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Our child car booster seat by CarGoSeat complies with all UK and EU crash test requirements and meets ECE R44/04 standards

Quick installation. Meets current safety regulations. Huge 10 Litre storage case. Easy to clean. Easy open clasp. 12 month warranty. Four bright colours to choose from

Free recycling service after use. Save on car seat hire cost when traveling abroad

FREE postage (standard delivery only) test

CarGoSeat is suitable for a child weighing 22kg to 36kg and a height of 125cm or taller.

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Price: £49.99 Available to purchase online


Bizziebaby Bronze Award Winner 2020 Categories Car Booster Seats, Car Travel Accessories and Travel Accessories 

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CarGoSeat Reviews

Product Tested By Alice Thompson – Isla 4 Years

Alice Awarded The CarGoSeat 4.5/5

It looked well-built and a nice colour. I thought the concept was well-thought about, kids always need storage! Instructions easy to follow. Design is simple but effective. Isla who is 4 worked out how to use it straight away! Using as a booster seat was great ad fits straight into the car. Must be comfortable as no complaints from Isla. Once fitted into car as booster seat there was no movement and I’m happy to have her sit in it. Using as a storage case was good as it holds all her trinkets and toys/books in well. Definitely ideal to take on holiday as case and booster seat. Isla found clasp easy to open and close. This I great to take on holiday as not only do you not have to hire a car seat, the storage stops the need for a carry case too. Easy to keep clean as the plastic is wipeable and you can take the seat pad off. It’s nice to have the reassurance that if it needed to be replaced it could within 12 months due to warranty. I did not know CarGoSeat offer free recycling service, but recycling is great! It’s good to care about the environment. My daughter uses it every time she goes in the car, which isn’t too much at the moment due to lockdown. We mainly used this in the car. Cannot fault the quality, it’s sturdy. £49.99 is quite expensive for a booster seat, but it does have the added extra as a pull along storage case. I like the fact it converts to a pull along wheeled case. I would buy but only if it were on offer, as I feel £49.99 is quite expensive. I would recommend as it has a 2 in 1 advantage. Everything about this seat is great, except the price! Isla loves her seat, it’s well-made and has more than one uses. It’s great for going to the shops and back, or even go further afar, whether it be to the beach for the week in the UK or abroad on an aeroplane! Alice Thompson – Isla 4 Years

Product Tested By Amanda Hayes – Ethan 7 Years

Amanda Awarded The CarGoSeat 4.5/5

My son liked the bright green colour and ran off with it round the house! It looked sturdy but was actually quite light. It’s a great concept, storage and a car set in one small enough for hand luggage. The instructions were easy and simple to follow. One thing to mention is that the 3kg weight limit could be more prominent, drinks and books can be heavy. The design is easy to clean and can easily be used as a seat to sit on whilst in an airport queue. The handle came up easily to pull along. the seat was easy to use, but my son had a tendency to pull up the arms forgetting to press the yellow button as because of the width they were apart he needed two hands. Basically he just gave the arm a yank which worried me it would break, but it didn’t. Very easy to fit in the car, took hardly any time at all. My son did find this booster seat comfortable although a little more padding would have been nice for a longer journey. I liked the fact the seat pad was easy to wash. The booster seat felt secure and didn’t wobble around. The capacity as storage case was fine for carrying a soft toy, pens book etc for a journey. Ideal item to take on holiday. My son found the clasp very easy to open and close on the case. This would save you money on holiday as hiring a car set is extremely expensive so you would save the money on one trip. the case itself can be cleaned easily with soap and water and I liked the fact the seat pad was easy to take off and wash. I couldn’t see the 12 month warranty  anywhere on the packaging or instructions? But yes it’s a useful addition to have as if anything were to go wrong it would give you peace of mind. I read about this on the packaging /instructions, but I couldn’t see anywhere it said it was free post. I would normally recycle all my kids toys/clothes etc by handing the down to friends and family or a charity shop so it would be a last resort for me. Due to lock down not as often as i would have liked to, we normally travel a lot so I’m looking forward to taking it on our next trip. Mainly used in the car going shopping for test purposes. Unfortunately I have had to mark this down slightly because of the noisy plastic wheels. They are so noisy both inside and outside, a rubber type product would give it a 5 out of 5. I love the product would just like the wheels to be quiet! I really liked the aspect of having to only take one hand baggage item away rather than hand baggage and a separate car seat. I would buy this as a useful product. I would recommend, it would be useful if the handle was extendable as some of my friends children are slightly taller, so it wouldn’t suit everyone. It was a perfect height for our 7 year old though. Great concept just let down a little by the wheels and potentially more seat padding for a longer journey. We didn’t try this on our normal European summer holidays due to lockdown. One concern I have, with it being plastic, is that it would get very hot and you would need a towel etc to cover to stop your legs burning. (we had a hired plastic one once that did just that). The noisy wheels did drive me a bit mad, so I would like to see that improved if possible. The concept is great, there was plenty of storage for aeroplane essentials, teddy bears, blanket etc and it was easy to open and fill. One comment from my son was that it didn’t move sideways, i.e. he couldn’t wheel it alongside him like the four wheeled suitcases you get these days, but it’s not a big deal as it’s a small case that shouldn’t trip people up when being dragged by a small child! I am looking forward to using CarGoSeat  in July if and when we go on holiday. Amanda Hayes – Ethan 7 Years

