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Build a Train – Wooden Threading Beads from Meadow Kids

This Build a Train infant and preschool wooden threading beads pack consists of fun shaped pieces to string together again and again. This set is great for improving general cognitive development; dexterity and hand-eye coordination. The sets each contain over 12 chunky, wooden threading beads and 2 coloured strings, all in a handy study storage bag. Comes with 12 wooden beads, 2 coloured strings, storage bag. Suitable 3 Years Plus 

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Build a Train – Wooden Threading Beads from Meadow Kids Reviews

Product Tested by:

Tested By
Jennifer Price – Liam 4 Years

Awarded Meadow KidsBuild a Train Wooden Threading Beads 4.9/5

looked bright and colourful. Packaging is good but feel there should be a handle
on the bag. I looked at the instructions, but didn’t really take much notice. Very
good quality, only thing – now I’m really nick picking, I think the blue could
have been more of a blue blue. (Sorting into colours). This offers excellent value for money. Offers more than threading. We used if for
counting and sorting colours too. I would buy this and would recommend as a
wonderful product. Maybe a plastic clip,
to stop the trains falling off instead of tying a knot would be a good
idea. Overall we loved this product and
kept my son happy and entertained. Jennifer
Price – Liam 4 Years

Tested By
Nicky Edge – Zachary 3 Years

Awarded Meadow KidsBuild a Train Wooden Threading Beads 3.8/5

initial impression of the product was that it looked like a bright, colourful,
well-made toy which came in a handy bag to keep all the pieces together. The
packaging was good. A very handy transparent plastic bag with popper fastenings
means that all the pieces can be kept neatly together but the kids can see what
is inside and access them easily when they want to play. There weren’t really
any instructions with this game as it doesn’t really require them. They are
described as fun train pieces to string together and that is exactly what you
do, no further explanation required! Initially I thought the product looked
high quality as the trains are brightly painted sturdy wooden blocks and the
strings also bright and strong, however on playing with it there were some
issues. Firstly, it required an adult to tie a knot in the end of the string
and it had to be at least a double or triple knot otherwise it would pull
straight through the holes in the trains as they are quite large. Secondly, not
all the holes in the trains were bored out cleanly, meaning that the strings
sometimes caught on the inside and required some wriggling to get them through
which frustrated the boys. The strings are also quite short, so you can only
fit 6 trains on each string, this annoyed one of my sons as he likes to build
long trains using all the pieces! I did persuade him to use 6 on each string
and then tied them together for him which helped a little! My sons did enjoy
the different colours of each train/ carriage and the fact that some of them
had numbers on, however it was disappointing (though perhaps inevitable) that
after a few weeks the paint on some trains was slightly marked/chipped in
places. I can understand why this toy is priced at the amount it is, it is a
lovely solid wooden toy with good packaging, however I would not say it was
good value for money as I think there are other similar toys on the market that
are much cheaper and easier for little ones to use. I would not purchase this
toy as we already have the threading cotton reels game which the boys seem to
prefer as, despite absolutely adoring trains, the cotton reels equivalent is
easier to thread (probably as they are plastic) and has longer strings. They
enjoy playing with this product and looking at the trains when they are built,
but the main purpose of the toy – threading the trains together – is too
frustrating for them given the quality issues mentioned above. Perhaps if the
toy had another dimension to it, e.g. wheels that went round, and longer
strings they would be more interested and I would consider it better value for
money. This product is clearly aiming to be at the top end of the market for
this type of toy and on appearance, it achieves this. In practice however I
find it a little disappointing, it falls short when it comes to the
practicalities of actually playing with it and does not really offer any more
than much cheaper alternatives. My experience with this product has been fairly
mediocre. My sons’ first reaction was one of excitement as the product’s
initial appearance is so colourful and it has good packaging. However, this
soon wore off as they found it a little frustrating at times as noted above.
It’s a nice toy to look at but not worth the money. Nicky Edge – Zachary 3

Tested By
Kerry Knott – Alexander 4 Years

Awarded The Meadow KidsBuild a Train Wooden Threading Beads 4.3/5

When this arrived it looked Hardwearing,
Colourful, and Inviting. Very high
quality packaging. Instructions simple
and easy to follow. Very good quality
item. Represents good value for
money. O would purchase this and I would
recommend. My son thoroughly enjoyed
this product. As an ASD child the colours were bright and inviting. I liked the
way the trains had numbers on so not only is this product helping a child with
fine motor skills, also colour and number skills. The toy is hardwearing and I’m
sure we will have this out many more times.Kerry Knott – Alexander 4 Years

This offers excellent value for money. Offers more than threading. We used if for counting and sorting colours too. I would buy this and would recommend as a wonderful product.


Jennifer Awarded Meadow KidsBuild a Train Wooden Threading Beads 4.9/5

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