Saved In Hot Chocolate and Sauces

Choc Shot

Choc Shot – The Liquid Chocolate Revolution – Liquid hot chocolate that’s not just for drinking·         

100% natural Sweetened with our magic ingredient, award winning Sweet Freedom·         
Only 14 calories per teaspoon·         
Low GI / GL – no energy highs and lows·         
Suitable for diabetics as part of a healthy diet·         
NO artificial colourings, flavourings or preservatives·       
GM, dairy & gluten free·         
Suitable for vegetarians and vegans·         
Made in the UK



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£3.59 Available Tesco, Sainsbury’s, Morrisons, Co-op, Ocado & Holland and Barrett or click online to find your local stockist

Choc Shot Reviews

Product Tested by: ictoria Pridmore - Evie 3 Years and Bobby 1 Year

Product Tested By Victoria
Pridmore – Evie 3 Years and Bobby 1 Year

Victoria Awarded The Choc Shot 4.9/5

I was so excited to receive this product! As was my daughter!
Hot chocolate, in a liquid! I am a hot chocolate snob, so it was always going
to be a challenge to impress me! A good
start with the fab squeezey tube design though. The packaging was lovely, very
appealing and stood out. As hot chocolate snob, in fact as a chocolate snob in
general, and only really liking Cadbury’s, I was amazed by the taste. It is
delicious! It tastes amazing in hot chocolate, on pancakes and on ice cream!
The quality is great quality. You don’t get the powdery taste that you get from
chocolate powders. Price is a little on the high side, but most definitely
worth it. I will most definitely be buying more of this! Let me know when it’s on sale!!! I highly
recommend it. We were so excited when this product arrived, we couldn’t wait to
try it! My little girl wanted it with everything. All the family tried a hot
chocolate, and loved it! Even my little boy, who until now has turned his nose
up at hot chocolate. My daughter planned her meals round it! And since trying it
has asked for a hot chocolate every night! When my friend came round the other
day, she tried it, as I had been telling her about it and loved it, and said
she wants to know when it’s available to buy in the shops! A truly awesome
product!!!! Victoria Pridmore – Evie 3 Years and Bobby 1 Year

Product Tested By Kelda
McMichael – Naylan 26 Months

Kelda Awarded The Choc Shot 4.7/5

This product seemed like a quality produce and tasted nice
on a first squeeze on to a tea spoon to try. The packaging was lovely; it looked
like a quality product; like a finest range or equivalent. It made a good
impression on me and increased my expectations for trying it. The flavour was
lovely; it was a good chocolaty taste; it didn’t seem man-made or chalky as
some alternatives do. I liked using this as a hot chocolate; something I would
never have thought of doing for chocolate syrup. It was much better than trying
to get a powder to dissolve! I’d use this sparingly rather than for everyday
use; as a treat; as it’s clearly a quality product. It’s not a produce I would
want to buy every week in my weekly or fortnightly shop and let my child have
free range to, as it would be expensive over time but nice as something in the
cupboard for a treat or for when you need a chocolate hit but don’t want to use
the calories! I would buy it again. I’m not sure though where I’d expect to
find it on the supermarket shelves? I would recommend it to family and friends.
I liked the versatility of this product. It was a nice; less calorific
alternative to Nutella/chocolate spread and an alternative to honey on top of
the porridge! I also liked that it was GM dairy and gluten free and suitable
for diabetics. Good as a stock cupboard staple addition to have in the house
for those family members and friends who might appear unexpectedly who have
dietary issues. Kelda McMichael – Naylan 26 Months

Product Tested By Sarah Watts – Joseph 3 Years

Sarah Awarded The Choc Shot 4.6/5

I thought it was a fab idea, much easier than mixing powder
for drink then having chocolate sauce etc. for other foods. The packaging is smart,
neat and appropriate for what it is. I really liked the taste; it wasn’t as
sweet as I expected but suited me. My little boy wasn’t too fussed though and
he loves chocolate milkshake. The quality is excellent; stays fresh and doesn’t
leak. As much as I liked the product, the price is a little higher than I
expected. It comes in a handy little bottle with loads of different uses. It saves
space in the kitchen cupboard but could be a tad sweeter though I appreciate
this would increase calories. Sarah Watts – Joseph 3 Years

When my friend came round the other day, she tried it, as I had been telling her about it and loved it, and said she wants to know when it’s available to buy in the shops! A truly awesome product!!!! 


Victoria Awarded The Choc Shot 4.9/5

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