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Caribee Freshwater Wet/Dry Backpack

Unique backpack that comes with a cooler compartment to keep sandwiches fresh and drinks cool. Wet/dry compartments keeps swim wear or gym kit separate from files or books. Take it to the office and the gym. Also ideal for school or college or for a trip to the beach or the pool. Available in black, red and tan.

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Caribee Freshwater Wet/Dry Backpack Reviews

Product Tested by: Rebecca Parker – Eva 19 Months

Product Tested By Rebecca Parker – Eva 19 Months

Rebecca Awarded the Caribee Freshwater Wet/Dry Backpack 4.8/5

Fantastic. This bag is fantastic for a number of different uses. There was minimal packaging to throw away which is good as I do like to recycle. I found the bag to be much better than expected. I have found this bag to be multifunctional. I have used it for swimming, taking games and blankets to the park; put wet and dry swim stuff in it. It has also been used as a cool box on family days out when we take a picnic lunch. We put ice cubes in the waterproof compartment of the bag and this kept drinks and food cool all day with out the bag leaking at all. The design style is perfect for the job. Lots of different compartments to put things in and keep them safe. It also doesn’t look quiet as big as it actually is. As a family of four we managed to get quiet a lot in the bag with out it being to big and bulky on our bags and feeling uncomfortable. It is designed to keep wet stuff wet and dry stuff dry and my experience of this bag is that it does exactly what it says. I think that the price of the bag is very good value considering the multiuse of the bag. I have used this bag quiet a lot since receiving it and I can’t imagine it will break anytime yet considering the different things I have done with it so far. Fantastic quality. In the past I have had waterproof bags that have been approx 80% waterproof with water building up on the corners of the bags. I have tested its waterproof properties by putting ice cubes in bags and leaving them in the waterproof compartment and the bag has not been wet on the outside at all. I have done this a few times over the past week and it’s still the same outcome. I think its current price is very good value for money even for its marketed use. As I have used it for so many other uses I think its very good value. The bag says practical. Having looked at the company’s website I think they are a practical out door pursuit’s kind of company and this bag reflects that perfectly. My overall experience of this bag has been good. I have used it for a number of different uses and as a family of 4 if I can get more than one use out of a product this can only be a good thing. It also does what it says it should, perfect! Rebecca Parker – Eva 19 Months

Product Tested By Laura Turner – Baby Harry 6 Months

Laura Awarded the Caribee Freshwater Wet/Dry Backpack 4.3/5

Great quality bag that is also of a good size. This is a great idea for a product and was exactly what I was expecting from a wet/dry bag. I think the design is very modern and sporty. Very appropriate for the product. The bag is very well made and I have packed it with a lot of stuff and it has been able to manage it with no problems. I think it will last for a very long time with a lot of wear. The bag is comfortable to wear but can be a little bulky needs to be worn using both straps for comfort. The ‘wet’ section is fully lined and there is no leakage at all. Great for keeping damp clothes away form the rest of your things. Also great for keep smells for sports wear locked into the ‘wet’ compartment. The only fault I had with the bag is when full its slightly too wide for lockers can be a push to fit it into the locker at the swimming baths so I have to take things out before trying to put the bag in. This can make things a little difficult when trying to hold a 6mth old as well, but I do not feel that this makes the bag any less brilliant than it is. This product is very well made and the price reflects this. I think this bag is very durable and will last you for a very long time. Taking into account that this bag can have many uses than just for swimming or the gym and the good quality, I think the price is about right. It’s a great versatile product and when considering buying a new bag I will look at buying another one. The company understands the needs of its target market and has come up with some great products for active people. On their website they have some other great products that I would consider buying. This bag has been great for me and harry. We use it to go swimming with every week and I also use it a few times a week when I go to the gym. I found that it has so many uses for the waterproof factor. It solves the problem of worrying about leaking drinks when going out for the day. No longer does everything have to be wrapped in lots of plastic carrier bags. If anything does leak then the bag is very easy to wipe clean. I also used this bag for shopping on my way home from the gym and found it useful to keep my dirty gym clothes away from my food. Overall, Harry and I are extremely happy with our new bag! Laura Turner – Baby Harry 6 Months

Product Tested By Anne-Marie Carlin – Joshua 2 Years

Anne-Marie Awarded the Caribee Freshwater Wet/Dry Backpack 3.4/5

The bag has a very stylish look; it’s quite lightweight and also has a nice colour scheme. I expected something more user friendly for a parent though. It is designed to be worn as a backpack and not to go on a pram, which I personally didn’t like. This can be quite difficult when pushing a pram and also wearing a large backpack. The bag is very stylish, nice to look at. No obvious advertising that really stands out – neutral looking. There are lots of great compartments to keep different things in. There are also excellent chunky zips that are easy to hold and handle. The bag also has very comfortable straps that don’t cut. The bag can weigh you down though when it has all the swimming bits in and you try to pick up a 2 year old. I think it is a very good idea to keep wet and dry items separate. Though, I personally feel that it is not well suited for our family. I think it is more suited to a man going swimming/gym. Very durable and hard-wearing. Able to be dropped and it has no marks on it yet. Worth the price. I would consider buying it for my husband, but not as a family changing bag. Excellent product, but I found it easier to use when I went to the gym on my own. It was easier to take 2 bags when I went swimming with my son and the pram. The concept is fantastic, but I would prefer it if It was not a backpack and could fit onto out pram. Anne-Marie Carlin – Joshua 2 Years

I have used it for a number of different uses and as a family of 4 if I can get more than one use out of a product this can only be a good thing. It also does what it says it should, perfect!


Rebecca Awarded the Caribee Freshwater Wet/Dry Backpack 4.8/5

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