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Chocolate Lolly Maker

Melt, mould and wrap your own chocolate lollies!

It’s fun, easy and safe to do and makes a perfect gift for family and friends… or a special treat just for you! Use your own chocolate buttons or chocolate pieces to make your lollies.

Contents: Chocolate lolly wrapper, chocolate melter, 2 mould holders, 4 lolly moulds, 8 message moulds, 12 re-usable lolly sticks, spoon, stirrer, ribbon bags and instructions. Please note, chocolate is not included.

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Price £24.99 Available, Argos, Smyths, The Entertainer, Toymaster, Very or click online to find local stockists

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Chocolate Lolly Maker Reviews

Product Tested By Katie Loneragan – Jack & Harry 11 & 7 Years

Katie Awarded The Chocolate Lolly Maker 5/5

When the Lolly Maker first arrived my first impression was that my children would want to try it out straight away. And I must admit, so did I! I was pleased that the box wasn’t too large for future storage and that the only thing we needed in addition to the product was the chocolate. As a concept, the chocolate lolly maker is not something I would usually choose to buy. However, on unpacking the product and seeing that all the equipment was reusable and child friendly my thoughts soon changed. My children were already designing lollies they planned to make for friends and family and I could see this was going to be a fun family based activity where the kids could do the majority of the work! The instructions would definitely get a 5/5. They were clear and with the addition of real life photographs of the product really helped explaining to the children what they needed to do. In truth, I was hardly needed to help the kids with the instructions. I think that fact that this product is so child friendly means it must have a 5/5 for Harry finding it easy to use and making his own lolly. He followed the instructions himself and other than adding the hot water to the container did not need me to help. The melting container was easy for a child to use and the scooping spoon meant the children could easily scoop the melted chocolate into the moulds themselves. It means I would give 5/5 for them finding this part of the process easy. Also, the low design of the melting container and deep child sized scooping spoon meant that there was very little mess and no wasted chocolate. Having the choice of messages to stamp on the back of their lollies was a lovely touch. The children planned which ones to use and why and matched them to the people they were making them for. I think this makes it a real handmade gift to give someone and was a really important part for the children. Inserting the stick into the chocolate lolly mould was itself an easy thing for the children to do, but the folding over the end of the mould to secure the stick in place was fiddly as it seemed very thin and difficult to make it stay in place. It in no way impacted on the process or the fun we had, but Harry was unable to get the end of the mould to stay secure. The children were able to foil wrap their own lolly using the equipment provided after a bit of a practice. The method allows them to have both hands free to tie the ribbon so it worked really well. The range of 8 different stamps to add messages to the lollies were good. I think they cover most important occasions and a nice selection of everyday ones which makes this a great activity for children to do to gift them to friends and family. As I said previously in my review, this was also a really lovely part of the children discussing what message they were doing for people and why. Both Jack and Harry enjoyed the process of making, wrapping and then gifting their lollies. It was great that they did almost all the process independently and enjoyed each stage. They were both very entertained throughout the process. They enjoyed the planning right through to the eating! The great thing about this product is that it can be used throughout the year for all sorts of occasions. The children can plan, make and gift their lollies for special events as well as just to say thank you or to tell someone they are thinking about them. Everything needed was supplied in the kit. You only need to supply the chocolate. There is also a great number of stamps and lolly sticks to ensure a nice quantity can be made each time. The bags and ribbon are even included so you can start making and gifting straight away. Both children enjoyed choosing the stamp the most and seeing the mark once the chocolate had set. I think they personalisation made it very special for them and the results looked brilliant. They were very proud gifting their lollies and showing the recipients their work. As a parent, I think the best bit about this kit is that it truly is child friendly. I barely needed to help and it meant that the boys had independently designed and made their own lollies. Having used the kit I do think that it is value for money as I’m sure we will use it numerous times throughout the year. There is also a good amount of equipment included making it possible to make numerous lollies at once. As we can now make gifts for people rather than buy them we will also save money, and also be able to give a handmade thoughtful gift making it extra special. I was very happy with the quality of this product. The equipment was suitable and sturdy. The flexibility of the moulds were excellent and the melting container was safe and worked really well. Although this is not a product I would ever have bought previously, having now used it I would consider buying it. Both children had lots of fun and they enjoyed the whole activity. They are keen to use it again soon and it produced lovely lollies. I would definitely recommend this product to friends and family. It’s a lovely activity for children (and adults!) to do. Overall I would give this product a 5/5. I was very impressed with the product itself, how easy and child friendly the whole process of making the lollies and how the lollies turned out. The lollies produced were excellent quality-the moulds and stamps created lovely marks making them look great. The wrapping machine helped package them neatly adding to the overall look. We enjoyed the whole process of making the lollies and sharing them as gifts. The re-usable equipment means we are all set ready to make some more whenever we feel like it, and I’m sure that won’t be in the too distant future. The activity was fun with minimal mess thanks to all the great designed equipment. The wrapping equipment holds all smaller pieces so everything is keep neat and in place. The children independently produced great looking lollies in a very short space of time and this makes it a great product! Katie Loneragan – Jack & Harry 11 & 7 Years

