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Bubby Mitts

  • The perfect solution to not loosing their mittens.
  • Warm, weatherproof, comfortable and durable for your little Bubby
  • Polyester pongee/fleece
  • Machine washable (remove clip first)
  • Universal clip, will attach to any clothing
  • They match yours!

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£9.99 Available in Fenwick, Mothercare, Babies R Us or purchased online

Bubby Mitts Reviews

Product Tested by: Gayle McIvor – Lilly 1 Year & 19 Months

Product Tested By Gayle McIvor – Lilly 1 Year & 19 Months

Gayle Awarded the BubbyMitts 5/5

The packaging was very good and would be easy to see the product in a shop before you would buy it. The labels clearly showed how the product worked too. The size of the gloves was a little big but this will mean that they will be used for a longer time. My daughter used them to build snowmen and they kept her hands warm and dry. My child also kept the gloves on, which was a very big achievement. I have bought many pairs of mittens which usually get lost. This is a very high quality product, which seems to be quite durable. The clips that attach the gloves to the child’s clothing could not be un-clipped by my daughter. Although they may seems very expensive for children mittens I think that because they clip onto the child’s clothing they are unlikely to get lost. They are also made of very durable and waterproof material. With the recent bad snow this product was used on a daily basis. The clip that attaches the gloves to the child’s coat is perfect. Also the dark color of the product meant that they match all her coats. As the gloves were a little too big for her I anticipate that I will use these gloves next year again. Simple idea but a great product. They kept my child’s hands both warm and dry. Gayle McIvor – Lilly 1 Year & 19 Months

Product Tested By Hannah Thackery – Rachel 2 Years

Hannah Awarded the BubbyMitts 5/5

Excellent, looked very snug and liked the design of the gloves. They are a very good fit, fitted my above average size 2 year old perfectly, secure without being constricting for her. Her hands are always warm when I take them off even after playing in the snow and they are the first pair of mittens that she will keep on! Very hard-wearing, have stood up to playing in the snow and running around the park and the woods. Have been washed twice and come up as good as new both times, clip is sturdy and secure as well. £9.99 seems a lot but they do an excellent job of keeping her hands warm. I think they would last her through next winter as well so in that case I would pay that amount for them, as they are very good quality. Happily as I have been very pleased with how warm they have kept her and sturdy they are. Thoroughly recommended, excellent quality and superior to any other mittens I have found for my daughter, and despite her best efforts, she can’t remove them from her coat so they haven’t been lost like so many other mittens before. Hannah Thackery – Rachel 2 Years

Product Tested By Michelle Lawrence – Kieran 21 Months

Michelle Awarded the BubbyMitts 4.5/5

Thought gloves looked plain to the eye, however was excited by the concept and looked forward to trying them out on my son. Very pleased with the size of gloves, they were perfect for my son. I have struggled over the winter to find gloves that are a suitable size for him, generally I find other brands of gloves to be too big but Bubby Mitts were perfectly snug on my son. Look comfortable with a soft fleece lining to keep child’s hands warm. More often than not when I have managed to get Kieran to keep on a pair of cotton gloves his hands have still been cold so I was impressed. After attempting to remove the gloves for the first 10 minutes of them being on his hands, he realized they wouldn’t come off and thereafter was content wearing them. The gloves are not the most fashionable looking; however the fleecy lining is of high quality and kept my sons hands warm. If like me your child wouldn’t keep gloves on full stop prior to Bubby Mitts I would say this product offers great value for money! A great, reasonably priced solution to a problem a lot of parents I imagine have in the winter months. Would highly recommend. Michelle Lawrence – Kieran 21 Months

Simple idea but a great product. They kept my child’s hands both warm and dry.


Gayle Awarded the BubbyMitts 5/5

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