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Casdon Self Service Toy Checkout

Little ones adore role play and pretending that they are doing real life jobs – just like the grown-ups! This realistic Self Service Check Out has been specially designed to provide hours of fun and stimulation so your little shopper will really feel part of your world while developing essential life skills.

• Role play activities for exploring imagination and developing social skills
• Spoken instructions for interaction and understanding cause and effect
• Realistic toy with lights and sounds for visual and aural stimulation
• Play encourages the development of hand-to-eye co-ordination
• Accessories and components develop problem solving and motor skills
• Different features encourage exploration and discovery
• Numbered buttons, prices and money for development of early counting skills

Barcode: 5011551006422
Cbm: 0.07, Carton Size (x6): D: 337mm x W 295mm H: 711mm

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Casdon Self Service Toy Checkout Reviews

Product Tested by: Isla Davidson – Anna 4 Years

Product Tested By Isla Davidson – Anna 4 Years

Isla Awarded The Casdon self service checkout 4.5/5

I thought it looked very life like and had very realistic voices. The packaging was nice and colourful, with the toy shown. The size was good and the style was excellent as it was very life like. I thought it kept my daughter entertained well why she played shops.  My only concern was I wondered how long the product would last as it was quite lightweight.  This toy did keep her attention.  The great thing was that it was so realistic and she would be happy playing shops for a while.  It helped her use her imagination to create different shops. It also with sharing, I felt it was a good toy that could be used for more than one child.  Anna would play with this for a while. She also added items of her own to sell different items in her shop. The quality is good, but I do think the price is a little expensive. I would buy it now that I have tested it and I would also recommend it to others. It’s a very realistic toy that folds away. Isla Davidson – Anna 4 Years

Product Tested By Amanda Flannery – Ruby 4 Years and Tamsin 2 Years

Amanda Awarded The Casdon self service checkout 3.9/5

I was really excited about this product, there are a lot of cash tills on the market but this is the first time I have heard of a self service checkout.  It is something that I often use in front of my children in the supermarket.  Nice packaging easy to see what you’re getting.  Be like mummy and daddy in the supermarket.  It’s a good size product, However not as realistic looking as I had hoped to see.  When I first got it out my little ones really loved playing with it, they really liked the credit card chip and pin aspect.  For them I guess it felt quite grown up, and nowadays we do tend to use our cards to make purchases more often.  I had no concerns at all with this product. I have a 2 year old and 4 year old and they both played nicely with it.  It does state from age 3, I guess this is because of the small coins in the set.  I always supervised my youngest with it just in case, but she is past the stage of putting things in her mouth. However as a parent you could remove the coins for little ones and it wouldn’t spoil the enjoyment of the product. They did enjoy playing with it, but I wouldn’t say it’s a toy that they would play with all of the time, but this can be said for a lot of toys.  So I would just rate this category as average due to the children either loving it or leaving it depending on what they want to play with that day. It’s a good toy for role play practise.  They love to enact things they see mummy doing.  I think it also encourages social skills as it’s a toy that is best played with others rather than playing it on their own.  It is easy to play with, but as mentioned earlier my 2 did get bored of  it really easily. We also have a child’s supermarket so the two worked well together.  My eldest likes to be the till operator rather than the shopper doing it themselves.  Also they love playing with the pretend credit card.  The quality is ok; I think the till could be a little more real looking. Overall, I think it’s a good idea as there is nothing similar on the market.  The product is great for helping children about numbers. I think if the price were lower it would be a better product. Amanda Flannery – Ruby 4 Years and Tamsin 2 Years

Product Tested By Alison Moore – Alfie 3 Years

Alison Awarded The Casdon self service checkout 3.3/5

It did seem quite flimsy and lightweight considering the RRP.  The packaging was bright and colourful.  Clearly shows all the product features. The design is ok, but product in itself is quite small I think.  I didn’t have any concerns about Alfie playing with this, but some of the parts are small, and other parents may have concerns about giving some of the coins to their child.  The concept is good.  My son enjoyed playing with it, but got bored very easily unfortunately. The chip and pin machine did seem to intrigue him.  This is a good toy for encouraging social skills. My son watches me and my husband in the supermarket all the time and it was good for him to practice at being "daddy” and paying for the shopping.  It encouraged hand-eye co-ordination particularly when placing the coins in the slot and the card in the machine. It’s easy to play with, but as its so lightweight it kept falling over with minimal force from my son.  He got frustrated with having to keep putting the items back on the shelf, and lost interest quite quickly.  I personally think it’s expensive and probably wouldn’t buy this now.  Too few items included in the shop itself.  To make this worth while you’d need to buy more toy food.  The quality needs improving too as it is at the moment, its just too flimsy for me. Alison Moore – Alfie 3 Years


It’s a very realistic toy that folds away.


Isla Awarded The Casdon self service checkout 4.5/5 

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