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The Original bubble you can touch and hold. Now you can Catchabubble, stackabubble, connect and collectabubble. These amazing bubbles can last for days.The amazing new Catchabubble solution produces thousands of bubbles that last for ages!Unscrew the stopper and slowly remove the bubble wand from the tube, allowing excess solution to drip back into the tube. Aim the bubble wand upwards and blow gently for a stream of bubbles. Wait a few seconds for the bubbles to harden. Then try to Catchabubble, stackabubble, collectabubble, connectabubble, they’re irresistabubble, and they can last for hours for children and their parents too. Suitable for Children Aged 5 Years Plus.  Catchabubble is 100% water soluble but may leave residue on fabrics and other absorbent surfaces. To remove simply use hot water. Bubbles are non-toxic but taste BAD! Young children should NOT use without adult supervision.


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Catchabubble Reviews

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Product Tested By Teresa Childs – Lance Aged 6 Years 

Teresa Awarded Catchabubbles 4.2/5

The website is well laid out site with quite a few interesting strange gift ideas. Packaging is functional. The bubble mix worked well and the wand was easy to use. He blew them fine although we did have to wait for a wind free day to use them as catching them is hard if there is any wind. Lance was fascinated by trying to catch the bubbles and watching them collapse on his hand as they do after a while once caught. As a one off novelty item this is good value but considering the bottles of mix we normally use in the summer I wouldn’t buy these as everyday bubbles. I might buy it as a stocking filler or small birthday gift for Lance’s friends. If older kids enjoy bubbles and want a fascinating twist on your "bog standard" bubble this is the gift for them! A fascinating twist on the common bubble, lots of fun!Teresa Childs – Lance Aged 6 Years 

Product Tested By Lucy Janick – Fiona Aged 6 Years

Lucy Awarded Catchabubbles 4/5

When the Catchabubbles arrived my first impression was a test tube filled with glupe.  The wand is attached to the lid so that when you open the pot the wand comes out so you don’t have to dip your fingers in.  The bubble mixture is quite a bit thicker than normal bubble mixture.  A fully loaded wand gave loads of bubbles meaning you had to dip your wand less than normal.  Once you have blown the bubble it took a few seconds to set and then you could actually catch the bubble on the wand.  Fiona had loads of fun with this product.  She spent quite a bit of time blowing and catching the bubbles with the wand.  She managed to stack a few bubbles on top of each other and at one point she even managed to catch a bubble on her nose.  Definitely good value for money.  The do leave a residue when the pop so we made sure that she played with them in the kitchen.  Lucy Janick and Fiona aged 6

Product Tested By Sarah Cane – Timothy Aged 5 Years 

Sarah Awarded Catchabubbles 4.8/5

Looked a good product and would keep Timothy entertained.  Website was really good as have so much on offer and some great toys for all ages. Packaging good. Timothy enjoyed using this and had lots of fun.  The bubble mix was really effective and whole thing very easy to use especially the wand. Timothy really enjoyed making his bubbles and best thing is you can use these indoors or outdoors.  He thought catching them was magic, could not believe he was able to catch them and also enjoyed seeing them burst (well he is a boy!).  A good take on the standard bubbles toys which all children love as part of their childhood. Good idea for kids party and nice little gift for Timothy to give his friends from him.  friends.  A new way to enjoy bubble fun and Timothy loved this item.  Will certainly be purchasing more for him and his friends.  Sarah Cane – Timothy Aged 5 Years 

If older kids enjoy bubbles and want a fascinating twist on your "bog standard" bubble this is the gift for them! A fascinating twist on the common bubble, lots of fun!


Teresa Awarded Catchabubbles 4.2/5

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