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Bum Genius Flip

The fantastic Flip One-Size reusable nappy system is set to revolutionise the European nappy market.
Its functionality and innovative design have won Flip the 2009 Practical Pre-School GOLD award!
This ultra-flexible system easily fits around the demands of your daily life, perfect for parents constantly on-the-go.

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Flip one-size nappy system Standard £10.95, Solid colours & Prints £12.99 Available to purchase online

Bum Genius Flip Reviews

Product Tested by: Serenia Porterfield – Baby Matthew 5 Months

Product Tested By Serenia Porterfield – Baby Matthew 5 Months

Serenia Awarded the Bum Genius 4.6/5

I initially thought that they looked quite bulky but I was willing to try them out. The website is fantastic! So bright and colourful and very easy to follow the different links. Love the fact that there are pictures of each model of nappy with instructions and explanations of what each part is for! And they display what rewards each nappy has won too so to me that gives a vote of confidence to buyers! If it has won best reusable nappy of the year as voted by mums then you know that you’re being guaranteed a good nappy! Reusable nappies in my opinion are more convenient for my lifestyle. It is easier to throw on a load of nappies and chuck the inserts in for a quick tumble dry and then line dry the outers or on a drier inside, than it is to go to the closest supermarket and pay for packs of disposable nappies and then lug the massive packets home while trying to push a pram at the same time! The texture of the Bumgenius V3 nappies is super soft and they are lovely and fluffy against baby’s bottom. The texture of the outside waterproof cover is pretty good! Though it does have a slight plastic feel to it but this doesn’t seem to affect the comfort factor. I have never had a leak with them and they fit perfectly around his tummy and legs just a little snug until he grows into the next leg rise. When I change baby’s bum is bum is dry as a bone! The very first time I put one on him he fell asleep earlier than usual fully clothed and I had to wake him up to change his bum at 1am as he’d had the nappy on from tea time and his bum was still dry! No leaks whatsoever and bone dry bum in the morning though very bulky nappy! If you do have a heavy wetter at night times I would recommend boosting it with the newborn insert or even two or use a hemp or organic insert as these tend to be more absorbent! Not had a single leak in the time we’ve been using them! First nappy I’ve had that has never leaked. The nappy is very easy to put on! I have been told it is the perfect man-friendly reusable nappy! The Aplix is exactly the same as putting a disposable nappy on though sometimes if you pull too hard the poppers on the leg rise pop out (usually the middle popper) but it only takes seconds to put back in. The inserts can be tumble dried on a low heat setting but the actual nappy can’t be tumbled dried because its made of PUL it can damage the nappy. But they come out of the washing machine nearly dry anyway and hanging them up by the time your inserts are dried in the tumble drier the outers are dry as well. This product is environmentally friendly and to me this is important because so many people each year have babies and use disposables that aren’t fully biodegradable if at all, and these fill up landfill sites very quickly! Great value for money, one of the better nappies on the market but at a cheaper cost. If you buy in bulk then it works out even cheaper! If you are wavering between using cloth or disposables go for cloth you won’t regret it! It is a lot less work than people actually think. And to me there is nothing nicer than a nice cute fluffy bum. They look gorgeous out on the washing line with lots of admiring comments from strangers walking past. Overall experience has been fantastic! I haven’t looked back and now own a lot of gorgeous fluffy nappies! If Bum Genius released new designs and patterns, materials and colours like some of the other different types of reusable nappies out there you would make an absolute fortune! Thank You very much for a perfect product to review. Serenia Porterfield – Baby Matthew 5 Months

Product Tested by Charlotte Bramble – Baby Declan 6 Months

Charlotte Awarded the Bum Genius 4.3/5

The nappies looked very easy to use and I thought the colours of them were lovely. Compared to disposable nappies, these reusable ones are more convenient for me because I don’t have to remember to buy nappies and make sure I get the right size, but at the same time I also have to remember to wash them. They feel just like a flannel, nice and soft for baby. It’s definitely not what you would expect waterproof material to feel like, but they don’t feel rubbery at all. They look and feel very comfortable. I didn’t feel the size guide was very appropriate, my son was 17lbs exactly when we started using them, so I set them up in the medium size, but found they fitted him better in the large size and were easier to get on. My 3 year old wears pull ups at night but we ran out one day and for two nights he actually wore the re-usable and they fit him fine, he thought they were great. They were not as absorbent as disposable nappies at first, and we had quite a few damp bodysuits to start off with, but once we adjusted the size and started changing them more often this problem ceased. The best thing was they don’t expand like disposables, so they were just as comfortable at getting up time as going to bed. When we used them in the medium size we found them quite bulky at the front with the insert folded over, but in the larger size this was not a problem. Every two days I just separate the inserts from the outer part, chuck them in the machine and hang them out to dry and they are ready to wear by the next day. They are eco friendly, as there is not so much waste and our bins are not filling up with nappies. This is fairly important to me. Worked out over a year they cost less than disposables. They look expensive when you price them up, but once you do the math’s they are excellent value for money. Have already bought another 10 and using them all the time. I am completely converted. I never considered re-usable nappies before being sent these as I don’t know anyone else using them.  I think they are absolutely brilliant, not at all what I expected. They are no hassle to keep clean, and they look really cute on too! Charlotte Bramble – Baby Declan 6 Months

Product Tested by Leanne Lloyd-Tolman – Baby Hermione, Imogen & Meredith Ages 12 weeks, & 2 Year Old Twins

Leanne Awarded the Bum Genius 4.3/5

I was extremely pleased with the product. I loved the range of colours, the slimness of the nappy and the choice of boosters depending on the age of the child. The website is clean, bright and modern. It is extremely easy to navigate around. It sells a range of product that I would be interested in purchasing, Items within the range offered complement each other really well and so it could be a one stop shop for all your needs which is great! The nappies are so slim there is no problem with bulkiness under clothes. Storing soiled nappies is no problem as they can be dry paled until wash time so there is no need for any soaking or rinsing. The suede lining means that any solid waste can be easily disposed of down a toilet without undue handling. I was unsure of the texture because I find micro fiber quite saggy and the texture does bother me but it’s a small price to pay for the level of absorbency and slimness it affords the nappy. Due to the suede lining the inner part of the nappy is never in contact with baby anyway. The texture of the outside is very soft on baby’s skin; it also maintained its softness even after multiple washes. Brilliant slim fit, no bulkiness between babies legs even on my tiny newborn.  The fit was very good on both my newborn and my two years olds. The multiple popper system meant that they are extremely adjustable so finding a good fit was easy. it doesn’t really have any disposable parts but the stuffing process is simple once you get the hang of it. It takes just a couple of seconds. No issues at all and the fact they can be tumbled dried is an added bonus and not adding to landfill is a big plus for me too. Having unsuccessfully used pocket nappies before I was apprehensive about trying them again but I was pleasantly surprised. Slim reliable and cute just about everything you could ask for in a nappy! Leanne Lloyd-Tolman – Baby Hermione, Imogen & Meredith Ages 12 weeks, & 2 Year Old Twins

They look gorgeous out on the washing line with lots of admiring comments from strangers walking past. Overall experience has been fantastic


Serenia Awarded the Bum Genius 4.6/5

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