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Caribee Back Pack

Caribee’s Snack Pack is a useful 26 litre daypack which includes a removeable insulated lunchbox cooler. Perfect for school, college or for taking your lunch to the office. The removable cooler section will keep drinks cold and sandwiches fresh.

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Caribee Back Pack Reviews

Product Tested by: Kim Hasler – Theodore 17 Months

Product Tested By Kim Hasler – Theodore 17 Months

Kim Awarded the Caribee Snack Pack 5/5

Looks very good and could be useful on trips or days out. The product was much better than I expected it to be, it is great! It’s practical and also with an attractive design. The zips and straps are very strong in practice and will last for a very long time. The bag is very comfortable to carry and the fasteners stop the straps slipping from the shoulder which is very useful. Not only is this comfortable for the shoulders but it is better for the back too because the weight stays in the middle instead of shifting to the left or right. I find this bag to be very useful when taking my baby out. It has lots of compartments for bottles and I can also keep them warm as well as keeping food in the snack pack. I also use this bag for walking the dogs because it can easily carry their water bowl and toys, its also waterproof and easily washable. The overall durability is of great standard, I am very satisfied with this bag. I think its great value for money and I will get great use out of it for a long time! If I ever need another then I will definitely purchase one. This bag is great I don’t leave home without it especially when I’m taking the kids out or the dogs. Also good for family days out can fit lots into it and it’s easy to carry. Kim Hasler – Theodore 17 Months

Product Tested By Claire Ames – Jack 3 Years

Claire Awarded the Caribee Snack Pack 4.3/5

Good sized day pack with attachable insulated snack pack, great for taking on days out. Website is easy to navigate, good products for an outdoors kind of life style, bring on the summer! I wasn’t sure what to expect at first because initially I thought it was a picnic backpack, I was a little disappointed that the snack pack was smaller than I thought, but I still like it and it does the job it’s meant to do. It’s a smart black design with white check lines on the straps. It looks grown up, even my husband doesn’t object to using it! I have loaded this bag with clothes and toys and this has had no stress effects on the straps or zips. The backpack is so comfortable to wear; we have been using it daily and have no complaints. It attaches easily and can also be carried separately, a great job for the little ones. I and my Husband realised how useful this backpack was on a day trip out. We put toys, changes of clothes and a picnic blanket into the backpack. We also put snacks and drinks into the snack pack which is perfect for keeping them perfectly chilled, even yoghurts on a hot day! The bag is of good quality but I do find it slightly over my price range, which I would maybe be willing to pay simply because of its usefulness if I wanted to treat myself. I would recommend this product to anyone who is looking for a good all in one product for day trips. I will continue to use this product til the end of its lifetime! I have found it invaluable on days out and longer car journeys, which we have had to do recently. Let’s see how it gets all the way up to Scotland! Claire Ames – Jack 3 Years

Product Tested By Karen Selwood-Hogg – William 3 Years

Karen Awarded the Caribee Snack Pack 4.7/5

Very much an adult/teenage backpack rather than a child’s in my opinion. Great quality with various features. I wasn’t quite sure what to expect of this product, but when it arrived I thought it looked good. It has one large compartment, and a smaller one that is about 24/25 cm deep. There are also two bottle holders, a snack pack and a bungee system. The style of the bag is what you would expect for a backpack. It’s a well made, good quality item and I have no doubts that the zip straps will last for years of use. The sliders are very robust and easy to hold. The bag is very comfortable to wear and carry, the part that sits against your back is padded well, as are the straps that go over the shoulders. It has a sternum strap that can also be moved up or down by about 13cm. This is very useful for making it fit the person wearing it perfectly. The snack pack part of the bag is insulated and a reasonable size. The bag will hold a good amount of stuff but you might struggle a bit to put anything bigger than a drink can into it. Compared to other named brand rucksacks I think this is very reasonably priced. I personally would not consider buying this for myself because as a woman I tend not to use backpacks, but my husband on the other hand likes it and would buy it. With regards to the company that sells this brand, they pay attention to detail and I believe they produce good quality products. Karen Selwood-Hogg – William 3 Years

Also good for family days out can fit lots into it and it’s easy to carry.


Kim Awarded the Caribee Snack Pack 5/5 Top Marks!

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