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Organic CBD Foot and Muscle Balm – perfect for those looking for relief from aches and sore muscles or to help with a series of skin conditions.

100% Organic and Natural formula with 800mg Organic CBD. Deliver the benefits of CBD were you need it most with Shea and Macadamia to moisturise, regenerate and soothe skin. Refreshing Spearmint & Rosemary extract to stimulate blood circulation, whilst relaxing nerve and muscle spasms. Anti-inflammatory, Analgesic, Antirheumatic, Spasmolytic, Anti-Microbial and Antiseptic properties giving the foot and muscle everything it deserves. Recommended for pain, musculoskeletal pain, muscle tension or soreness, venous problems, joint pain, rheumatism, athletes’ foot, arthritis, and inflammation. Soil Association Organic Certified.

At Beyond, we strive for the highest quality standards to reach unparalleled results. We have secured Soil Association COSMOS organic certification for all our Organic Range including our CBD Balm – the first and only high strength certified CBD Balm by Soil Association.


Massage in fairly firmly using circular movements to affected area throughout the day.

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Price £45.00 Available to purchase online

Bizziebaby Silver Award Winner 2022 Muscle Rub, Family Health, Natural Remedies, Skin Care and Organic Categories 

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Product Tested By Cheryl Glinwell

Cheryl Awarded The Beyond Organic Foot & Muscle Balm 5/5

When this arrived I thought “oh wow that is going to help so much with tired legs after 10 hours of caring for children!” I thought the concept was very clever. Clear information on packaging, label isn’t on straight making it seem less luxury. Instructions easy to follow. This was easy to apply but does leave skin greasy so better to apply end of day. Once applied does absorb well, but leaves skin greasy. This worked well on my feet. I suffer from raynauds and this is something I will be using in future to help, I saw a clear improvement in my circulation. Tired swollen ankles at the end of the busy day loved this and instantly felt better. I used this to help rest tired ankles. I’ll be buying in future. It was great for my Raynaud’s. I used this most days. Mostly used for tired legs with poor circulation. I loved the aroma. I loved that it helped improve my Raynaud’s and the smell. Great value for money. Felt like a luxury product. Using this I saw an improvement on something that is a daily struggle. I have already recommended. It wouldn’t stop me from buying if it wasn’t but I’m more inclined to buy a product that is organic and natural. An amazing product that helped me with a medical need while giving me a wonderful end of day pamper. Cheryl Glinwell

Product Tested By Margaret Brennan

Margaret Awarded The Beyond Organic Foot & Muscle Balm 5/5

Very luxurious and professional looking packaging. I think it is a great idea. Who does not love to have a foot massage!  I would change nothing. The packaging is attractive and stands out. Instructions easy to understand and follow. Very easy to apply and a little goes a long way. It absorbed very easily. This worked so well and moisturised my feet.  It is so lovely. This was very effective. After using it my feet felt so moist and so relaxed. I love it! My feet were tired after walking around a lot but after using this balm it gave them a new lease of life. They felt warm and relaxed and I got a new lease of life and ready to go again. I used it for my tired calf’s and feet. It was very relaxing. My partner suffers with a pain deep in his shoulder when he does strenuous work. He was blown away with how quickly this relieved the pain for him. It is very relaxing as well as a lovely fragrance. Most definitely a must for medical cupboard and sports bag! For any aches or pains this would provide great relief. Just for a gentle message it works great too. I used this several times a week over the weeks just a little goes such a long way. You do not need to use much at a time. Mostly used this for foot massage. I liked the aroma as it smelt and felt so relaxing and loved it. I loved how quickly it works to relieve pain and to relax you. Most certainly great value.  It is a high quality product which absorbs very well and works so quickly. I would certainly and will certainly buy this again. I would want to keep it in my home for any aches and pains or just to use as a relaxing foot massage.  I would recommend.  Every home should have some! You can use it on any age group. So handy for the children when they bump themselves to rub some magic cream on and it works so quickly the tears soon turns to smiles! I like to use organic and natural products the fact this product is Cosmos certified I know I can trust it 100%. I would happily give this product top marks. It is one of those items you did not know you needed until you tried it now that I have I will make sure I have some in my house and will encourage family and friends to purchase it too. When you see this product your first reaction will be how can this product work well? After you have tried it once you will be amazed and convinced like the children say it is magic cream. It is absorbent, relaxing and refreshing. It is so lovely to give the children a little foot massage. To see their smiling faces as they relax. For aches and pains it is exceptional. I would buy this product and give it as a present. Yes I love it! Thank you so much for the opportunity to test it. Margaret Brennan

Product Tested By Marsha Andes

Marsha Awarded The Beyond Organic Foot & Muscle Balm 4/5

My first impression was the packaging was very simple. It was a compact size but a little goes a long way. I was looking forward to trying out the product. I love the concept of a foot and muscle balm which is effective for pain relief and reducing inflammation. I have wanted to try CBD products due to its pain relieving elements. I like the addition of the anti-inflammatory ingredients and the rosemary which is good for circulation (I suffer with poor circulation so this appeals to me). The packaging was simple and clean. The instructions were clear and easy to follow. This cream was easy to apply. It blended it well and I only needed a small amount as this went a long way. This cream was easy to absorb into the skin and did not leave any residue. This product was good as a moisturiser as it blended it nicely without leaving a greasy film.  I used this as part of my self-care and was reasonably impressed. It worked very well as a foot cream for cramp and increasing circulation. I really enjoyed using this product. It did help my feet to feel warmer and relaxed.  I have to say though, I haven’t got a chronic condition to try this on – However, I would be confident to use this if I did due to the ingredients. I tried this on my feet when I had cramp and it worked very well.  I would feel confident that the benefits would be very effective. I used this product on my feet and calf area and this helped me very well. I wouldn’t hesitate to use on my children if needed. This would be great for those who play sport for pain, cramp and easing of pressure. I used this product when I needed (3 occasions). This was used for cramp and blood circulation. Lovely aroma a nice fresh scent. I liked the CBD and essential oils. The price reflects the addition of the ingredients. The product is of a good quality. I would consider buying if my budget would allow. It does compare to other similar products which are on the market. I would recommend if the budget allows. The organic status, essential oils and CBD oil would be the selling point. I absolutely am drawn to organic and natural products as I believe what goes on to our skin can be absorbed into our bloodstream – choosing natural will help us to avoid any issues relating to toxic ingredients and storing up ill-health issues. I liked the organic and natural element of this product and its benefits for circulation. I liked this product and enjoyed using it. I will continue to use it. I liked this product overall as I buy organic when I can.  Also as a user of essential oils, I liked the addition of these and their benefits to health. CBD oil is very popular at the moment and is effective for pain relief so all in all, this is a good product which I would recommend. Marsha Andes

I loved the aroma. I loved that it helped improve my Raynaud’s and the smell. Great value for money. Felt like a luxury product. Using this I saw an improvement on something that is a daily struggle. I have already recommended. It wouldn’t stop me from buying if it wasn’t but I’m more inclined to buy a product that is organic and natural. An amazing product that helped me with a medical need while giving me a wonderful end of day pamper.


Cheryl Awarded The Beyond Organic Foot & Muscle Balm 5/5

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