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Cantaloop Pregnancy Bra & Matching Knickers

Pregnancy Bra -seamless products are more comfortable to wear-no seams to irritate the skin.
The tight knit under the bras substitutes under wire resulting in extra support & "lifting" of the breast.
Wider straps for greater comfort and increased support. Sports back for greater support. Available in Black or White.NB. Size 1 = Extra Small, Size 2 = Small, Size 3 = Medium etc.
Pregnancy Hipster below the belly Knickers. Total comfort due to seamless design. Below the belly hipster is a fashion pant. Ideal when wearing low waist clothing. Available in Black or White.
NB. Size 1 = Extra Small, Size 2 = Small, Size 3 = Medium etc.

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Pregnancy Bra £18.39 Knickers £14.30 available to purchase online

Cantaloop Pregnancy Bra & Matching Knickers Reviews

Product Tested By Nina Verma – Mum to be

Nina Awarded The  Cantaloop Pregnancy Bra & Knickers 4.6/5

Very well packaged, with the product clearly displayed on the packaging. Very cute in a tube.  The website is very clear, well presented and easy to navigate. Much more products available than the name of the website suggest.  Everything is easy to find with clear product categories. I thought the knickers looked a bit big and a bit like granny pants, but I liked the bra style as it looked like it could easily be slipped on.  The knickers are actually more comfortable then they look but my favourite has to be the bra. Having been initially reluctant to wear a non under wired product because of fears of lack of support, I was pleasantly surprised when I wore the bra; it felt very comfortable and offered all the support I needed.  The quality of both products was very good. The material is nice and soft and easy to wash.  The fabric is soft and offers just the right amount of support you needed. I expected the product to lose some shape in the wash but this was not the case.  Both products provide good support, but my favorite was the bra. Its provided excellent support, in fact I only take it off to wash as it was so comfortable.  I would certainly purchase more from Cantaloop and have already recommended to friends especially the bra. Vey comfortable products to use throughout your pregnancy.  Nina Verma – Mum to be

Product Tested By Lucy Jenkins – Mum to be

Lucy Awarded The Cantaloop Pregnancy Bra & Knickers 4.3/5

Good. The packaging was attractive, practical and unique. The underwear items were plain other than a small decorative butterfly motif.   It is an attractive and user friendly site. I found the name slightly misleading as I wouldn’t have thought to look on a breastpump site for underwear. I would have liked a zoom/enlarge feature to see the products in detail. The sizing details should be at the bottom of each Cantaloop product page for ease of ordering as it is quite a unique sizing system. I was impressed by the range of brands sold on the site, plus the ‘Ask our midwife’ feature.  Neither items could be described as attractive or alluring, but that’s the same for most maternity underwear! They are functional rather than attractive. The clean white lines with no fussy seams makes them fairly modern and streamlined. The bra came up very high and this restricted the clothes I could wear with it, it should finish lower.  The knickers offered support and warmth to my bump. The bra was more difficult to get on than the usual type with a back clasp, but once on was fairly comfortable.  They seem like high quality products which would withstand a lot of use and washing.  The material was high quality and stretchy. Attention to small details such as printing the washing instructions on the garments rather than using labels enhanced the comfort.  Both items offered support to areas that needed it. I would recommend the knickers but would be more reluctant to recommend the bra due to it showing above most tops.  High quality products which are comfortable to wear but could be improved.  Lucy Jenkins – Mum to be

Product Tested By Rachel Fletcher  – Mum to be

Rachel Awarded The Cantaloop Pregnancy Bra & Knickers 5/5

I would have to say that I wish I had purchased these bra and knickers earlier in my pregnancy. The knickers are so comfortable to wear and helped to take some pressure off my back pain later on in pregnancy. There are no seems so I could basically wear anything over them. The pregnancy bra was just as comfortable giving extra support on growing breasts throughout pregnancy. They both washed well and kept their shape. Loved the packaging they came in. I would recommend these products to any pregnant women out there. Detailed descriptions on all of the products shown, clear pictures and accurate.  I liked the style as they are very comfortable, the knickers are soft but strong enough to stay up over my growing bump, the top of the knickers above the bump stay in one place and do not roll down like some of my trousers do. The bra is a snug fit adding comfort and confidence to what ever I’m wearing. Extremely comfy, I’m hoping that the bra will still fit me after pregnancy. The knickers provide a lot of support as I have suffered from back pain so they have helped with that, also they are lovely and warm in the cold weather. These are great products and would certainly purchase and have already recommended to friends.  This is a product I never thought I would purchase, since trying them out though I’m totally amazed by the comfort.  Rachel Fletcher – Mum to be

Vey comfortable products to use throughout your pregnancy.


Nina Awarded The  Cantaloop Pregnancy Bra & Knickers 4.6/5

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