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BugBrush was designed with a clear mission – to make teeth cleaning a stress free, fun experience for both parents and infants. Tooth brushing is a twice daily, necessary task that every parent has to undertake, whether your child likes it or not, and this is all too often a battle which results in an angry, crying baby, and a stressed out, anxious parent.
The key to solving this battle was to develop a product designed especially for babies, to be used by babies.BugBrush is the first product to combine the plaque removing effectiveness of toothbrushes, with the fun and safety elements of a toy, empowering infants to effectively clean their own teeth. With 10 times more super-soft bristles than any other toothbrush in the world, it’s double sided symmetrical design encourages infants to bite and chew on its surface, removing food debris and plaque, in turn reducing the chance of tooth decay. It’s colourful ergonomic shape and smiling face ensures that teeth cleaning tantrums will be a thing of the past.

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BugBrush Reviews

Product Tested by: Fiona Pearson – Thomas 7 Months

Product Tested ByFiona Pearson – Thomas 7 Months

Fiona Awarded The BugBrush 3.6/5

packaging is good and the product looks good and is a great idea. Bright packaging and appealing. Very easy to follow instructions. This is made to a very high standard. When I accepted to test this product Tommy looked
as though his first tooth was coming through.
As yet it has not appeared. As
the product is marketed to children from 6 months I thought it would be a good
test. We did use for 5 mins each
day. My son tended to use this brush
mostly when sitting down playing. I do
not have any difficulties yet brushing Thomas teeth (gums). I think the product is priced too high. I would be prepared to pay £7.00. I now think
that Tommy was too young. As I thought
that his first tooth was coming and I thought it might be a good soother as
well as cleaning. The product is a great idea but in practice it wasn’t right
for Tommy’s age. Apart from the fact
that his tooth still hasn’t appeared the product is too wide and doesn’t fit in
his mouth so even if he did have teeth it wouldn’t have been effective. I also think that the material could have
been softer perhaps a rubber or silicone type material. It’s definitely a good idea but perhaps needs
a bit of work on the design. Fiona Pearson – Thomas 7 Months

Product Tested ByVictoria Jobe – Alison 11 Months

Victoria Awarded
The BugBrush 4.4/5

This is certainly
something completely different. Very
unusual but bright and colourful.
Packaging is eye-catching. The
instructions were clear and easy to follow.
The quality is good and it is extremely flexible. Alison loved the colours and did enjoy
chewing on this. As advised we would let
her had a chew after meals. She could
also hold quite easily herself but we did help out sometimes. She would use after meals as we wanted to set
a routine, but she did enjoy just playing with this and chewing on it when it
was play time. I would say she probably
played with this and used it approx. 15 minutes each day. We do not have any trouble brushing her teeth
and this did give her a bit of independence.
Never noticed any difference in attitude to cleaning teeth as we are
pretty hot on this in our household.
Personally I do think this is a little expensive and may put some people
off. I would recommend to older children
as I feel it is a bit big for younger babies.
Was an innovative way to help Alison keep teeth and gums clean and such
a good idea? Just need to bring the
price down a bit. Victoria Jobe – Alison
11 Months

Product Tested BySam Willis – Hayley 18 Months

Sam Awarded The
BugBrush 4.4/5

Was surprised by
the style and look of this. Very
colourful, attractive to Hayley and good packaging. Instructions are informative and easy to
follow. Looked good quality but the test
of time will tell all. She initially
thought it was a toy not a brush for teeth.
We gradually introduced her to this and she could hold easily and chomp
down on this brush and as we understand this would help remove plaque and keep
teeth cleaner and healthier. It is large
in size and takes a bit of getting used to.
After quite a few attempts to persuade her it was not a toy she would
use it with our help and on her own. We
would ensure she used this after her meals during the day and then the rest of
the time she would play with it on the highchair and sometimes on trips out in
the car. Not really sure how long we
used this each day but did try and use more for keeping her teeth cleaner. We do not have any trouble with teeth
cleaning routine as Hayley enjoys it and loves the taste of toothpaste. This is a really good idea, but as it is for
teeth cleaning I really do think it should come with a holder to keep safe and
clean when not in use. It is also easy
enough to clean just pop in boiling water.
Personally I would not buy this as feel too expensive. The quality is really good and I do think
better for older child as for our baby (6 months) it was too large for his
mouth. I would recommend for anyone who
has trouble cleaning Childs teeth as the colours are appealing and easy to hold
and use. Something totally different and
it does work well enough, just need to get used to a very different style tooth
brush. We will continue to use and see
how holds up with regular use. Sam
Willis – Hayley 18 Months


It’s definitely a good idea but perhaps needs a bit of work on the design.


Fiona Awarded The BugBrush 3.6/5

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