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Eco By Sonya’s self tan bronzing Cacao Mousse is your new go to certified organic product for a luxurious deep bronze tan. Without the need for the suns damaging rays! Cacao Mousse is incredibly quick and easy to apply and in just one application, you can create your ultimate deep bronze tan! Best of all, Eco By Sonya’s lightweight formulation mousse glides over your skin and dries quickly.

Made with only organic and natural ingredients, self tan bronzing Cacao Mousse has a delicious, yet subtle chocolate scent. So you won’t have that nasty chemical fake tan smell! Also, you won’t turn a fake looking orange colour, as our Cacao Mousse is free from artificial orange dyes. Awarded the WINNER of the Natural Tanning Category in the Nature + Health Natural Beauty Awards 2017 and Janey Loves PlATINUM AWARDS 2016.

Best of all Eco By Sonya’s self tan bronzing mousse offers beautiful, long lasting colour for all skin tones. Whether you want a light, coffee complexion or a luxurious, deep bronze, the stunning colour will develop on your skin over time. This way, you can create your preferred depth of colour, based on how long you leave Cacao Mousse on prior to showering. Your tan will also continue to develop over time!

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Price: £30.95 32.95 EUR Available to purchase online

Bizziebaby Gold Award Winner 2019 Organic & Tanning Lotions & Creams Category 

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Product Tested By Georgina Froggatt Jury

Georgina Awarded The Cacao Tanning Mousse 5/5

The theme of the brochure and the colours of the bottle represent eco Sonya perfectly. Would have been ideal if it came with a mitt. Instructions good and easy to use from start to finish. Perfect size bottle, great colours and font which is easy to read. The foam didn’t feel sticky on my skin and smelt amazing. Super easy to apply and a little goes a long way. The colouring was amazing, I am naturally olive skinned and even with me applying this regularly it definitely gave me sun kiss glow look, my partner definitely thought it looked natural and not fake like some products I have used. It doesn’t feel sticky on my skin; I had no streaks when applying the foam. The overall results looked like I had a natural Spray tan. Since I received the product I wasn’t sure if it was going to work on my skin as I’m olive colouring but it definitely changed my mind. I have regularly been topping up the tan every other day and it definitely gave me that natural glow. It did take me a week to get the right tone. The first application I did put a bit too much on my legs which came out looking like coffee bean colour but once I got the hang of how much foam to put on my body the results were amazing. The 3rd week I didn’t put the mouse on for 5 days, the colour had faded a little but I only left the product on my skin after an hour so maybe if I left it on a bit longer it may have lasted a few more days. I was very happy with the final results.  I have had lots of complements from friends at work. I applied it every other day (legs and arms mainly) as this is what people saw more off. It took me a week to get the right colour because of some of the mistakes I made when applying it on. 3 days the colour lasted before topping it up. I think when I use this product again I will leave it in a little longer which may last a few more days before topping it up. I’ve carried on using it through September and I will until the bottle is empty. I’m chuffed with the results. During the second week I got the perfect tanning results. I do get really bad eczema and was nervous to use this as I didn’t want a flare up, like I do with some well-known brands. This product hasn’t yet given me a reaction which is amazing as has made me feel more body confident applying something that makes my skin look and feel amazing. Using this product didn’t mark my bed sheets or towels like some products do. I have to be careful when buying perfume products because if my skin irritation but the ingredients in this bottle didn’t give me one flare which is amazing as a lot of creams and lotions do. A little amount goes a long way. The smell was amazing; it doesn’t smell like a fake tan product. I’m impressed with the results it definitely gave me professional result. Nice glowing tan and No splotching which was a bonus! It is definitely worth the money, I do think when buying this product a mitt would be great to have with this product just because I had to go out and get on to protect my hands when applying the foam and also to give me a clean finish. I loved the smell and the ingredients used when making this product. I will be buying this.  It is the first tanning product that the results gave me a natural colour plus it didn’t give my skin a flare up. I have recommended to family and friends. Especially my sister who likes organic and environmental friendly products.  Top marks as it did not streak at all and I really love the colour it gave. I have enjoyed trying out this product, I had never heard of this make and I’m grateful that I have. Georgina Froggatt Jury

