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Bumbo Multi Seat

3-in-1 Multi Seat
Functions as a Floor, Booster and Feeding seat
Ideal for babies who have already mastered the Bumbo Floor Seat, the NEW 3-in-1 Bumbo Multi Seat™ can be used as a floor, feeding or booster as soon as your child can sit unassisted up to three years old. Retractable chair straps allow baby to join the rest of the family at the kitchen table, while the height-adjustable base and removable, foam cushioning allows the Multi Seat to grow with your child

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£49.99 Available Mothercare, Argos, many independent retailers

Bumbo Multi Seat Reviews

Product Tested by:

Tested By Leanne Sawyer – Maggie 22 Months

Awarded The Bumbo Multi Seat 5/5

When this
arrived it looked very nice, solid
build quality. Very good packaging all recycled brightly coloured. Very easy to
follow instructions on how to use and fit to chairs. Very good concept our
daughter loved sitting in it on the floor but also loved been able to sit at the
table compared to her high chair. I loved the way it was all self-contained and
everything had its place when not used i.e. the tray. Even when using the try
it’s very solid not flimsy at all. She loves sitting in it she would walk over
to it and sit in it all the time. My daughter enjoyed playtime on the floor and
would often go up to it and sit down on the floor in it. Very easy to use at
the table, just follow instructions and loved the fact she could join us at
table instead of high chair (we have gone out and bought extra dining chair so
she can eat with the whole family not just siblings). She won’t use the high
chair now. Very easy to clip child in and adjust to make child safe. Very easy
to keep clean due to its curves no little nooks to get food suck in. We didn’t
take it anywhere with us but with its light design and straps that tidy away
when not used to strap to a chair I would think very easy to transport round. My daughter would use this to sit in and
draw, eat and watch TV. Very good quality product will recommend. With the fact
that you can use on floor and at table with its tray and straps that fits
nicely away this product is value for money. I really liked the multi use and
try that flips in the back when not in use. Yes I would purchase as great value
for money. I already have been
recommending this product. Really good quality, easy clean floor use and table
use. Easy to clean, everything has a place to tidy it away i.e.
chair straps and tray. You can use at different stages for your child, floor
use and table to use at the table. Loved
the recycled packaging and great value for money. Leanne Sawyer – Maggie
22 Months

Tested By Carolyn Hughes – Callum 2 Years

Awarded The Bumbo Multi Seat 4.4/5

When it arrived? It looked bigger than I thought it would be, and modern
looking. Great packaging, easy to open, and colourful. Instructions easy to understand,
you can’t really go wrong. The idea is good, but had to take the insert out for
my 2 year old to sit in it. So not really had the benefit of a comfier chair
for him. Better for younger children I think. A good idea to have tray stored
in back. But when you carry it, it slides out, so think it could do with some
kind of clip to hold it in place. Had to take the seat insert out because of
his size, so just sat on the plastic seating instead of the foam one. The tray
is very small, so can’t fit much on it. Very easy to attach to a chair and like
the way the straps store underneath. I like the straps as easy to use and they
are neat, but would prefer a full harness if attached to another chair as would
seem safer. Easy to keep clean as all edges are pretty rounded and as couldn’t
use the foam insert was just plain plastic to wipe. It’s a bit bulky, and as I
said previously the tray can slide out of the back when you pick it up if not
careful.My son just
likes to sit and watch TV in it sometimes, but we are still sticking to the
normal high chair for meals as it’s a much bigger tray. Great quality, but don’t think it’s really suited for up to 3 year old
as its states, would be a bit cramped at that age. If you had the seat for a
younger child would be better value for money, but wouldn’t buy for anything
other than 18 months upwards. I liked the colour and how modern it looked & how easy it is to keep
clean. Personally now we have one would not purchase, but if he was younger
yes. I would recommend to someone with a younger child. Now that you have tested this product would you consider buying it?
Please answer Yes or No and state reasons why. Don’t really think I could
get the full use of this chair, the tray is too small and have to take the
comfier foam seat out for my Son. I was really pleased to test the chair, but
was left a bit disappointed that wouldn’t really get much use from it in a few
months. I am due to go to a caravan next month so will take it there, so will
be handy for that, but after that I will probably save it for when my 1 year
old Granddaughter comes to visit. Carolyn Hughes – Callum 2 Years

Tested By Angela Chalkley – Matilda 20 Months

Awarded The Bumbo Multi Seat 5/5

It looked
interesting – I have had a similar product from mamas and papas before.Packaging
seemed minimal enough – not lots of little bits wrapped up in cellophane just
the seat in the box! The instructions were clear and simple although the
product is quite self-explanatory. The seat is sturdy and well made, the
straps give you a sense of security and the design is well thought out having
the train stowed in the back of the seat. My daughter appeared comfortable at
all times and was unable to undo the buckle herself (despite many attempts!)
which was positive.The tray stowed in the back of the chair is a fab
idea. I previously had a mama and papas version where the tray was quite large
and difficult to store when not in use. The only problem with the tray is the
lack of “lip” especially with baby led weaning, for a smaller baby, I can
imagine the plate or the food would spill over the edge. She appeared comfortable;
I had no concerns about it. My daughter wasn’t too keen on use on the
floor possibly more to do with her age and wanting to get up and explore more!
But in theory especially for younger babies I can imagine this is a great idea.
No problems whatsoever. Attached to dining table but we also took it outside
and attached it to the patio chairs with no problem. The height was great as my
daughter could reach the table and see what she was eating! The harness
was simple to use and despite many attempts to escape – my daughter was unable
to free herself which is an important factor especially when they are on a
raised surface.Very easy to keep clean – quick wipe down after food.
I think the seat is a little big to transport in comparison to other travel
seats but is definitely more sturdy – I perhaps would take this to a friend’s
house but unlikely to take it out to a restaurant. The seat may benefit from a
carrying handle or bag? Quality was very good – looks like it would last
a very long time.There are cheaper alternatives on the market however
this does have more useful features – being able to stow the tray behind and
having the storable straps. Having bought a cheaper version when my daughter
was first having solid foods, it didn’t last past 12 months as the cushion
split due to cleaning. I feel that this product will last a lot longer. I
liked that the seat felt safe and secure and that it could be used from 6
months and appeared to be good quality and looked like it would last for a long
time.I would purchase if my
daughter was a little younger i.e. just starting to wean (6months) however at
this stage I feel that it is a little too much money when she is able to sit on
a children’s chair at a table and eat. I would definitely recommend, having had
the experience of buying a cheaper mode, I would definitely recommend this one
for its longevity of life.This product is of a good
quality and looks like it will last for a few years unlike cheaper alternatives
on the market! The storage of the tray in the back of the seat is genius
especially for families who don’t have a lot of room to store things. When my
daughter was first starting to baby-led wean, she hated her conventional high
chair as it was so big that she ended up slouched and she seemed so far away
from her food. This type of seat holds babies in an upright position close to
their tray enabling them to have a positive meal experience. My only concern is
that the tray doesn’t have much of a lip and I know my daughter is fond of
pushing her plate when she is done. I guess this could be overcome by a suction
plate if problematic. The seat straps and buckled feel safe, secure and
scale-proof which is essential when your child is seated off the ground. All in
all a very useful product which grows with the child. Angela Chalkley –
Matilda 20 Months






I would purchase as great value for money. I already have been recommending this product. Really good quality, easy clean floor use and table use. Easy to clean, everything has a place to tidy it away i.e. chair straps and tray. You can use at different stages for your child, floor use and table to use at the table. Loved the recycled packaging and great value for money.


Leanne Awarded The Bumbo Multi Seat 5/5

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