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Bumfy – hygienic seat for highchairs

The bumfy is here! No more red marks! No more tears!
The bumfy provides a comfortable and hygienic seat for your baby and also offers some stability for babies just learning to sit up.
The bumfy is a cushioned seat designed for use in a shopping trolley, highchair or baby swing.
Babies love the brightly coloured, owl patterned material, which is made from soft, 100% Organic, Indian cotton and is machine washable.
It comes with its own shower-proof bag, complete with shoulder strap.
​It is easy to use, even when holding your baby!
For babies who can sit unaided.


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£35.99 Available to purchase online Amazon and direct

Bumfy – hygienic seat for highchairs Reviews

Product Tested by: Niki Wardle –Juliet 8 Months

Product Tested By Niki Wardle –Juliet 8 Months

Niki Awarded The Bumfy 4.5/5

I didn’t’get’ the idea of the bumfy when I saw it for the first time it looked lovely but I didn’t understand why anyone would really want one. The bag the bumfy comes in is very plain compared to the bright coloured fabric of the product itself, I think it would be more appealing if the outer bag was coloured too. I liked the material the outer bag is made from and it kept my bumfy dry when it rained so it does the trick. I would have liked instructions, I wasn’t entirely sure what certain parts were for, such as the loop on the back of the bumfy, I assumed it was to hook onto the trolley seat but I’m not sure if that is its purpose or just a coincidence. The outer bag feels a bit cheap but the product itself is of a high quality. It is lovely and thick and I imagine, very comfy due to its softness. It feels like care has been taken with this product. The bumfy washed very well, I was apprehensive about the colours fading but so far it’s still like new after its been washed, which is just as well with Juliet! The Bumfy is a great product; however, I’m not sure it is worth that much money. For something like this I would probably be looking to pay no more than around 15-20 pounds. When I told others enquiring about my Bumfy how much it is most of them thought this was overpriced. I would definitely consider buying it, the price would deter me but the product looks so good and having tested the Bumfy, I don’t know how I ever let my previous babies sit in a trolley without one! Most baby seats are made comfy, trolleys however are not, now with the bumfy, and I feel Juliet is just as comfy when we’re shopping as she would be anywhere else. I love the material too, it looks super stylish! I already have recommended, but to be honest, I don’t need to recommend it, the bumfy does that itself. The first time I used the bumfy, Juliet was in it less than thirty seconds when someone approached us to ask about it, and it’s been the same since, it’s not a product you think you need until you’ve seen it in action. A friend of mine has already bought one, I suspect after seeing mine. Only the pricing prevents a full 5. It’s a great product and I will definitely be using and highly recommending the Bumfy. A brilliant experience, I felt like everyone was looking at us and admiring Juliet’s little supermarket throne! NikiWardle – Juliet 8 Months


Product Tested By Margaret Hargreaves – Phoebe 7 Months

Margaret Awarded The Bumfy4 .5/5

Lovely design,nice comfy feel to the product. Packaging was excellent not too much.This does not come with instructions and I feel it should., while the product is very easy to work out we were baffled at first on how to use it on different things i.e. highchairs & swings. Excellent quality, fabric was lovely and soft and stayed nice and bright after a few washes. Bumfy was washed about 4 times stayed colourful and still felt good. While the product is a good quality product we did find it had limited uses. Due to its lack of uses – we couldn’t fit it correctly onto the standard swing and we had to search for a trolley for the bumfy to fit in but when we did manage the product fitted well. I struggled with this No because I loved the product when it was fitted correctly onto a trolley and so does my daughter she has plenty of space for toys and no longer gets those horrid red marks, but because of its lack of uses I wouldn’t recommend it. Loved it, my partner didn’t – we couldn’t fit it to most trolleys and struggled to fit it to a swing, if the product was more suited to UK swings, trolleys etc. it would be fantastic. Made the shopping experience for my little lady a lot more comfortable. Margaret Hargreaves – Phoebe 7 Months


Product Tested By Danielle Cordell – Amy 8 Months

Danielle Awarded The Bumfy 4/5

I really liked the black holder that came to keep/package the Bumfy in but for the price I would have thought that the way the Bumfy could have been done better, it looked a little ‘cheap’. I was clear how to fit the Bumfy into a trolley, however there is a little hook on the front and back of it and I was unsure what to do with them or what they were needed for so instructions would have helped with this. The quality is much better than I expected and really loved that it came with its own storage. The material felt nice and thick so it was comfortable for my baby and I liked that the surface felt like it could be wiped yet wasn’t cold. I did put the Bumfy on a wash and it washed very well and also dried quickly, I like the hygiene idea of using the Bumfy in a trolley so it’s good that it washes well but it may fade after a number of washes. I really like the idea of using the Bumfy for comfort for my baby, trolley seats can be very cold, hard and sometimes wet. I also think it’s good as I like that it creates a barrier between my baby and the trolley seat and you never know who’s been in the trolley before them or what they have done but it is quite expensive and I feel more people would buy them if the Bumfy cost less. I would consider buying a Bumfy as I love the concept of it but again I would be more likely to make a purchase if it cost less as it isn’t an essential. I would recommend this product to others as the product is well made and a good item to keep in the car for shopping trips .Everyone wants the best for their baby and wants them to feel as comfortable as possible and this item adds to that. Good product and well made, something extra for the trolley handle would be good too. Great idea but a better price is needed. Danielle Cordell – Amy 8 Months

The first time I used the bumfy, Juliet was in it less than thirty seconds when someone approached us to ask about it, and it’s been the same since, it’s not a product you think you need until you’ve seen it in action.


Niki Awarded The Bumfy 4.5/5      

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