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Cake Maternity Lotus Hands-free Pumping & Nursing Bra

Look mama, no hands! This 2-in-1 nursing + pumping bra was made for the on-the-go, multi-tasking mamas who like to stay active and comfortable all day long.
Colour Choice: Black, Blush or Tie Dye
Sizes available: XS-XL Petite cups (B-DD) Fuller cups (E-FF)

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Cake Maternity Lotus Hands-free Pumping & Nursing Bra Reviews

Product Tested By Lauren Murrells – Cassandra 4 Weeks

Lauren Awarded The Lotus Pumping Bra 4.4/5

It came in eco-friendly packaging which is always a positive to me. Simple black design with stretchy material. I liked the appearance of the bra and the extra support for your back. The holes in the bra were a bit low for me, so could have been designed to be wider or a bit higher to give better access. I understand this was probably done deliberately to make the bra as discreet as possible but it did make it more difficult for me to use. Easy enough to put on, straight over your head and pull into the correct location. Easy to understand how to use for feeding and pumping too. Just move the outer layer to the side to access the holes on the inner layer. Not the best fit right now. I’m have a 4 week old newborn so I’m still carrying pregnancy weight and have larger cup size whilst getting breastfeeding settled. Therefore, whilst it does fit, it is a bit tight for me. However, I know from my previous child that my band and cup will reduce soon and I’m expecting the fit to be more suitable. The holes were also too low for my fit which made it not as easy as it could be for feeding and pumping. It was still possible and it did mean everything was well hidden and discreet when in use but I’d prefer slightly higher for my fit. Easy to put on and concept was easy to understand. As explained on earlier, the access was slightly hindered by location of the holes, but once that was sorted it was easy to use. Very supporting. The bra comes with thick elastic bands on the shoulders and under the bust which hold everything in place. The extra layer on the back also gave extra support. The layered cross over back was effective. I have a larger bust and found this to give extra support to hold everything in place. I found the holes to be lower than I personally needed which meant I had to really stretch the material up and reposition my breasts to make this accessible. However, I could make it work and once I got the position it was fine for the rest of the session. It did hold the pump in a good position once I got it set up and worked well hands free. It was very discreet but I personally preferred larger holes to make it more accessible even at the cost of discreetness. I did like the design idea of moving the cup to the side for access rather than unhooking the entire cup as you get with most feeding bras. I haven’t yet used the bra for active wear, but have used it whilst looking after a toddler. Plenty of running around, getting up and down, and lifting included with daily toddler care. I’ve found the bra to be suitable for this activity and held everything firmly in place. I have no doubt it will also be good for other active wear. I was able to wear all my normal clothing with this bra. I personally wear a lot of b shirts at the moment and these complemented the bra. The bra was comfortable and supportive to fit. It was a little tight but I’m a new mum with pregnancy weight so expect the fit to get better soon, this should help with the comfort. I liked how the bra looked. Most nursing bras are not the most flattering but this held everything in place and helped with my figure. I wore this twice a week. I put in the washing machine on a cold wash and dried on an airer. It’s has so far retained its shape, colour and material looks untouched. It dried quickly on the airer. I liked the support it provided. The thick elastic and extra cross at the back held everything in place and provided great support. The bra is excellent quality. There isn’t a stitch out of place. Quality elastic is used that retains its shape after use. If using for pumping and breastfeeding, I believe this is good value for money. I would buy this. It would be ideal to have another bra to be able to rotate with this one. Life is definitely easier on the days that I can pump handsfree, so I would consider buying it. I’d recommend the dual usage of the bra fir feeding and pumping. However, I’d probably recommend sizing up as the fit runs small. Supportive and comfortable bra which aids breastfeeding journeys. The fit does run small so I’d recommend going larger. Also warn that the location of the holes are not ideal but it does work. Potentially a larger size would improve this issue. The bra is stylish and gives a flattering fit. It works well as a pumping aid but could be easier to use for breastfeeding. The fit run small so recommend sizing up. The location of the holes for pumping and feeding are too low for a comfortable fit for me. But I could make it work. It did mean the pump was held firmly in place and feeding was very discreet but I’d prefer higher or larger holes to make it easier to use. The bra is very supportive as it comes with thick elastic underwire and double layer back support. Everything was held firmly in place and I felt comfortable to move around, even running after my toddler.The bra is stylish and flattering. It works well under clothes, especially ones catered for breastfeeding. Easy to wash and dry. The bra has retained its colour and shape after going through the washing machine. Lauren Murrells – Cassandra 4 Weeks

