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CarGoSeat Reviews

Product Tested By Charlotte Squibbs – Louie 7 Years

Charlotte Awarded The CarGoSeat 5/5

This was slightly smaller than expected when it arrived but very robust. Great idea but confused as I thought all car seats needed a back to them now. Instructions easy to follow but I liked to watch online video for confirmation it was correct. I thought the design and idea was great. This was very easy to use. This was easy to fit into car as booster eat and the video helped to confirm it was fitted correctly. Louie did find it comfortable but possibly not for a long journey. Once fitted in the car as booster seat I was confident Louie was safe and secure. It’s good as storage for car but not big enough for lots of toys. Taking on holiday depends on the child really. My child likes to take a lot! Louie did find the clap easy to open after a few attempts. I do agree taking this would save on hiring a booster car seat when on holiday. Very easy to keep clean. Good to know comes with 12 month warranty to ensure nothing breaks. A good idea to offer recycling service but likely to forget when time comes. We used this daily. Mostly used in the car.  For me the best thing about this was the storage. Louie seemed more grown up. The quality if excellent. This is very reasonably priced.  I would buy this.  I would recommend as great for storage and safety checked. A great idea. My child likes that it wasn’t a ‘typical’ car seat and it stored most if his stuff. Charlotte Squibbs – Louie 7 Years

Product Tested By Claire Gooding-Matthews – Lucy 8 Years

Claire Awarded The CarGoSeat 4.7/5

It was well packaged and box was informative, both children were very excited by the look of it, the product itself appeared sturdy, great colour. I like the idea of having the storage space inside the seat, great for the children to put a few toys in when going away, as car there is never enough space in the car! Instructions were informative, but not to lengthy and easy to follow. Great design, I particularly liked the shoulder adjustment strap to get the seat belt in the correct position. Seat appears sturdy and hard wearing. Very easy to use both myself and Lucy’s grandparents have used the seat and we had no problems fitting it and moving from one car to another. Very easy to use as booster seat and transfer from one car to another. Lucy preferred this seat to her high back as she didn’t feel as “squished in” she struggled at first without the head rest from the high back, but quickly adjusted. I was apprehensive at first having never used this kind of seat for my child, but once she was in I could see that she was safely secured and comfortable. The space inside is ideal for them to take a few toys etc, it is also large enough to use as an overnight bag. When going away for a short trip or holiday you could definitely use it as an overnight bag or a space for them to pack their toys safely in. The clasp was easy enough for my daughter to open and close.  I have never had to hire a booster seat on holiday so for us this would not save us money as not relevant.  The seat is plastic so easy to wipe clean if needed. Warranties are always good for peace of mind. We love the fact this can be recycled,  don’t feel as guilty about more plastic as recycling and reducing plastic waste is very important to us. We used this for a minimum of 10 journeys.  We used this for school run and visiting family.  I loved how easy it was to fit and move between cars. My daughter liked the fact she was not being squished. This appears to be good quality, sturdy, hard wearing and easy to clean. I do feel that it is a good product, but it is very expensive compared to other booster seats. As much as I liked the product and will continue to use it, I couldn’t justify spending £50 on a seat when there are cheaper options. I know this seat has extra features, but we wouldn’t need these enough to pay the extra. Regarding recommending it would depend if I felt the additional features would benefit them. This is a great seat, hard wearing, comfortable, easy to use, but a bit overpriced. We have enjoyed using the seat, it has been easy to transfer from one car to another and my daughter has been more comfortable using it compared to a high backed booster. Claire Gooding-Matthews – Lucy 8 Years

Product Tested By Lindsey Roberts – Evelyn 5 Years 11 Months

Lindsey Awarded The CarGoSeat 3.7/5

When this arrived I thought it looked very plasticky. It’s a good idea, a car seat with storage 🙂 winner winner, one thing we need in our car, car seat and storage.  The instructions are pretty self-explanatory. Good design, however could do with being narrower it’s too wide. This was very easy to use, just too big for us in the aspect of another car seat, this one and a teenager on back seat. This was very easy to fit into car and uses as a booster car seat. Unfortunately my daughter did not like this when used as a booster seat.  She said it was hard and not nice to sit on. Once it was fitted into the car and I was confident she was secure in this. If you are going on a day trip then yes ideal as you could pack some toys in it.  For me personally ideal for day trips but for us not ideal for a full blown holiday. My daughter did find the clasp on the case easy to open and close. Using as a booster seat it would be ideal to take abroad as it would work well and you would save on hiring one. This is so easy to keep clean.  I like the fact it comes with a 12 year warranty as important if something goes wrong. I was aware this offers recycling service.  We are very hon on recycling in our house and hate things going to waste. We only used it once as a booster seat due to my daughter not feeling comfortable in it. We just used it for one day trip.  I did like the storage it offered for a day trip.  My daughter liked the fact she could store her favourite things in this for the journey.  For me personally I feel this is too plasticky looking for my liking.  Unfortunately for us I do not feel this is good value. I would not buy this but would recommend depending on their needs. This product just was not for us, but we gave it a try.  Evelyn did not like the feel of it. Lindsey Roberts – Evelyn 5 Years 11 Months

I would recommend as great for storage and safety checked. A great idea. My child likes that it wasn’t a ‘typical’ car seat and it stored most if his stuff.


Charlotte Awarded The CarGoSeat 5/5

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