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(CARES) In-Flight Child Safety Harness

The FIRST and ONLY harness certified & approved by the CAA (Civil Aviation Authority). Protects your children during landing & turbulence. Stops the little blighters kicking the seat in front! Portable and lightweight weighs just 1lb and comes with it’s own drawstring bag. Eliminates the hassle of lugging your car seat around. Installs in seconds on all types of plane seat. CARES is manufactured exclusively by AmSafe Aviation, the foremost manufacturer of aviation seatbelts and pilot restraints in the world. (Turn over your airplane seat belt buckle. Chances are it says AmSafe.) CARES is made of the same industrial-strength webbing as your own seat belt and is engineered to the highest aviation-safety standards.

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(CARES) In-Flight Child Safety Harness Reviews

Product Tested by: Penny McGuire – Archie & Esme – 2 Year Old Twins

Product Tested By Penny McGuire – Archie & Esme – 2 Year Old Twins

Penny Awarded The (CARES) In-Flight Child Safety Harness Cares 4/5

Very impressed. Great quality, packaging very clear. Was dreading fitting them but needn’t have! Very clear and professional. Box with photos and description. Harness comes with a reusable material carry bag with a draw string close. DVD Very detailed and covers all questions.  We felt the booklet was enough for us too understand the fitting etc but the DVD was a great bonus as the kids enjoyed watching it too see how it would work and added to their excitement and ease at using it. When fitting to aeroplane seat is was Very very very easy!!! We were dreading it as you have to inform the person behind you need to put it on as they need to put down their tray table, but once that was done, it simply slipped on and tightened very easily! Again it was a lot easier than it looks! The straps were quite stiff as new, so took a good pull to tighten. But it is just a simple 4 way clip and the bottom straps slide with ease onto the aircrafts belts. Even though we had emailed easyjet to check we could use and was told yes. We had to undo 4 way strap and take out the arms for take off and landing. The airhostess both flights explained they weren’t fully tested and as the arms had to be slipped in and out it wasn’t yet given the go ahead. I could understand this as they explained it made it too fiddly to exit in an emergency, i.e. the 4 way had to be undone, then arms removed instead of a simple clip, but as the twins are so small I think personally it is safer with as they kept undoing their aircraft belt but couldn’t with the cares harness! Both are quite small, but my daughter is very small and this harness added extra support for her. They both didn’t complain once and could even sleep with them on. However, a little padding around the shoulders etc won’t have gone a miss, i.e. an added Velcro piece to place over it for the price you are paying!  We were worried they would be running up and down the plane, but these harnesses encouraged them to sit in their seats! They could undo them thereselves unlike the planes belt. As they were different, it made them feel special too. Many air stewards and passengers stated how good they looked for support, comfort and safety. 1 stewardess had said she had bought similar for her toddler as they were always flying and was trying to see if easyjet would think of buying them for their airline! Another took a CARES card for the details and said she would make it her mission to get clear and set guidelines on their use. Excellent! Cannot fault it expect perhaps it could do with added padding around the shoulders/neck. When looking at value for money for us the answer would have to be  No. NOW if we were traveling by plane more than 6 times a year then yes, but as we are not, it’s far too expensive to buy for a few flights before the children outgrow it. Added padding. Also as the stewardess has stated, perhaps the 4 way clip could be changed so that when it is undone, the arm straps fall too, so the arms are instantly released.  Would certainly recommend if they could afford it! But yes I would, everything is fantastic about the product but the price! And if airlines are unsure as too whether you can use them….. The price takes it down to a 4.  A great device to keep small kids safe supported and secure whilst flying! Penny McGuire – Archie & Esme – 2 Year Old Twins


Product Tested By Clare Jenkins – Amelia Aged 3 Years

Clare Awarded The (CARES) In-Flight Child Safety Harness Cares 4/5

Good quality.  Packaging had good photo and well packaged.  Instructional DVD was very helpful. After initially twisting the straps when attaching to aeroplane seat, it is very easy when you know how!  Once Amelia was seated very simple to do up and secure.  We did not deal with any cabin crew as this was my own light aircraft!  Amelia looked comfortable and secure.   Certainly kept Amelia seated safely throughout the flight.  A number of people who saw me fitting it asked me where I bought it from and the brand name etc.  This is an excellent item.  Personally I feel this is very expensive when a booster seat and normal seat belt would be cheaper! Design suggestion would be to increase length of straps so the product lasts longer, say from 1-6 years old.  Also, reducing the purchase price would be good.  I really liked the product but it is too expensive, especially as other alternatives (booster seat and airline seatbelts) are available.  Would certainly recommend this product as good quality and effective.   Very good quality product, easy to use and comfortable for the child, but also expensive.  Clare Jenkins – Amelia Aged 3 Years.


Product Tested By Samantha Morris – Thomas Aged 2 Years

Samantha Awarded The (CARES) In-Flight Child Safety Harness Cares 4.2/5

Great packaging and looks easy to use.     Packaged in a nice box with clear pictures and writing. Product comes in a nice drawstring bag making it easy to carry. Instructions are Very clear and easy to understand. Simple to place over the aeroplane seat and attach to existing harness. Harness was very easy to secure once child was in place.  None of the cabin crew had any issues with this item, just intrigued.  Thomas looked comfortable and it kept his wriggly bum firmly on the seat.  Certainly kept Thomas safe and securely in his seat throughout the flight.  Another parent asked e where I bought it so I pointed them in the right direction.  Quality is very good. This product may be a little out people price range but I suppose it depends how often they fly? The design is very good, could not fault it.  I would purchase this item if the price was lower.  Would certainly recommend and my sister wants one already. Smart product that keeps little ones in place!  Samantha Morris – Thomas Aged 2 Years

A great device to keep small kids safe supported and secure whilst flying!


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