Product Tested By Alice Thompson

Alice Awarded The Cacao Tanning Mousse 5/5

It looks well packaged and like any other tanning mousse. I like that it is eco-friendly. Instructions were easy to follow.  The bottle design was like any other typical tanning mousse bottle. This was very easy to use, as long as you use a mitt. This was effective; it made my skin a lovely colour. When I used a mitt it blended easily. The colour is lovely, I didn’t let it develop too long to keep the colour light. Very easy to control and the colour lasted pretty well. I was very happy with the tan I obtained it was a lovely colour.  I used this a few times. From application to washing it off it took me about a couple of hours, it lasted a couple of days before I washed it off.  I will continue to use this through the winter months especially when I go on nights out. It took about an hour or so for my tan to develop. I am not overly worried if a product is organic and natural but it is nice to have natural ingredients. It’s nice to know that it has organic ingredients that won’t harm your skin. When applying I used just a couple of pumps each time to get my effect. Still had a fake tan smell, but not as strong as other products. The quality is great. Quite expensive, more than I’m used to paying for mousse, but it shows in the quality. I most liked the fact this uses natural ingredients. I would buy this as it has a nice colour to it and you can change the desired colour. I would recommend for the same reasons and the fact it uses natural ingredients.  Quality product that leaves skin a lovely colour and with not an overpowering fake tan smell and blends into your skin well. Great product that leaves skin looking like you’ve just come home from abroad! Alice Thompson

Product Tested By Davina Fox

Davina Awarded The Cacao Tanning Mousse 4.8/5

It arrived well packed, it has a nice bottle. Having used self-tanning cream before the idea of using the mousse to make an easier and more even coverage sounded good. The instructions are easy to follow the longer you leave it on before showering up to 4 hours the deeper the tan look. Easy pump action bottle, but I did find that if it falls over after opening it can leak. Easy to use just, it has a pump action bottle so easy to get a bit out at a time and start to spread onto your body. I have to say I was well impressed with the look on my legs it looked like I had a tan! I only left it on for an hour at a time as well as I think any darker for me would not look natural on me. It says to exfoliate 24-48 before and I think this is important to give your skin a balanced look not patchy. It glided on so easy like a light weight moisturiser. It was very effective with me as I have a light skin colour and my legs don’t naturally tan, so this made me feel more confident showing my legs off. I left it on for an hour before I showered it off; I think it will be quite easy to leave it on for longer if desired. The tan last for a few days before wearing off. I was happy with my tanned leg look. I used this a few times and will use it again in the future. I left it just an hour and it was the right amount of time for my skin tone. I would use it in the winter months but only if I wasn’t going to wear tights. I could see the results straight after my shower then in the morning it was an even better glow. Being Organic is an important factor to me. I feel that having no nasty ingredients is a good thing as I know there is a better chance of not having a skin reaction. I didn’t need too much per leg I used even to go over my leg once. The aroma is not that great in my opinion but you only smell it while you’re waiting your time for it to develop. It certainly seems like a quality product the way it glides onto the skin and the fact it does a good job.  I think it is quite a pricey product, but if you are after a lovely bronzed look without the streaks, than this is the product for you. I loved that I had no streaks.  I would buy this product as it worked well for me. I would recommend if I knew someone after this type of product. Good product and leaves a lovely looking tan, the leaky bottle maybe I just had a bad bottle? If not then that would need to be improved. Davina Fox










I will be buying this.  It is the first tanning product that the results gave me a natural colour plus it didn’t give my skin a flare up. I have recommended to family and friends. Especially my sister who likes organic and environmental friendly products.  Top marks as it did not streak at all and I really love the colour it gave. I have enjoyed trying out this product, I had never heard of this make and I’m grateful that I have.


Georgina Awarded The Cacao Tanning Mousse 5/5

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