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Chico Bello Marakesh Carryall Changing Bag

The Chic ‘o’ Bello baby changing, ‘Carry All’ bag, is designed specifically as a spacious changing bag combined with everyday practicality. “…suitable for a busy mums everyday activities.” Containing the trademark essential accessories and innovative internal structure – the Chic ‘o’ bello Cubi™, which allows quick access to all those baby essentials, combined with additional external and internal storage pockets make this bag suitable for a busy mums everyday activities. The easily removable, internal compartments allow simple conversion into a “normal” carry all bag in no time, prolonging its use beyond the baby years.

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Chico Bello Marakesh Carryall Changing Bag Reviews

Product Tested by: Kirstein Clifton – Savannah 1 Year Old

Product Tested By Kirstein Clifton – Savannah 1 Year Old

Kirstein Awarded the Chico Bello Marakesh Carryall Bag 4.6/5

When I first saw this product I thought it was Huge and the design stood out so much, not my usual taste.  Good selection of bags for both mums and dads in 9 designs, the website tells you a lot about their story and where they have been reviewed.  It shows all the products and what is included but you may need to be directed somewhere else if you wish to order online. The print isn’t my usual taste but within a couple of days of using it I love it, Style of the bag is great. All of the materials used on the bag are strong and of good quality. The handles look worn but the material hasn’t split so I think this is part of the design. The overall qualities of the bag including the accessories/attachments seem to be well made especially stitching (usually the first place you will find problems especially if you carry a lot of things like me.)  Brilliant size, lots of room for purse, diary, keys, in zipped external pockets so they cannot get lost inside and the internal zipped pocked is mesh so you can see as soon as you open the bag what is inside. A lovely size to fit all the necessities in, the design also allows for this too. The bag is great in the sense that you can unattach everything inside to gain extra room when needed for each developmental stage. I.e. Good for using for baby or older child when toilet training. It is also stylish as a shopping bag, overnight bag or college bag (for carrying assignments). I have had plenty of room for a couple of books and toys, as well as drinks and snacks for two children and not forgetting nappies, wipes and nappy bags. The handles are thickly padded and are large enough to carry on the shoulder comfortably. The bag has detachable straps to attach to your pushchair or a shopping trolley. Brilliant! Good thickness and length for carrying handles giving ease of use to parent. Good length for detachable pram/trolley attachments, keeping a good distance between bag and child and parent and bag. I love using this bag and I have had so many people comment on it, (all positive remarks) it has made my life easier in that everything is practically to hand when I need it.  I can carry extra items for my 3 and 5 year old as well as baby essentials. The insulated bottle cover was handy. The wipes box, I use to keep nappy bags in instead as I like to have a large packet of wipes with me and they are cheaper to buy this way.  The 3 Internal pockets were too small for most things; I used a couple for tissues and raisins. I didn’t receive a phone holder but there is so many external pockets to choose from I always used these. The changing mat is useful when out and about. A large well thought out, stylish changing bag that is very versatile and a talking point amongst friends. Kirstein Clifton – Savannah 1 Year Old

Product Tested By Imogen Clements – Baby Niven 6 Months

Imogen Awarded the Chico Bello Marakesh Carryall Bag 4/5

A very nice bag. I have received many compliments on it when out and about; it is a good size and has a lot of compartments. The matching changing mat is lovely, I did at first think it looked a bit tacky but now I have grown to like it. The fabric used is nice and soft which is great because it is a big bag. It has shown some signs of wear on the bottom and on the handles because I use it so much! You can fit a lot in the bag and it is very comfortable to wear. The length is also good for the body’s posture and for fitting safely and securely on the pram. It’s good to be able to fit everything into the bag, whilst remaining glam and I am very happy with it. Overall, a great sized bag that is sure to get you a lot of compliments! Imogen Clements – Baby Niven 6 Months

Product Tested By Michelle Williams – Harvey 12 Months

Michelle Awarded the Chico Bello Marakesh Carryall Bag 4.2/5

It is a nice stylish bag with lots of space inside it. Unfortunately it is not aimed at men, so if my husband wanted to take Harvey out and needed the change bag he would of had to use a different bag as the design is not unisex. I think the style of the bag is great it looks nice and has lots of different parts inside so you can fit loads of things in it. I have used this bag every day and so far I think the quality is good it hasn’t marked at all. At first I liked all the compartments but did find I would loose things inside it as it was bigger to what I was used to, but it did mean I didn’t have to use my handbag I could put it all in the change bag. It’s a nice size and can fit everything in it that you would need, but sometimes it felt a bit too big for the amount I needed. I think it would be great to use it as a laptop/school bag it’s big enough to fit every thing in it and you’re able to carry it over your shoulder. I think the straps are very thick and it holds well on the pram and your shoulder. I love using the bag because it looks nice and is stylish, but it doesn’t make it any easier for me personally to take care of my baby. I really like the bag but I will still have to keep my old unisex one ready for when my husband needs to use it. Overall, it’s a lovely ladies bag to make your life as a mum that little bit more glam! Michelle Williams – Harvey 12 Months

 A large well thought out, stylish changing bag that is very versatile and a talking point amongst friends


Kirstein Awarded the Chico Bello Marakesh Carryall Bag 4.6/5

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