,John Lewis,,,, Kiddicare, or click onto to find local stockist

Bubblebum Booster Seat Reviews

Product Tested by: Serena Porterfield – Matthew 5 years

Product Tested By Serena Porterfield – Matthew 5 years

Serena Awarded The BubbleBum Car Booster Seat 4.8/5

I initially thought it looked very small and was unsure about the safety of the item. Very easy to open, minimal packaging and in a handy travel bag with drawstring for transporting it. Took a few minutes to get the hang of it with regards to closing the air vent once blown up but very easy once I’d gotten the hang of it. A tip would be twist the air vent enough to open it and don’t keep twisting it otherwise you’ll have to twist it for ages going back the other way to close it meaning it will go flat. Could have included a note saying don’t twist it open until it doesn’t twist anymore as it then takes too long to twist closed and deflates. But fantastic instructions otherwise printed on the inside of the packaging and also on a separate sheet. Comes with an additional strap to ensure proper position of the seat belt on the shoulder which I thought were great stops kids taking it off their shoulder. Also has two red bits on either side to secure the seat belt tightly. Just wipes clean with a damp cloth. Haven’t experienced any big spills or anything that requires extensive cleaning yet! Definitely benefited. Had to take a trip out the country and was travelling carry on only on the plane and hiring a car at the other end and being able to shove the booster seat in my carry-on bag and use it in the hire car was brilliant. Will also be doing the same thing next week and not having to pay for a booster seat from the car hire company has saved us money and would have covered the cost of the booster seat already! Just the same as a normal booster seat very easy bit tricky to get the seat belt through the red loop on one side because you have the seat belt buckle in the same area as well. Perfect for our needs and has been used by both my 5 year old son and 8 year old step son. I was initially apprehensive about the safety and quality as you blow the item up but it’s fantastic really good quality and just like a normal booster seat except it’s a bit comfier on your bum (words of the 5 year old). As stated above two car hire journeys without having to pay for a booster seat has covered the cost and also the convenience of not having to travel with a bulky plastic booster seat. I would consider buying it and will definitely continue using it as we travel a few times a year with car hire and this is perfect for us! Wouldn’t hesitate to recommend it it’s so handy to have and keep in the boot for maybe unexpected play dates lifts home. Love it! Perfect for travelling or unexpected guests! Serena Porterfield – Matthew 5 years

Product Tested By Kirsty Fulton – Cleo & Hugh – 2 & 5 Years

Kirsty Awarded The BubbleBum Car Booster Seat 5/5

I really liked the product straight away- packaging was slick, seemed compact and instructions were straight forward. Packaging was compact, looked smart and looked worth the value of the product. Very straight forward to assemble- instructions were clear and even Hugh helped me blow it up!! No problems following instructions and understanding how to use the seat in the car with the seat belt attachments etc. I had no trouble using this product in the car and seemed secure and safe. Very easy to clean as the cover comes off and I have put it in the washing machine – came up like new- so very handy especially if kids are eating etc. in the car. Hugely beneficial – I do a school run with 4 kids in the car so I found it really easy to use- compact to take in and out the car or leave in the boot and safe. I loved that it wasn’t big and bulky and seemed comfy for those using it! I didn’t find it any trouble at all putting children in the seat. This was very easy to adjust and more than adequate for our needs. Quality of the product commands the price. The fact that the seat can be moved around with no hassle at all definitely gives it an advantage- ideal for those who don’t have kids in the car that often to stick in their boot without taking up much room. I think the price reflects the use of ease this product gives the user. I would definitely purchase and continue to use the Bubblebum booster. I have already recommended. Can’t fault this product- does what it says!! Product has been used regularly, I have also used it at the dinner table as a booster for Cleo who is 2 and refuses to sit in a highchair! The only negative is that could do with perhaps being slightly wider (for the bigger child) but other than that, I have been very impressed, the fact that it is portable and can be deflated allows user to take it anywhere with minimum fuss- ideal for families of more than one child. I will continue to use and recommend to friends and family. Thanks for allowing me to test! Kirsty Fulton – Cleo & Hugh – 2 & 5 Years

Product Tested By Karen Dickinson – Evie 4 Years 6 Months

Karen Awarded The BubbleBum Car Booster Seat 4.4/5

My first impression was that it looked a little small for a booster seat, however it actually was fine and my little girl fits perfectly on it. Impressed with the packaging, very compact, bright and it comes with a handy drawstring bag to carry the booster seat around with you. Really easy to inflate the seat however is a little bit tricky to assemble in the car as you need to loop the seat belt through the metal loops on the side of the seat and these are quite small. Instructions clear and easy to follow. This does attach safely and securely to the chair. This wipes clean, although I should imagine any tough stains would be harder to get out as the material is quite absorbent on the seat itself. We did benefit as this is really handy to use when you need to fit another child in the middle seat in between two bigger child seats. Really easy for children to use as the seat is very compact so they just need to hop on! Was fairly easy to adjust although the small loops for the seat belt are small so was difficult to adjust the tightness sometimes. The quality is good, the seat belt loops are metal (not plastic) so are sturdy and the quality of the material is really good. I think it is a good product however would say is a little over priced and would be worth around £20. I would buy this product due to the compactness of the seat and the ability to deflate and take with you i.e. on holiday is fantastic. I would recommend to my friends and family, and already have done so! Good quality, compact booster seat, very handy for travelling with a bright design that appeals to kids. Karen Dickinson – Evie 4 Years 6 Months

I would consider buying it and will definitely continue using it as we travel a few times a year with car hire and this is perfect for us! Wouldn’t hesitate to recommend it it’s so handy to have and keep in the boot for maybe unexpected play dates lifts home. Love it! Perfect for travelling or unexpected guests! 


Serena Awarded The BubbleBum Car Booster Seat 4.8/5

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