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Caboodle Fun & Funky

Caboodle Fun and Funky range –  Urban chic for the yummy mummy. These bags are big enough for the essentials for mum, baby and a toddler. You can even use them as an overnight bag.

Features Changing Mat – Bottle Insulator bag – Grubby Stuff Bag -Two outside pockets and 5 inside pockets including a mum’s pocket with mobile phone holder Available in: Stripe or Spot pattern

Size: 16" wide x 12" high x 6" deep (or 40 x 30 x 15 cm)
Material: Microfibre / Leather

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£40.00 Available to purchase online

Caboodle Fun & Funky Reviews

Product Tested by: Julie Humphries - Baby Lucy 10 Months

Product Tested By Julie Humphries – Baby Lucy 10 Months

Julie Awarded The Caboodle Fun & Funky Changing Bag 3.2/5

First impression, very big and bright pattern.  This is not so easy to carry about due to size.  It is big so you can certainly fit a lot into this changing bag, which then increases the weight. However bag is supplied with clips enabling you to fix onto pushchair or pram, making it easier to transport when full.  If this was a rucksack style changing bag would be ideal.   Quality is very good.  This is strong and very well made and will certainly stand the test of time.  Also very easy to keep clean.  This changing bag has plenty of compartments so you can virtually fit everything in.  When this bag is full it is bulky and heavy making it awkward to carry on your shoulder, but utilize the clips and you can attach to pushchair when out and about.  The Caboodle bag has a shoulder strap, carry handle and clips for attaching to pushchair.  The shoulder strap is strong and well made, but could be a little wider and the carry handles are very comfortable to hold.  Personally I found this bag too big for me, despite the wide range of compartments available.  I prefer to keep feeding items more separate from changing items and tend to use different bags for feeding items and nappy changing items.  If this was a bit more compact in size would be ideal.  As a changing bag perfect for someone who wants to fit everything in.  For me it was too large, but would make a great overnight bag.  An Aladdin’s cave of a bag… a different compartment everywhere you look and you can fit everything in.


Product Tested By Katherine Mordecai-Woolf – George Aged 1 Year

Katherine Awarded The Caboodle Fun & Funky Changing Bag 3/5

First impression very roomy.  This changing bag comes with straps, carry handle and clips to attach to the buggy.  The bag is made of microfibre (main bag) and leather (edging).  Even after using it, still has a ‘New’ smell.  The leather is really soft.  The bag is shower-proof which is great as my buggy raincover doesn’t cover it.  Lots of pockets both inside and out with a removable ‘grubby’ bag and insulated bottle holder.  One of the inside pockets is zipped with a mobile pocket in it.  The other internal ones are very long with elastic at the top.  Could do with a shorter one as I kept loosing my tiny tub of sudacream down them!  The grubby bag is ok for a vest or t-shirt, but a full clothes explosion didn’t fit.  The insulated pocket would be great for baby’s bottle, but handled-toddler  cups were sometimes a struggle.  Most importantly, it wasn’t long enough to hold my diet coke bottle!  But the plus side, there’s a long Velcro strip to attach the bottle holder which means that your drink doesn’t spill and soak the contents of your bag.  It is a great size for a cloth nappy user like me.  I have found it very difficult to find a bag suitable for a day trip, that can hold nappies, jumpers etc but this is great.  Regarding the versatility of this bag, I do not think it would be suitable as a laptop bag and too big and not padded enough.  A school bag, maybe – just depending on how much you need to take on a particular day, and it would also be great as an overnight bag or hand luggage on a plane.  I must admit I prefer to carry my changing bag on my shoulder so when full this was heavy to carry.  For those of you who like to attach to your buggy just use the clips and fasten onto your buggy when traveling.  The bag has two sets of handles.  One set in the middle to hold in your hand, in the crook of your elbow, and then the shoulder straps and clips to attach to your buggy.  I personally found the shoulder strap uncomfortable to wear.  This is a great size changing bag, but could do with a more comfortable shoulder strap, a small pocket inside and a longer insulated pocket.  A large changing bag and reasonable value for money.  Katherine Moredecai-Woolf – George Aged 1 Year


Product Tested By Ann-Marie Burford – Gemma Aged 1 Year 2 Months

Ann Awarded The Caboodle Fun & Funky Changing Bag 4/5

Wow, this is a real jazzy looking bag, and it is a great size too.  The style of the bag is very trendy and fun.  Can be used as a hand held or shoulder bag.  Again the fact that it is large is a great benefit.  The quality of the fabric is fantastic as you can wipe clean this fabric inside and ouside the bag.  Fabric is also very high quality, strong and durable.  A changing bag that is high quality, durable, versatile and ideal for all my baby’s things when we are out and about.  Love the fact that it has a lot of compartments.  However the compartments are on the small side, you can only get 3 nappies in each compartment.  It is also a struggle to get a full packet of wet-wipes in a single compartment.  I love the large size of this changing bag.  As my baby is getting bigger I find that she has more items for me to carry around when we are out.  This bag can hold everything, so I only have to take this one bag when we go out.  Great versatile bag, and can be used as travel bag and sports bag later on.  Very comfortable to carry in my hand.  The shoulder straps are strong and durable, but slightly uncomfortable as they are round and not flat.  The pushchair straps are a great idea.  I love the look of this bag and easy to use.  Many of my friends have asked me about my Caboodle bag and where they could get one.  A very good changing bag.  It is fun, trendy, large and easy to use for all my baby needs when we are out and about.  Ann-Marie Burford – Gemma Aged 1 Year 2 Months

An Aladdin’s cave of a bag… a different compartment everywhere you look and you can fit everything in. 


Julie Awarded The Caboodle Fun & Funky Changing Bag 3.2/5

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