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Cheeky Wipes Kit

What if you could get that botty clean, protect your baby, the future of the planet and save money? All with a baby wipe? Reusable Baby Wipes
Introducing Cheeky Baby Wipes All-In-One Kit
Cheeky Baby Wipes are at the forefront of a bottom cleaning revolution.  No more chucking endless baby wipes in the bin, no more worry about harsh chemicals on your baby’s skin. A hassle free washable cloth Baby Wipes All-In-One Kit that’ll do your bit for the environment and save you money.

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Cheeky Wipes Kit £34.95 Available to purchase online

Cheeky Wipes Kit Reviews

Product Tested by: Joanna Malin-Burke – Baby Caitlyn 6 Months

Product Tested By – Joanna Malin-Burke – Baby Caitlyn 6 Months

Joanna Awarded The Cheeky Wipes Kit 5/5

My first impression was a good one; the kit is so much bigger and better than the pictures on the internet.  The website is very well laid out and informative. It’s easy to navigate around and to know exactly what to expect from the product.  The Cheeky Wipes came packaged in a plain brown box.  Everything was stacked inside each other so it didn’t take up much space and looked quite small.  The wipes are made from close loop terry toweling so they feel relatively soft to the touch once washed and tumble dried, although I imagine they might be a bit stiffer if they’re line dried. They’re quite thick when compared to disposable wipes and just the right size.  The set comes with instructions on how much water to add to the box, although after the first few times I just guessed about how much. The fresh box is a click lock one so the wipes stay moist and ready to use. The box is easy to open one handed when you have an emergency wipe situation.  The dirty wipes get put into a ‘mucky’ box which is also a click lock box. A net bag is supplied to line the box and when the wipes are ready for washing you just lift the bag out and put it straight into the washing machine. The travel bag also has a zip out net bag built into it and works in the same way. The box is air tight and even when you’ve got the mucky essential blend in there, no smells escape. At one point I even dropped the full box with the lid on and nothing leaked out which was a relief!  The wipes clean as effectively as a damp flannel. It does take a bit of getting used to after using disposable wipes but after a couple of nappies you don’t even notice the difference.   I used the wipes for everything you would use a disposable wipe for, dirty/wet nappies, grubby fingers and snotty noses. This week we have started weaning so they’ve become face and highchair wipes too.  The washing instructions are clear and simple to understand.  The wipes shrink a little the first time you wash them and this is mentioned in the information. I did find they stained a little if they’d been used with a dirty nappy but so do the washable nappies I used with them so it could be partly a detergent issue.  The wipes can be used for everything you would use a disposable wipe for and are of a quality that will last for more than one baby. When you factor in the cost of disposable wipes the re-usable system is very good value for money.  I would buy these without a doubt.   I have already recommended them to a number of people.  Excellent quality and very good value for money. A must have baby item!  Joanna Malin-Burke – Baby Caitlyn 6 Months


Product Tested By Anna Woolford – Lucas, Alex & Elliot – Aged 2 Years and Twins 10 Months

Anna Awarded The Cheeky Wipes Kit 3.5/5

Great idea and well thought out. I felt it was an expensive product for what was included in the kit. Great website as encourages people to think re evaluate the financial and environmental issues surrounding disposable wipes and the added chemicals that are in contact with baby’s skin.  The packaging is good but for the price the contents are very basic and could be recreated at a fraction of the cost.  The wipes are lovely and soft.  The wipes are easily accessible and do stay moist in both the portable bag and box.  Dealing with poo is still harder than with a disposable wipe and the box with the water and dirty wipes in is yucky. I found if I was using cloth nappies I just used a disposable liner o get most of the poo off and then finished off with the reusable wipe.  I find the problem with the wipes is that my babies are prone to thrush and I need to use a wipe to clean and then another wipe to dry. The wipes also don’t always get all the urine off the skin. With the disposable wipes they don’t get as sore or thrush.  This may not be applicable to everyone; just my babies are prone to getting thrush.  These wipes are brilliant for faces and hands and as hankies!  Washing instructions are very clear and easy to follow.  They came up clean and dried quickly and easily softened in the tumble dryer.  Personally I am not so sure these are good value,  although they do save money as they are cheaper than wipes you still need to buy the oils and still need to wash them and if you have more than one child will need more than 15.  Brilliant idea in principal but hard work and lacks the efficiency and effectiveness that makes the disposable wet wipe essential!  However, these are natural and Eco friendly so you have to take this into account when looking into purchasing this item.  Anna Woolford – Lucas, Ales & Elliot – Aged 2 years and Twins 10 Months


Product Tested By Jo Breadman – Lucy Aged 1 Year 2 Months

Jo Awarded The Cheeky Wipes Kit 4/5

Good idea, especially for the "Environment Conscious" or for those who need to save money.  Website is very eye catching with bright colours and bold writing. Very easy to navigate. Very practical, the tubs can be used for something else when wipes are no longer needed.   Nice and soft, but because the wipes are white they do tend to stain.  The wipes certainly do stay moist in the box provided.   These were easy enough to use with soiled nappies just time consuming.  These clean just as well as disposable wipes.   Used these mostly for nappy changes but have used for hands and face occasionally.  Washing instructions are very clear and easy to follow, although some of them have stained.   The kit is quite expensive but must be looked at as a long term investment.  This product is high quality and effective, but for me personally bit too fiddly and time consuming to use all the time.   I would recommend to an environment conscious mum who has only 1 child.  Good idea but just not very practical for a super busy mum.  I enjoyed using the wipes when indoors. Did not like taking them out with me, especially when carrying soiled wipes around. I did like the idea of helping the environment but it did mean that I had to use more and washing machine more often, so are they really helping the environment?  These are the Perfect complement to re-usable nappies.  Jo Breadman – Lucy Aged 1 Year 2 Months

Excellent quality and very good value for money. A must have baby item


Joanna Awarded The Cheeky Wipes Kit 5/5

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