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Bump Buddy

The Bump Buddy has been especially designed for the everyday little bumps, bruises and knocks that kids inevitably end up with.
Kept in the fridge at home, in the caravan or on the boat or even in the cool bag on days out the Bump Buddy is a soft gel filled pad that helps to bring a smile to a sad face when treating and soothing bumps, scratches, scrapes, insect bites, stings and minor burns.

The shapes and colours are designed to offer some distraction from the discomfort, helping to soothe the pain and stop the tears while the cool gel gets to work.

A mess free alternative to ice. Bump Buddy is a reusable, non-toxic and natural source of pain relief, offering instant first aid treatment with a sense of fun.

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Bump Buddy Reviews

Product Tested by: Hayley Ryan – Cameron 3 Years

Product Tested By Hayley Ryan – Cameron 3 Years

Hayley Awarded the Bump Buddy 5/5

This is a great idea, its colorful and user friendly too. The instructions for use of the product are clear and concise. Quality of the product is really well made; it’s also reusable and washable so it still looks brand new! My child likes the Bump Buddy, it’s bright and interesting and also easy for them to do themselves. Great little product, makes bumps and knees better instantly, also handy in the fridge for grown up mishaps with the grill pan! Hayley Ryan – Cameron 3 Years

Product Tested By Sarah Hickey – Jessica 3 Years

Sarah Awarded the Bump Buddy 4/5

I thought this looked great but maybe a bit expensive for what it is. I found the instructions good, simple to follow. The Bump Buddy represents good quality and my daughter wanted it on as soon as she hurt her leg. After putting it on she said her leg felt better so it was more psychological than physical healing. The design is appropriately aimed at children and is user friendly, it was nice to look at and use. I already have one of these from a Mr Bump first aid kit which cost the same or just slightly more with some plasters and antiseptic wipes so no I would not buy this on its own but I would recommend it to others. Sarah Hickey – Jessica 3 Years

Product Tested By Gillian Rice – Imogen 3 Years

Gillian Awarded the Bump Buddy 5/5

What a brilliant idea.  Really liked the look of this and eager to try out.  Packaging good and instructions very easy to follow. I thought this was a very high quality item and it is washable too. Imogen really liked her bump buddy.  So easy to use and certainly helps the bumps and knocks get better quickly.  Ideal to take on your travels.  Had never heard of this before and now a fan.  Also used it ourselves and worked.  Have been telling everyone about this.  Great product, easy to use, Imogen loved it and helped ease the pain of bumps and knocks.  Would purchase and have already told lots of friends about this item. Gillian Rice – Imogen 3 Years  

Great little product, makes bumps and knees better instantly


Hayley Awarded the Bump Buddy 5/5

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