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Chico Bello Derby Bowling Changing Bag

Ideal for overnight or weekend trips. The Chic ‘o’ Bello baby changing, ‘Bowling’ bag is a solution for overnight and weekend trips with baby. This bag has a large insulated front compartment for baby food, and separate clothing/shoe compartment stored cleverly underneath. “…the perfect companion for Mum’s and Baby’s overnight and weekend trips away.” Containing the trademark essential accessories and innovative internal structure – the Chic ‘o’ bello Cubi™, which allows quick access to all those baby essentials, combined with clever and substantial storage pockets make this the perfect companion for Mum’s and Baby’s overnight and weekend trips away. The easily removable, internal compartments allow simple conversion into a “normal” bowling bag in no time, prolonging its use beyond the baby years.

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Chico Bello Derby Bowling Changing Bag Reviews

Product Tested by: Susan Duffy – Fraser 2 Years

Product Tested By Susan Duffy – Fraser 2 Years

Susan Awarded the Chico Bello Derby Bowling Bag 5/5

Wow, I love this bag! The Companies website is very informative visually; you can change the colour of the bag and its contents. You can also see exactly how the bag attached to your pushchair, what all the different compartments are for. This bag is very stylish, practical and holds everything you need. The fabric is of a high standard, my son stood on it with wet wellies and it wiped clean. I think this bag is perfect!  I could not fault the quality in any way. The compartments are great!  If you have a new born everything has its own place and can be easily accessed.  There are also removable accessories so that when your child grows and you maybe don’t need them IE the bottle holder. This size is perfect! There is plenty of room for nappies, bottles, clothes and toys. This is the perfect bag for weekends away, I have tested it, I got all my sons clothes in for a long weekend at the caravan by the beach and you need a lot of clothes for the beach in Scotland. Very comfortable, easy to carry over your shoulder or on your hand. All the attachments are either Velcro or press studs, so it is very easy to take them all out. No time at all!! The shoulder strap is adjustable to makes is so easy to fit on any buggy or anybodies shoulder and it is a comfortable size it does not dig in. I loved this bag! All the compartments make you super organised, you just want to show them off to your friends!! This will be a permanent part of our holiday luggage and Granny has even bought one for herself and she loves it too! This bag is perfect for your first child and you will still be using it with your grandchildren! Susan Duffy – Fraser 2 Years

Product Tested By Lee Bradley – Baby Erin 4 Months

Lee Awarded the Chico Bello Derby Bowling Bag 4.6/5

A very roomy bag, aimed for women’s needs. The style of the bag is very good; it is extra roomy, with plenty of compartments and is ideal for overnight use! It’s high quality, sturdy and robust. I am pleased with the number of compartments, there are plenty to fill! The bag is very versatile, it’s excellent for overnight use (this is what we have used it for) but I think it’s a little too big for an everyday bag. The bag is very comfortable to use because of the wide straps attached to it. I didn’t really like using the handles but I liked using the wide strap. The bag definitely makes taking care of my baby a lot easier because you can fit everything into one bag! A very feminine but good quality and stylish bag overall. Lee Bradley – Baby Erin 4 Months

Product Tested By Andrea Cartlidge – Emily 11 Months

Andrea Awarded the Chico Bello Derby Bowling Bag 4.7/5

The bag has a very bold pattern and it is very spacious. Very clean website design, and easy to use. Some good tools (zoom in on bags). Shame, that there is no purchase option. Wide range of designs – nice to see some are available in less colourful designs! Would also be good to see the inside of the bag as on the main products page, for each of the other products, as I found this really useful – product descriptions can be a bit dry. Nice style. More space in the bag than I initially thought. Initially thought the design was a bit too bold for me (spots with flower), but it grew on me as I used the bag. It definitely made people notice it. Seems to be very tough exterior fabric and waterproof.  My initial glance at the silver compartment made me think that it would be made of cheap material, but on closer inspection, I was pleasantly wrong. Having used various nappy bags with my other children, I could instantly tell the quality was superior. The handles are extremely comfortable. It’s the small things like the zipper, which usually shows that the product is not a high quality product – however, the zipper on this bag quite heavy. The connection where the bag strap connects also is well secure and not just stitched onto the main bag. Liked the fact that the inner compartments came out, so when I knew I wouldn’t need them, I could remove them, and make more space. Side pockets were good at holding formula bottles, and the underside compartment, good for things that I needed keeping flat. I used to have to carry 2 bags around with me, one for formula milk, dummies, toys etc, and another for the nappies. I was able to replace both with this bag, yet it didn’t feel like it when I was carrying it. The design of the bag doesn’t shout nappy bag – I could see this being used for many other purposes, and it’s big enough for an overnight bag. Over-shoulder strap could do with a padded section for the shoulder, as I could see it digging in, if it was carried for a prolonged period with some weight in it. Hand strap very comfortable to wear. Shoulder straps length surprising long. 6’2 husband had no problem carrying the bag at a comfortable length. Hard case for wipes is good. Insulated bottle bag very useful. A surprisingly useful product that was far better than I expected. Andrea Cartlidge – Emily 11 Months

This bag is perfect for your first child and you will still be using it with your grandchildren!


Susan Awarded the Chico Bello Derby Bowling Bag 5/5

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