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Claessens Kid’Sleep Moon

Moon & Sun tells children when to wake up and go to sleep, perfect for a toddlers first roomWake up alarm clock, 4 choices of alarm as well as silent mode4 levels of brightness, LCD display with colourful moon graphicNightlight also built into help children sleep, Colourful fun design perfec for chidren. 3 different settings; Night time, Weekend and Nap Time

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Claessens Kid’Sleep Moon Reviews

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Tested By Fiona Hazelden – Asher 10 and ½ months

Fiona Awarded
The Claessens Kid’Sleep Moon 4.4/5

have heard of these sorts of clocks/nightlights and I was pleased to receive
one. This particular style has the sort
of features I was hoping for and it looked really good. The packaging was
fine. Not too fiddly to get into but
enough to protect it during transportation through the post etc. As a result, there were no scratches and no
damage. Instructions very simple and easy to understand. There are a few different functions to choose
from which are clearly explained and also has recommendations of what age these
functions will be most suitable for your child. The clock function is
brilliant. There are two images to
choose from for the nightlight which is also really good, one more suitable for
babies and one for when they become older toddlers. The part that was a little bit of a let-down
was the amount of light given off by the device. I have a monitor which also acts as a
nightlight which I was using before receiving this product. I have had to continue using this monitor for
a nightlight because the Kid’sleep moon does not give off enough light for me
to actually see anything in my son’s room when he sometimes stirs in the middle
of the night. But I am confident the
kid’sleep moon will be of great assistance when he is a toddler and I am trying
to teach him when it is time to get up in the morning. I would feel I was getting better value for
money if this was more around £25/£30. I would consider purchasing this for the
function of programming in when you want your child to get up and go to bed. I
would recommend but not a night light. It’s simple and easy to use, the
only issue being with the amount of light it gives off. I think it important
that people be made aware that it is not good to be used as a night light for
young babies but it can be used in conjunction with a night light or if your
baby does not need a soft light on when they sleep. I think the product is much more suitable for
toddlers. Who are waking up too early in the morning and you are trying to
teach them what time is OK to get out of bed.
I am not at that stage yet as my son is only 10 and ½ months old so it
is hard for me to comment on its use in the future but it certainly appears to
be a really useful tool when the time comes. Fiona Hazelden – Asher 10 and ½

Tested By Carly Markham – Gracie 3 Years 6 Months

Awarded The Claessens Kid’Sleep Moon 4/5

idea. Intrigued to see how it works. Very well packaged. Item fits back in box
when not in use which would make it great to pass on to friends or pack away
safely for siblings.The writing for the instructions is very small so not
great if you have bad eyesight. They are very informative though and I found
them very helpful with setting up. The thing I’m not impressed with is that the
display picture is removable and even my kids managed to remove it so it could
be easily lost/misplaced. I would say it
is slightly overpriced. Personally I would guess it would be worth around
£25-30. There are a lot of functions I feel are not particularly needed and I
wouldn’t want to pay extra for them. I
do like the product but see it more as a novelty than a necessity. I would be
happy to receive it as a gift but not sure I would pay the RRP personally.
Maybe if the price was lowered I would. If
a friend had trouble with a toddler getting up very early then I would
definitely recommend they give it a try. I think it is a lovely product and a
brilliant concept. There is definitely a place in the market for the product as
many people including myself will have had bedtime issues with a toddler
before. There are a few things I think could be improved though. It would be
great if the clock remembered the time you’ve set for mornings rather than
having to set it up every day as there were days where I forgot and Gracie woke
up confused as it still said it was night-time. I don’t think the lullabies and
sounds are needed for a toddler as it would be something you would introduce to
them as a baby rather than a toddler. I do think when used properly it can be a
great aide to teaching your child to stay in bed until a set time.
Markham – Gracie 3 Years 6 Months


Tested By Lauren Engledow – Son 2 Years 2 Months

Awarded The Claessens Kid’Sleep Moon

Looked good quality and interesting when arrived just a little confusing
to work. High quality packaging and well
presented. Once I had read the
instructions a few times it was clear how to use this. The quality is OK. I do believe the price is too high as you can
purchase similar products for a much lower price. I would recommend as it does everything you need
it too. This is a very good product,
easy to use and easy to understand just the price lets it down. Lauren Engledow – Son 2 Years 2 Months



I think the product is much more suitable for toddlers. Who are waking up too early in the morning and you are trying to teach them what time is OK to get out of bed.


Fiona Awarded The Claessens Kid’Sleep Moon 4.4/5

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