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BundleBean GO

BundleBean GO is a cosy waterproof footmuff that fits snugly on to all buggies, bike seats, rear facing car seats and front style baby carriers. It also opens out flat for use as a travel picnic rug or play mat making it the ultimate one-stop-shop solution for busy parents on the go! BundleBean GO fits all ages extending cleverly as your child grows, making it perfect from newborn to 4 years+.

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£34.99 – available from Amazon or website

BundleBean GO Reviews

Product Tested by: Gillian Mitchell – Thomas 18Months

ProductTested By Gillian Mitchell – Thomas 18 Months

Gillian Awarded The Bundlebean4.6/5

Nice bright colour, lovely quality, slightlyconfusing with the different zips and Velcro straps! Nice and compact.Product can easily be seen through the clearplastic packaging. Clearly tells you what it is on the outside. It can then be stored in the tube to keep it safe. Instructions very clear and easy to follow. Helped me to understand what the zips and straps were for and how the product can be used. Excellent quality.  Lovely strong vibrant colours and well manufactured. Soft fleecy blanket on one side and waterproof, easy to clean layer on the other. Very innovative and useful yet incredibly simple. Very easyto attach to pushchair and the zip at the bottom helped it to stay around my baby’s feet. I do not use a baby carrier or bike seat so could not use this on these items.  My child likes being in the Bundlebean and it looks very cosy and comfy. Nice and warm and protects my little boy from the wind and rain, especially since he is able to kick his raincover off! This provides vital cover for his legs and feet. Seems quite expensive for a simple design; however it does mean you only need to buy one product instead of 2 or 3. I would purchase this item if it was onoffer. I would definitely recommend this to friends and family, especially if they were looking a foot muff for an unusually shaped buggy or if they go on picnics. I have really enjoyed testing this product and have found it very useful. Easy to use, innovative design that keeps mylittle boy warm and cosy in the winter, but will also be used in the summer when we go for days out and picnics. Gillian Mitchell – Thomas 18 Months


ProductTested By Celestina Edwards – Ethan 17 Months


Celestina Awarded The Bundlebean 4.4/5

Very soft but smaller than what I’d imagined. The packaging was perfect for the product. The instructions were very easy to follow. This is very well made and good quality. Design is very good and would have been 5/5 if it was bigger. I found this so easy to attach to pushchair and also ideal to attach to baby carrier and bike seat too. He seemed to like the feel of the fleece and would not stop stroking it when in his buggy or car seat. At the time of testing we had very warm weather and some nippy days.  On the nippy days it was just right.  However, for the very cold winters we do have I’m not sure if I would use it. I wouldn’t pay £29.99 for it but £25.00 at the highest. If it was a bit bigger and thicker I definitely would purchase the Bundlebean. Would certainly recommend. A great product and vibrant design for being able to use in more than one travel product for a child. CelestinaEdwards – Ethan 17 Months


Product tested By Joanna Malin-Burke -Caitlyn and Jessica – 2 years 6 Months & 7 months


JoannaAwarded The Bundlebean 5/5

Great product concept.  Lovely feeling fleece and nice colour combinations. I like the way the packet has a loop on it to hold it to the pushchair so it is always handy without taking up valuable shopping basket space. The instructionsare easy to understand. It is excellent quality. Thick fleece and sturdy zips and attachments. I assumed the part that you shorten would be the elastics with plastic clips so was surprised they were zips.  I do like them though, less for the toddler to pull on. It is very easy to attach to both my single and double pushchair. The double sided Velcro and elastic straps make it very versatile. I also used it on my car seat and it was a great alternative to a car seat cosy that might only be used for a few months. I found the Bundlebean great for keeping in the boot of the car and using for making the shopping trolley seat more comfortable or popping on the floor for small toddler picnics. My baby was lovely and snugly with the Bundlebean strapped around her, my toddler was very happy just to hold it over her as a blanket. It isfantastic value for money, it is cheaper than the cosy toes I bought to match my pram and is far more useful. I woulddefinitely purchase this. I like itso much I have already recommended it to the women at toddler group. A definite must have, we don’t go anywhere without our Bundlebean!  JoannaMalin-Burke – Caitlyn and Jessica – 2 years 6 Months & 7 Months

I have really enjoyed testing this product and have found it very useful. Easy to use, innovative design that keeps mylittle boy warm and cosy in the winter, but will also be used in the summer when we go for days out and picnics


Gillian Awarded The Bundlebean 4.6/5

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