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Cake Lingerie Cupcake Nursing Pads

Cake Ligerie Cupcake Nursing pads are washable breastpads made from natural organic cotton and hemp. They are thin and discreet and not obvious under even tight clothing. They are patent pending, reusable, nursing pads that allow for liners to be added to increase absorbency depending on how much milk you are leaking.  You can add up to 2 liners if necessary, 

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£9.90 for 2 pair - available to purchase online

Cake Lingerie Cupcake Nursing Pads Reviews

Product Tested by:

Tested By
Marie Reynolds – Lily 4 Months

Awarded The Cake Lingerie Cupcake Nursing Pads 4.7/5

presented in the box. Clear instructions. Very nicely presented. As the product
itself (as with any breast pads) isn’t particularly eye catching, so the
attractive package is a very nice touch. Clear and easy to read instructions
(You don’t really need many for this product). Very easy to use, and didn’t
appear to move around – which is always handy. For me they did give good
protection. I don’t leak too much which
is good as there was only one insert in each pad. The box and instructions
stated to use two or three inserts in each pad dependent on your flow. As there
was only one insert for each pad it was a little difficult to test the
absorbency with additional inserts. Very comfortable and soft materials so very
comfortable to wear. Good Quality
product that seems to wash well (after the amount of time I have had them) they
do need a good iron. Value for money Yes
& No Yes & No… As I personally felt that to make this work you would
need at least two if not more sets (to cover you whilst you had a set in the
wash… and maybe with an extra set of inserts in each pack as well? I would
consider purchasing BUT: Would need more than one set those as they need
washing on a regular basis and if your machine on not on every five minutes you
do not have a backup. I would
recommend. Overall a really nice product
presented very well. Personally I would like to have seen this sold as a
"double set” with an extra set of inserts. This would obviously put the price
up, but at least you wouldn’t have to have disposable ones as a backup. The
material and product quality was very good and very comfortable. Marie Reynolds
– Lily 4 Months

Tested By
Marianne Storey – Jack 8 Weeks

Awarded The Cake Lingerie Cupcake Nursing Pads 3.9/5

impression was positive. Packaging and product looked appealing and pads felt
soft but I wasn’t sure how absorbent they would be. Very modern and pleasant
design /colour packaging. Only point to note is that it is quite stiff and
tricky to slide the inner box in and out of the sleeve. Definitely not possible
with one hand (if breastfeeding/carrying baby etc.). In terms of using the
product, there is very little instruction required. However, there were no
washing instructions (i.e. how often and whether they are to be hand or machine
washed/at a certain temp/with certain colours and if they could be tumble
dried). The only instruction re: washing was to wash before use. I decided to
hand wash them as I wasn’t sure which was a bit high maintenance and when they
were air drying I had to use disposable pads . It would have made things easier
if there were direct washing instructions as there are a lot of things going on
for a new mum to worry about! Very easy to insert into the bra and remove. They
did provide good protection against leakage, on first impressions I wasn’t sure
how absorbent they would be but I was pleasantly surprised. I was very
impressed with how comfortable they are. I had very sore nipples from
breastfeeding and using disposable nursing pads (that sometimes stuck to the
nipple) and these nursing pads actually allowed my nipples to heal as the
cotton felt very soft. The main nursing
pad seemed fantastic quality, the inner inserts not so much and when they dried
they were a little stiff. However, this did not affect the performance and
function of the nursing pad. If the price included more inserts it would be
good value for money, however, as it doesn’t and these need to be purchased
separately I do not think it is great value.
I would consider purchasing more of these. I would recommend them as I do think that the
softness helped my nipples heal and feel more comfortable. I also feel that
they are more comfortable to wear than disposables. I would say that it was a positive experience
as I had not previously contemplated using reusable nursing pads. When using
the pads and when there was milk on the nursing pad it was not too noticeable
or uncomfortable when kept on. However, to use them regularly I think that you
would need more than 2 pairs as they dry a little stiff and would need quite
regular washing. The lack of washing instructions was not great and I still
have not put them in the dryer. If they are only supposed to be hand washed and
air dried, this would be quite inconvenient with a baby and I think that would
make me not use or recommend them to a breastfeeding mum. As the nursing pads
do feel wet and don’t totally dry unless they are removed from the bra, I do
feel that disposable pads (whilst less comfortable to wear) are more absorbent
and prefer feeling dry. Marianne Storey – Jack 8 Weeks

Tested By
Emma Hawkins – Corbin & Otis – 2 Years & 6 Weeks

Awarded The Cake Lingerie Cupcake Nursing Pads 3.8/5

Lovely soft
material, good idea. The packaging is appealing, using cupcakes is generally a
winner at the moment so it is eye catching but doesn’t necessarily scream
"breast pads” at you. The instructions are simple and clear. I had no trouble understanding that I would
need to purchase separate boosters should I need more absorbency. The breast
pads are easy to use although for me they seem a little big. I have a fast let down and found I leaked
through the pad quite quickly. I would
definitely need to purchase extra boosters and this would work out expensive. They are soft and luxurious BUT as I have
small breast they didn’t fit in my bra and stay put. The quality is excellent
and the bamboo is beautifully soft. I
find this product quite expensive for what it is, especially considering I
would definitely need to buy extra booster inserts. I would recommend this
product to ladies with larger breasts who want something special to wear. I
really wanted to love this product but unfortunately it fell short on fit
poking out of my bra and not staying in position. I know that with extra washing bamboo becomes
more absorbent but I still feel I would need the additional boosters and this
is an additional cost I would not want when purchasing breast pads. They would probably fit those with larger bra
sizes. Emma Hawkins – Corbin & Otis – 2 Years & 6 Weeks

The material and product quality was very good and very comfortable.


Marie Awarded The Cake Lingerie Cupcake Nursing Pads 4.7/5

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