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Caribee College 30 Backpack

There is a well padded compartment to keep your computer protected. This Caribee backpack is spacious at 30 litres and has plenty room for essential A4 folders and notebook. Comfortable to carry even when fully loaded. Also available in black and larger College 40 X-tend.


  • Action back extreme harness system
  • Padded laptop sleeve
  • Fits most laptops up to 17”
  • A4 compatible
  • Audio pocket with cord port
  • Organiser panel
  • Size: 30L/47 x 32 x 26cm

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Caribee College 30 Backpack Reviews

Product Tested by: Debby Rearden – Chloe 6 Years

Product Tested By Debby Rearden – Chloe 6 Years

Debby Awarded the Caribee College 30 Backpack 4.9/5

I thought the bag looked very well made and sturdy.  I had a look round the website and found it really easy to find things and navigate round. It was better than expected and I really the design and the compartments that it has. The straps were really comfy to have on your back when using this product and didn’t seem to pull on my shoulders. Really pleased with this item, fantastic quality! Overall, Very useful and compact and easy to use. Debby Rearden – Chloe 6 Years

Product Tested By Kerry Brook – James, Caleb & Molly Ages 13 Years, 9 Years & 9 Months

Kerry Awarded the Caribee College 30 Backpack 4.6/5

I was pleasantly surprised at the quality of the bag, how well made it was and the strength / thickness of the material; the quality of the materials used is very high. It is a much superior product to other bags of its type from other manufacturers. The website is extremely easy to search with products in well thought out sections. There’s even an "under £20" section with some great value products. They sell a wide range from small accessories (such as luggage locks) and inexpensive daypacks through to trolley cases and fully weatherproof bags. All bags have sizes in cm and litres clearly stated so it’s easy to find the right bag for the right job. It’s much better than I expected. It doesn’t look like a laptop bag but rather a very good, high quality rucksack (laptop rucksacks don’t usually look as good as this). The laptop pocket isn’t removable but it is very well padded and the overall quality of the bag made me feel that my laptop was better protected than in any other bag I’ve ever tried. I love it; it looks great. It has a great stylish sleek design that made anyone in the family happy to be seen carrying it. It is extremely well padded, both in terms of protection for the laptop and comfort for the wearer. The zips are very strong "heavy duty" style without being ugly, they look super strong. The straps are also very well made and I have no doubt that they would be up to carrying very heavy loads comfortably for a long time to come. It is an excellent laptop bag but also great for use as a general rucksack. The bag isn’t cheap but for the quality and the expected life of the product it’s extremely good value. I’ve not seen a higher quality laptop bag ever. The materials used and the construction (including stitching etc) and the overall look of the bag are great. You won’t need to buy another bag anytime soon and you’ll be safe knowing that the protection offered could save you from costly laptop accidents. I’d not heard of the make before but now it’ll be the first place I look when needing anything in their range. Caribee sell well designed products that are made from the best materials available, they understand what really works and what people need. It was hassle free and made me feel reassured about the safety of my laptop. Kerry Brook – James, Caleb & Molly Ages 13 Years, 9 Years & 9 Months

Product Tested By Suzanna Louch – Camile 7 Years

Suzanna Awarded the Caribee College 30 Backpack 4.7/5

A high quality bag, well made.  Website was very easy to navigate and lots on offer, not just bags, but laptop bags, bum bags, travel bags and some good travel accessories. A good quality bag, strudy and lots of compartments to place your items in.  Very easy to use and straps were very comfortable which I was surpirsed at, as normally bags hurt my shoulders but not this one.  An extremely good quality bag, good value for money, versatile and will last. Had never heard of this company before but will be telling friends and family to click online and seen some items I will be purchasing this summer.   Suzanna Louch – Camile 7 Years

fantastic quality! Overall, Very useful and compact and easy to use.


Debby Awarded the Caribee College 30 Backpack 4.9/5

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