Product Tested By Gemma Snow – Cherry 3 Weeks

Gemma Awarded The Lotus Pumping Bra 4/5

Looked nice style, good quality and happy with the colour. A lovely design and great for wearing around the house. Easy enough to put on. Was a good fit for me, and found it ideal to ear while breastfeeding. This also held pumps in place so was easy enough to pump hands free. I liked the cross over back as gave good support. I have worn this under baggy jumpers when out and about. I also enjoyed wearing this when exercising at home too as comfy and supportive. The pull aside cups are easy to use and definitely does the job and allows hands-free pumping. The pull aside cups were good to breastfeed baby and I am only in the early stages. I prefer to breastfeed at home so this is cosy and comfy for me to wear. I think this looks more like a sports bra but it does what is says on the tin. I wear this weekly and works well enough for me. Easy enough to wash. I loved the colour and the material feels soft and comfortable against my skin. This is made to a very high standard and good quality. I would definitely agree good value as it is stylish, feels nice and good quality material. I have only just started my breastfeeding journey so as yet not sure if I would invest in another one. I would recommend it they were breastfeeding and wanted something comfortable as it also has a dual purpose. A nice comfortable bra which I have enjoyed wearing at home and ideal to pump milk hands free and feed baby in the comfort of my home. This is a lovely bra. Helping me to express with ease during my breastfeeding journey. Gemma Snow – Cherry 3 Weeks

Product Tested By Stephanie Annan – Aoife 6 Months

Stephanie Awarded The Lotus Pumping Bra 3/5

I was excited to test out this product as I pump daily and am nursing throughout the day. I was looking forward to using a product that would hopefully make it easy to do both. The material of the bra was lovely, and it appeared supportive and comfortable. Prior to receiving the product I had been asked what colour and size I required, showing there was a range of options which is helpful when choosing these products. I found it difficult to find how to put the bra on. All of the layers appeared interlocked and it was difficult to find where to put my arms and head through. When wearing the bra, it feels more like a sports bra than a discreet and more attractive nursing bra. I would find it difficult to wear during summer months when I am perhaps wearing dresses, lower cut tops, vest tops etc. With multiple ways to use the bra, I relied on the instructions to find and utilise different features. I watched a brief video online to see someone using it to gain better understanding. I felt like it was quite tight and snug. Would ride up easily when completing household tasks/chores. I find it difficult to figure out the design and how to put it on. I found the openings for the breast pump or to feed quite small and difficult to use effectively. Baby struggled to breastfeed using this bra. Personally I found the size I requested was a bit too tight for my liking. With the double cross over back I felt supported but cup sizes and design could be better. Kept pump in place well! I did find it difficult to feed in. Breast did not feel accessible enough for baby. Feel that it is able to offer support for pumping and when active. I wouldn’t wear it out of the house or when having to feed in public due to the design and how indiscreet it is. I personally did not find this easy to wear under clothing. The size was not right for me despite giving my measurements. Felt too restrictive. No way to unclip to pull down the cup as you would with most nursing bras. Material was nice but design was poor. I used only when needed to use for pumping milk. This was easy enough to wash. I liked how this kept the breast pump flange in place and hands free. Material felt like good quality. Think quality of product is poor as difficult to nurse in and to put on due to different layers. Personally I feel not good value as good for pumping but not good for general wear. I would share features of the bra I liked and let them make up their minds if right bra for them. Disappointed with difficultly using the product for everything it stated it would enable. Sizing didn’t seem accurate design being less generic that just ‘small/medium/large’. Not able to use this product on a daily basis. Stephanie Annan – Aoife 6 Months

Everything was held firmly in place and I felt comfortable to move around, even running after my toddler.The bra is stylish and flattering. It works well under clothes, especially ones catered for breastfeeding. Easy to wash and dry. The bra has retained its colour and shape after going through the washing machine.


Lauren Awarded The Lotus Pumping Bra 4.4/5

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