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Cartamundi Angry Birds Star Wars Playing Cards

Whether you are leaning towards the "porkside", or you feel more like a "rebel without a squawk" – we are sure you will love our new Angry Birds™ Star Wars™ playing cards! There are 4 Collectible tins and each comes with a matching 3D bonus card! Collect all 4! The playing cards feature all the classic Star Wars characters   

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£4.99 for the set Available all good toy retailers. For further information visit

Cartamundi Angry Birds Star Wars Playing Cards Reviews

Product Tested by: Melanie Phillips – Hayden & Rhys – 9 & 5 Years

Product Tested By Melanie Phillips – Hayden & Rhys – 9 & 5 Years

Melanie Awarded The Cartamundi Angry Birds Star Wars Playing Cards 5/5

Looked good with a fun design for my star wars and angry bird mad sons .Packaging basic but fun packaging. The outer packaging was informative with great pictures. My sons absolutely loved the tin that came with them. The designs on these cards for a star wars and Angry birds mad boys they were perfect. I was a bit weary at first but the combination of the two worked really well. The suits were easy for my sons to differentiate between. No concerns at all regarding the recommended age. My eldest son likes to play card games. Where as my 5 year old is really only interested in playing snap, which can be easily done by matching the pictures. I think they keep both of my son’s attention much more than a standard pack of playing cards. They really like the pictures of the different characters. I believe they do help with development in the sense it helps promote turn taking (something my 5 year old needs practic ewith). We play the usual card games such as snap, etc. We also tried the card games in the guide on the website. They are very sturdy cards, with a great printed picture. The tin is also very sturdy and surprisingly my sons haven’t managed to dent it yet! I am very happy with these as it is a product my son would of asked for if they had seen it in the shop.  The tin makes them a bit different than other playing cards you can buy. This is the type of product my son would ask for if he had seen them in the shop. I would recommend and already have to a couple of other mums; they make perfect stocking fillers or a nice gift for a friend of my son’s birthday. Excellent product that will give any star wars or angry birds fan a few hours of fun. Melanie Phillips – Hayden & Rhys – 9 &5 Years


Product Tested By Anna Helm – Joshua 7 Years

AnnaAwarded The Cartamundi Angry Birds Star Wars Playing Cards 5/5

Looks great! Can’t wait to get stuck in and play cards with my boys on these cold winter evenings! It has great funky and clear design the outer cardboard packet has got a bit torn, but the tin itself is very robust and a great idea for protecting the cards. Designs on the cards offer a great mix between  Angry birds and Star Wars. The majority of cards are coloured/designed to fit it with their suits, i.e. hearts and diamonds tend to be designs with a lighter background & clubs and spades tend to have dark backgrounds. The numbers & suits are also clearly marked on the corner of each card. No concerns at all letting Joshua play with these cards as the imagery is suitable and the concept of cards is something that my 7 year old understands well. He has always enjoyed playing with cards & the Angry birds cards make it a bit more fun for him. These help with development in the same way as any other pack of cards. The design is fab but I don’t think this gives any extra in a developmental way.  Quality is very good, the tin box that they come in protects them even more so and will hopefully stop the cards getting damaged and even lost, unlike many of our other sets of cards which are often bent, torn and often half missing. Without a doubt great value for money. A game that never gets old and comes in a lovely tin for protection! What more could you want?! I havealready bought another pack as a Christmas gift for a friends child, who is Star Wars mad! Well I would recommend, but Shhhh, because I’ve bought some as a Christmas pressy!! We all loved them!! Can’t really fault them much at all!! Fantastic! Great stocking filler for this time of year!! Or even birthday present with them being at a great reasonable price for many to be able to afford. Anna Helm – Joshua 7 years


Product Tested By Peter Hailshum – Jonathan 5 years

Peter Awarded The Cartamundi Angry Birds Star Wars Playing Cards 5/5

Well-presented arrived in tin and ideal for Star Wars enthusiast. Jonathan really loved these cards and liked the tin which is ideal to keep them safe. The artistry on the cards is superb featuring star wars and angry bird characters. The numbers and suits on the cards were easy enough for my son to follow and understand. Age suitability ideal as great pack of cards for children. We played the standard snap and followed some of the games listed on the website. Very entertaining. These certainly held my son’sattention and fun for all the family to play. The quality of the cards is very good and the illustrations are vibrant and colourful. I do believe card games do help with development, as they help with memory, numbers, taking turns and also patience.  These are well-made so will last. Tin is very useful to keep them all together and safe. I would purchase these cards and have already recommended. A great stocking filler, also ideal for Birthday party games and birthday gift. Excellent set of cards that really keep your child entertained and all the family can join in.  Peter Hailshum – Jonathan 5 years


Excellent product that will give any Star Wars or Angry birds fan a few hours of fun.


Melanie Awarded The Cartamundi Angry Birds Star Wars Playing Cards 5/5   


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