Product Tested By Sarah Miles – Alex 6 Years

Sarah Awarded The Chocolate Lolly Maker 5/5

Great first impression, looked really fun. Colourful packaging. Brilliant idea, lots of fun for the kids. Instructions easy to understand and follow. Making these chocolate lolly’s was easy to understand and follow for children, with some adult supervision. Easy to melt and pour into the moulds safely. They enjoyed stamping personal message and a lovely personal touch and easy to do on their own. Easy to insert the stick on their own. Easy to foil wrap their own chocolate lolly and it looked smart. Good selection of messages for a variety of different occasions. Making the chocolate lolly was a lot of fun and my son really enjoyed it. My son loved this kit and the concept of making and gifting a lolly that he had made on his own. This is a lovely concept and ideal to create for birthdays, special occasions, Easter and Christmas gift. The kit was more than adequate for making several chocolate lollies. My son loved everything about this kit. I loved all of it, plus the fact that my son really enjoyed it. Excellent value for money and can be reused multiple times. Great quality. I would buy this especially to gift to someone. I would recommend as a brilliant idea for making personalised lollies that look decent. Fantastic idea for keeping the children entertained for an hour. My son loved making lollies for his family using this kit. It has everything you need to make personalised chocolate lollies to eat or gift. Great price point, excellent quality and would definitely recommend. Sarah Miles – Alex 6 Years

Product Tested By Victoria Symons – Children 5, 6 & 13 Years

Victoria Awarded The Chocolate Lolly Maker 4.4/5

It was packaged really well, looks like so much fun for children. It is very good, something different and fun for children to make. Instructions very clear and easy to understand, the pictures of each step were very helpful. My children needed some help with the chocolate melting and with filling up the Lolly moulds. They needed some help with the melting, especially with the boiling water and with getting the buttons to melt. They loved all of the messages, they had so much fun choosing which one they wanted and with placing the stamp into the mould before putting it into the fridge. They found it quite hard to insert stick, especially as the little poppers that were in the moulds to hold the stick in place kept popping open and the stick then moved out of place which we found frustrating. We found that the machine to wrap the lollies didn’t work for us, turned but didn’t wrap it at all, again we found this very frustrating. My children loved the different range if stamps they could do, they enjoyed making different lollies with lots of different messages. They found the wrapping process hard and frustrating as the machine to wrap didn’t work for us, but they did enjoy gifting the unwrapped lollies. They had so much fun melting the chocolate, choosing the mould, stamping and then waiting for them to set and the best part eating them. It is a good toy if the wrapping part would work as giving lollies for presents you have made is such a fun and good idea. The only thing we would add is more moulds, you can only make 4 at a time, could do with a few more and a bigger pot to melt the chocolate in as it wasn’t big enough to fill all four of the moulds in one go. My children loved melting the chocolate, stamping and eating them at the end! I liked the moulds and stamps, they are really good. It is good value for money. It is good quality, as mentioned previously had issue with wrapping machine not working. It is definitely an ideal birthday or Christmas present for a child. I would recommend. It’s very entertaining and fun for children, they love making lollies. It was good apart from the wrapping part not working properly for us. It was fun, entertaining, my children had so much fun making chocolate lollies. Victoria Symons – Children 5, 6 & 13 Years

We enjoyed the whole process of making the lollies and sharing them as gifts. The re-usable equipment means we are all set ready to make some more whenever we feel like it, and I’m sure that won’t be in the too distant future. The activity was fun with minimal mess thanks to all the great designed equipment. The wrapping equipment holds all smaller pieces so everything is keep neat and in place. The children independently produced great looking lollies in a very short space of time and this makes it a great product!


Katie Awarded The Chocolate Lolly Maker 5/5

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