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Carddies Colour and Go Set

Carddies are little Card People to colour in and play with for hoursThey come in fun sets:  some sets are ready now, and many more are on their way!Carddies sets appeal to girls and to boys aged 3 to 99! Each Carddies set has double sided little Card People and a scene to colour in, high quality Carddies colouring pencils, and plastic stands which all bring the Carddies to life. Carddies are packaged in a perfect, robust card box. You can carry them everywhere! Carddies are made in the UK using premium materials made to last

Bizziebaby Silver Award Winner 2018 Educational Toys & Arts & Crafts Category

Available from the Carddies store at Amazon UK Amazon UK

£8.99 – Available at Carddies store, Amazon, and  online 


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Carddies Colour and Go Set Reviews

Product Tested By Louise Marks – Daughter 6 Years

Louise Awarded The Carddies Colour and Go Set 4.6/5

It’s a great concept. We normally take colouring equipment and colouring books out with us, so this is a compact and attractive equivalent. The double sided element to the card people is novel. The white card is of a high quality. The pencils were clearly of a high quality and the stamping of the word ‘carddies’ on the pencil made them appeal more premium. The hand drawn background scene was beautiful and perfect for imaginative games. Naming the fairies was one of the Childrens favourite parts of this set. The plastic stands were suitable for the carddies. My daughters were fighting to colour the characters in because the set was so appealing to them. My youngest daughter aged 6 years enjoyed creating her own story the most. The box is easily transportable and I had no issues with taking this with us when we were out. I think that products produced in the UK do have a reputation for being more expensive, but it’s the associated quality that comes from UK products that makes that a price worth paying. You get what you pay for. Absolutely. It’s very important to support to UK produced products and I would definitely pay a little more to do so. We know products produced in countries such as china tend to be cheap and of a poor quality. I personality steer clear of such. I think that product longevity is important. In respect to this product, I think that the manufacturer could potentially explore how to do more to make this product something that could be brought out time and time again. It’s the only downside to the set in my opinion. Companies must do more to think about the environment when they source products. I know that Carddies state they have ‘very strong environmental credentials’ but I don’t think the packaging does enough to get this message across. If the strong environmental credentials message is going to be a selling point, it needs to come over clearly on the product and the front of the box. Yes I would pay more and eco-friendly products would take preference when I was choosing to buy from a selection of various products. The quality is very good. I think the manufacturer has created a unique product with good appeal. If they could expand the product in some way and offer product longevity this would be perfect. The portability of the product is the aspect I like the most. Most kid’s toys are either big and bulky or tiny, with lots of little pieces which are easily lost. This is neither and well contained. I may consider buying the product as my youngest daughter really enjoyed the set. I would recommend as it is a nice little set and different from what’s already out there. This product made a good impression on me and the children. I do feel that if the manufacturer could work with the product and create an additional dimension to the set, for instance, the possibility to play game with the same set, it would be perfect. Really delightful. Loved the attention to detail and portability. Make a game out of the sets to add value and product longevity and it will be perfect. Louise Marks – Daughter 6 Years

Product Tested By Kelsey Frost – Bella 3 Years

Kelsey Awarded The Carddies Colour and Go Set 5/5

The box is ample sized section for all parts so that it can be closed properly with none falling out due to sleeve sitting properly. The 12 double sided card people are a good idea, as it encourages creativity from all who use them, e.g. what colours/patterns to use. Good quality card. Strong and sturdy. The pencils supplied have great pigment which shows straight away unlike cheaper alternatives which can sometimes require a few strokes. Quite a busy back ground. Nice if you want to do more colouring however would be nice to have a small selection of others to use for different scenarios e.g. vicar at the altar, dancing etc. Personally, my daughter wasn’t interested in the naming card but probably due to her age. She more so enjoyed colouring the figures instead. The figures sit nicely on the plastic stands. Not flimsy and ensure the figures stayed upright. She quite enjoyed the colouring in and encouraged her to talk about what colours she would use as well as ask what colours I would like them to be therefore encouraging conversation. She enjoyed the colouring more than making scenarios however did imitate them walking down the aisle and also talked about how she wanted me to get married, creating conversation. We did not travel with it, however when not in use, it was kept secure all together. It’s a great idea to use local sources/suppliers in order to support the British economy. As long as something is of great quality,I don’t mind paying slightly extra. In terms of this product, yes, I do think longevity is important. As this is a card product, rips and tears happen and are then no longer usable and thrown away. A product needs to be made to last, to ensure it’s used to its full potential. It is greatly important for any companies to think of the environment when sourcing for products. It’s important that we try and maintain and protect the environment for future generations. It’s great knowing that a product is eco-friendly so personally I would pay extra for a product that has made minimal impact in the environment. Great quality materials used, colours are very pigmented and are so smooth to use. Potentially good value. As long as the product doesn’t break and is usable for a long period of time then I see it as good value for money. I liked that it encouraged my daughter to talk about what she was doing, colours she was using, encourage her motor skills. I like that the product is made with good quality products. I would buy more. Having looked on the site, I have seen that they do different scenarios e.g. ballet which is an interest of my daughters. She would be able to use her experiences and knowledge to further her play with this product. I would recommend as I think it’s great to encourage their imagination and creativity. Good quality, packaged well, encourages different aspects of development. Kelsey Frost – Bella 3 Years

Product Tested By Sally Eves-Dann – Alexander 3 Years

Sally Awarded The Carddies Colour and Go Set 4.2/5

I really liked the packaging, it is cardboard so able to be recycled. It is small enough to be transportable. It is a well put together design.The 12 double sided card people are attractive to look at and big enough that they can be coloured in easily. The quality is good. It seems strong enough to last a good length of time.I like the pencils, but they are quiet small. I think for the amount paid, I would have preferred a bit more pencil. It is hard because they have to be portable. I like the background scene it enables children to use their imagination. However I did feel like my little one at three was possibly a bit young for it still. I liked the naming card but didn’t necessarily feel it added much. I think the plastic stands where great and would want that every time. Would be nice if they could be made out something a bit more environmentally friendly. Again I think he was just a bit too young for the colouring. But a child that bit older with pen control would love this.Again colouring was not his strength but would suit an older child better.The design of the packaging made it easy to transport. As this company support British business when sourcing suppliers it would make me more likely to buy it in the future. I would pay more for a quality UK produced item. Product longevity is important and for the retail price, I would want more than 10 minutes of playtime from it. It is very important to me a product is environmentally designed and produced. I would pay more for eco-friendly item especially if no plastics are used. I really like the fact this is a good quality product. I would buy this as I think it would make a lovely present. I would recommend as I like the quality and imagination play. I’m generally pleased with this product and would recommend it to others.Sally Eves-Dann – Alexander 3 Years


Really delightful. Loved the attention to detail and portability. Make a game out of the sets to add value and product longevity and it will be perfect.


Louise Awarded The Carddies Colour and Go Set 4.6/5

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