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Butterfly Cardi

When your swaddled baby begins to show signs of rolling, it is time to transition them to a swaddle with arms-out sleeping for their safety. The Butterfly Cardi is innovatively designed to be a transition aid worn over your baby’s swaddle or sleeping bag, to help them transition to arms-out with minimal sleep interruptions and maximum sleep comfort. The baby sleep cardigan is 0.2 TOG rated, making it a light layer suitable for use over any sleeping bag in any room temperature.

The Butterfly Cardi features unique arm pockets to create a sense of containment, the feeling your baby will be used to from swaddling. By gently releasing one arm out of the swaddle at a time and into the pocket, you will be easing your baby to sleep fully arms-out over a period of 10 days, helping them get used to the new sensation as you go. With their arms inside the pocket of our baby sleep cardigan, your baby will also have access to their hands for self-soothing. For babies who may still have a strong startle reflex, the press studs can be adjusted to make a firmer fit around your baby’s torso. Read full How-to-use instructions here.

Our infant sleep cardigan features super stretch in all directions, which will ensure your baby remains comfortable and allow for full chest expansion when breathing. The position of the Butterfly Cardi on the body will not interrupt the natural sleeping position for healthy hip joint development.

Made with our signature premium GOTS certified organic jersey cotton. Natural fibres are better for sleeping for the simple reason they are breathable, and help your little one regulate their temperature overnight. Our certified organic fibres are also skin-friendly and sensitive on eczema and dry skin conditions. All ergoPouch fabrics are dyed with non-toxic water based dyes.

Not to be used as an alternative for swaddling.

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Butterfly Cardi Reviews

Product Tested By Fiona Winser-ramm – Georgy 4 Months

Fiona Awarded The Butterfly Cardi 4/5

Smart packaging with clear pictures and was looking forward to using it. Nice, simple, clean looking design with useful 2 stage poppers. Instructions were clear on the back with helpful pictures to further explain how to use. The progression steps from arms in sleeping to arms out were clear to see and would be understood by anyone. This was a good fit and the changeable poppers were helpful. Our son is very tall but slender and growing at a very fast rate and many baby grows are baggy on him but the design allowed it to stay snug. This fitted well over the sleeping bags that we use for our son. He did not stir too much when we adjusted it on him. The unique arm pockets seemed to give a sense of containment without being too restrictive. We used the arms out option as directed but found that it did take a full 10 days for our baby to become accustomed to sleeping with his arms out, and was not really over fussed about the change. We have however found the item useful as an optional extra layer when he is asleep and the room temperature has been a little changeable. We have been about to make him warmer/cooler without having to take his sleeping bag on/off and put more or less clothes on him. Lovely soft, stretchy material that was soft on skin. Did not become worried that it was too tight. Very good quality cotton to touch. No irritable seams etc. Nice and thick so provides a bit of extra warmth. Our baby was comfortable in this. Happy for it to be put on him without it becoming upset or irritated. Mostly used this in his cot in the bedroom. Washed well with no apparent shrinkage. Care label is clear although I would maybe move it to the side rather than at back of neck. I liked the non-fussy design and the simplicity of use. A very high quality that is similar to higher end shop baby grows. Possibly would buy this but I feel that the window of opportunity for use is very small. If I had a baby who only liked to be swaddled then it might be something that I sought out and would be more attracted to. I would recommend to people with swaddling issues. A high quality garment that is both nice to look and soft to touch. We found it useful in a different way other than its primary function particularly due to the transition in seasons and the effect on room temperature but it was still helpful for that reason. Fiona Winser-ramm – Georgy 4 Months

Product Tested By Charlotte Alvino – Florence 21 Weeks

Charlotte Awarded The Butterfly Cardi 4/5

It arrived in a postal bag. Wasn’t sure what it was at first so packaging could be improved. Nice clean and simple design. Easy to follow instructions. And includes the Tog which is helpful. This was a good fit for Florence. I am not too sure how this is different from a sleeping bag with poppers which can support transition e.g. grobag or the love to dream. The arm pockets are a good feature but this is similar to sleeping bags as well. The stretch material is good and helpful but also to be expected in a product like this. Being made of GOTS certified organic jersey was good as breathable material. Our baby wasn’t really swaddled when asleep but she seemed to be comfortable wearing this.  I mainly used this when Florence was napping and I was not using my sleeping bag. Very easy to wash no issues at all. I really liked this could be used for naps when I didn’t want to use a sleeping bag. Great quality, washed well and kept its shape. I wouldn’t necessarily buy the product as I can’t see why you would need this as well as a sleeping bag which offers the same function. I would recommend as nice product for baby. This is a great idea and clean design. Charlotte Alvino – Florence 21 Weeks

Product Tested By Katherine Davies – Daughter  5 Months

Katherine Awarded The Butterfly Cardi 4/5

This looked good quality when it arrived. I thought the design was simple but nice. The instructions were accurate and easy to understand.  This was a good fit for my baby. I think this is better suited to younger children my daughter was not enjoying having her arms wrapped in it so we struggled to get her to stay in for any lengthy periods. At 5 months I think most babies have already done this transition. The press studs all worked fine, but for us I felt my daughter was a bit too old for this product. This is made of really good flexible material.  Fabric was ice and less sweaty than some. This is a nice product but unfortunately my daughter did not enjoy having her arms wrapped.  This was very easy to wash and washed fine. I think for a younger baby it would be a great product . Easy to use, nice and soft and easy to wash. This is very good quality. If I had another baby I would buy this as a newborn item. I would recommend for younger babies.  I think this is a really good product and ideal for younger babies perhaps 2 month plus. Katherine Davies – Daughter  5 Months

A high quality garment that is both nice to look and soft to touch. We found it useful in a different way other than its primary function particularly due to the transition in seasons and the effect on room temperature but it was still helpful for that reason.


Fiona Awarded The Butterfly Cardi 4/5

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