Product Tested By Georgina Froggatt Jury – Thea 3 Years 6 Months

Georgina Awarded The CarGoSeat 4.2/5

Looked bold and colourful including the box. before I watched the clip of the product I just presumed it was a car seat. I have never heard of this make before so was excited to try this product out. The information provided was detailed and easy to read. it’s a simple seat with perfect storage which is ideal as lot of the car seats now days have lots of gadgets and no storage. it was easy to install. The arms are stiff but after a bit of usage they become easier to move in the position needed. It was quick and easy to use as a booster seat. Didn’t take me as long as it would with our other car seat to fit. She did seem comfortable in this booster seat and hasn’t made a comment about being uncomfortable. with the height restrictions of this booster seat my daughter is just under the threshold but in a couple of months it would be perfect for her. when the seat arrived this was the first thing my daughter did. She made sure all her teddies and books fitted for the journey. This is ideal to take on holiday. We did have a holiday planned for July which we were going to take it with us as this would have been perfect! The clasp was a bit stiff at first but I’m presuming it was because it was brand new. After using it a couple of times she found it easy to open and close. This product would save money for holidays as case and booster seat all in one so no need to hire booster seat while on holiday. having a 3 ½ year old I find it very hard work constantly taking her car seat apart to clean. Having this product is perfect as I can just use wipe. Very important to have 12 month warranty just in case there is any issue with the product within the next 12 months having the reassurance of having it covered puts my mind at rest. I didn’t know the product offers free recycling service after use but knowing that this is great because our family are big into helping the environment. since having the product we have used it a couple of small journeys doing our “social distance visits” it’s been great to have as when we are out she has been using the seat as her bag. we have taken on picnics when seeing family/friends. It’s always strapped in the car as our daughter likes a choice of which seat to sit in. Thea idea of the product is brilliant but we do feel like it’s a toy more than a safety seat.  The seat does feel and look cheap. having seen and used the product I wouldn’t look at it in the shop and think I’m going to buy that. the idea of the seat is excellent and the storage facility is great and its saves a little room in the car for the extra baggage if going away or going on long journeys. I would recommend because of what the seat offers with the storage and how it can be used for. overall the product is a great idea unfortunately the appearance and materials has let it down. It’s a great product to have for my daughter because of the storage facility when going out for the day. Georgina Froggatt Jury – Thea 3 Years 6 Months

I would recommend as it has a 2 in 1 advantage. Everything about this seat is great, except the price! Isla loves her seat, it’s well-made and has more than one uses. It’s great for going to the shops and back, or even go further afar, whether it be to the beach for the week in the UK or abroad on an aeroplane!


Alice Awarded The CarGoSeat 4.5/5

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