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Charlie Banana Swim Nappies

You are already using cloth diapers; why not consider cloth swim diapers as well? Disposable baby swimwear is wasteful, and most of the products on the market are not very absorbent nor specially attractive. The Charlie Banana® swim diapers have a waterproof outer layer and a soft organic cotton inner lining with some micro terry built in. We have a rainbow assortment of colours and prints to make your little one a fashion sensation at the pool or beach.

We have 3 sizes:
Small 0-4 months
Medium 6-18 months
Large18-36 months
Machine wash

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£9.49 Available to purchase online

Charlie Banana Swim Nappies Reviews

Product Tested by: Shelby Hollick – Tahlie 11 Months

Product Tested By Shelby Hollick – Tahlie 11 Months

Shelby Awarded the Charlie Banana Swim Nappy 5/5

I loved the little tote bag they arrived in and the butterfly patterned diaper is very cute. It felt like a quality item and from testing I discovered that it washed and wore well. There were simple instructions printed on the card that came with the diaper and they were simple to follow. The Nappy had a lovely fit and it was simple to put on. Tahlie was very happy wearing these during her swimming lessons. They are nice light weight nappies that dont get heavy in the water, simple to get on and off and comfy around the waist and legs. The nappy worked great, we had no accidents with it and they wash up lovely. I left them on our radiators over night and they were dry by the morning, but to be honest think they were probably dry after a few hours I just never got around to checking. I would happily buy more for Tahlie to use as she gets bigger. For us they would work out about the same cost as disposables while she is growing so quick, but as she is slowing down now I think they are better value and especially if you were going on holiday so would use more than once a week. All round lovely products. Am converted and would think twice about buying disposables now, these are really nice and easy to use. Shelby Hollick – Tahlie 11 Months

Product Tested By Joanne Waring – Esme 10 Months

Joanne Awarded the Charlie Banana Swim Nappy 4.5/5

The nappies looked to be good quality and attractive. One would be suitable for babies of both genders, while the white floral one was definitely for girls. The instructions for use and washing are clear, on outerpackaging as well as on the label. The nappies are easy to put on a baby, and easy to take off a wet baby after swimming. They are sized according to weight and when wearing the correct size they fit well. The item appeared to be comfortable to wear and I had no problems when testing them with my baby. There is no need to wear a disposable nappy with the Charlie Banana swim nappy, so, as we go swimming every week, it is now cheaper as we no longer have the cost of disposables. The nappy was effective. There were no leaks! The nappy took at day to dry fully, which is the same as our other reusable nappies. The product is of good quality and the stitching is strong too. The product is excellent value for money if you swim regularly or are going on holiday. I have already recommended this product to other cloth using mommies, but also to families that generally use disposables. I was very happy with Charlie Banana swim nappies as they are cute and effective, and they do not add to the burden of disposable nappies on the environment. Joanne Waring – Esme 10 Months

Product Tested By Ali Glyn – Lara 16 Months

Ali Awarded the Charlie Banana Swim Nappy 5/5

A lovely looking product that arrived beautifully presented. I found the nappies easy to put on, and they fit nicely without cutting into chubby thighs or tummy. After swimming, they didn’t leave any marks on skin and baby seemed happy wearing them too. She was happy and comfortable, and looked very cute. The Charlie Banana nappy also appears to dry quicker than other similar swim nappies – very happy about that. Couldn’t fault the quality, and loved the bag it arrived in, would be very suitable for a gift. The swim nappy is a very reasonable price, I will purchase from this brand when we need the next size! Lovely item, beautifully presented and quick drying, would definitely recommend. Ali Glyn – Lara 16 Months

Am converted and would think twice about buying disposables now, these are really nice and easy to use.


Shelby Awarded the Charlie Banana Swim Nappy 5/5

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