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Charlie Banana Tote Bag

The Charlie Banana® waterproof tote bag is an essential item for any cloth diapering parent on the go. Use it away from home for storing your wet and dry diapers. No spill, no smell, no mess.  The stylish black tote with our signature embroidery has a convenient wide handle that can be hooked to anything. In addition to diapers, it can also be used to store items such as wet swimwear, baby bottles, formula and exercise clothes. A long lasting item that we love.
It is small enough to be tossed in any diaper bag or any big hand bag. It can fit 3-4 diapers. It is made from the same waterproof material that we use to make our diapers. As our diapers can be securely wrapped up with the extra snap, it is no problem to have the used diapers and your clean ones in the tote bag.Dimensions: 12.75in x 12.75in (32.40cm x 32.40cm)
Machine wash.

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$16.88 - Sterling £7.99 - Availabel in a selection of colours order online

Charlie Banana Tote Bag Reviews

Product Tested by: Lynzie Gillingham – Kaiya 9 Months

Product Tested By Lynzie Gillingham – Kaiya 9 Months

Lynzie Awarded The Charlie Banana Tote Bag 4/5

This is a simple design, effective tote bag and very durable. Its great quality and it means it can be folded down really small until use. Size is just right for all our needs. The bag is a great size, and the wide handle is fab which means you can pretty much hang the bag from anything. It is easier to carry soiled nappies with this tote bag, but you can store anything in this, such as dirty clothes, swimwear etc. You can use the bag for a wide range of things, not just nappies, bottles etc. We don’t use re-usable nappies, but this product is great for other items to be carried around in the car or days out, makes life a lot easier. I would defiantly recommend it to people whether their baby was going to use re-usable. It is a great item for people using reusable nappies, but likewise people using disposables would still get some use from this product. There was excellent communication with the person who sent me the Charlie banana tote bag. I feel that the product will last a long time; it’s not something that would break easily. It’s a great product, which has a variety of different uses, so you are not tied into just using it for one thing.  Lynzie Gillingham – Kaiya 9 Months

Product Tested By Nicola Coppington – Leigh 8 Months

Nicola Awarded The Charlie Banana Tote Bag 4.5/5

A nice colourful neat little tote bag for all those nasty’s. This looked well-made and good quality. Easy to fold away and keep in changing bag. Size is just right. Wide handles make it easy to use. We use reusable nappies so this was perfect to pop our soiled nappies in and keep them safe and protected until we get home to wash. We also used it to carry other essential items and also to store dirty bibs. Great to take out on days out as you can really store anything in this and neat and handy. Good quality tote bag, reasonable price and a fairly essential item. I would recommend and will continue to use this as so handy. A versatile tote bag to store lots of different things when you are out travelling. Nicola Coppington – Leigh 8 Months

Product Tested By Faye West – Lilly 7 Months

Faye Awarded The Charlie Banana Tote Bag 4.7/5

Looked a good q2uality tote bag. Just one of those things that always comes in handy. This is well made, strong and durable and you can store lots of things in it. Ideal for dirty nappies, soiled bibs, and also soiled baby tops. Nice size, easy to use and good size handles. This will fold down small so can keep in nappy bag at all times. Invaluable when you are travelling and keep all those soiled items safe and protected. We used this on days out and has been used a lot on holiday. One of those items once you have will always use. This is well made and hard wearing so will last and has lots of uses. We use disposable nappies so ideal for us. A good investment. Faye West – Lily 7 Months

It’s a great product, which has a variety of different uses, so you are not tied into just using it for one thing.


Lynzie Awarded The Charlie Banana Tote Bag 4/5

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